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    Leaving Spa unattended for 2 weeks?

    I got lots of advice about making sure things are clean. Ozone eats FC. That could also be part of the reason. If your CYA can take the hit, you can use a tablet in a floater. That is what I used to do with my pool pre-SWCG days I plan on doing that in my hot tub (I have not been away for...
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    Question about Ahhsome Aqua Clarity

    I asked the same question. I have (had) some left over AhhSome and asked him if I should continue using AhhSome for purges and AC for maintenance, or if they interacted, or if I could use just AC. I used up my AhhSome on my last purge and plan on using AC for purges going forward (one product...
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    Bullfrog Spas and Alexa

    It works. I finally had some time to mess around it with it. If you remove the cover of the Gecko audio system, there is an unused aux port. You pretty much need to use a right angle plug to get the cover back on. Selecting aux on the top side control selects the aux port. It is expecting a...
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    Purchased a home with an existing hot tub. Need help to identify.

    I am going to put my vote in for an Infinity Cozumel. Unless there are jets I am missing in the footwell area, and then it would be a Infinity Dundee Color is Midnight Opal Since it looks like there is only one pump that I can see, that would make it a Cozumel Cozumel has 1, 6 HP pump...
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    It Finally Happened, Breaker Tripped

    Today . . . . on the Build Show. Some of his stuff is a little over the top, but the majority of it is best practices. There is a cost benefit trade off, and on new construction it works, but tying to retrofit existing structures sometimes does not pay off. If I was building a new house, I...
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    It Finally Happened, Breaker Tripped

    I looked into them as well, as the Hotspot is perfect for me. My AC runs pretty much in line with my pool season. Often, if I could just raise the temp of my pool by 3-5 degrees to take the edge off, it would be a big help. It would also help to extend my season quite a bit. Hot days, and...
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    It Finally Happened, Breaker Tripped

    It's not just the cost savings, but the potential time savings. I'm pretty sure that my domestic hot water could fill my hot tub to 100 F faster than filling it with the hose and then letting the tub heater bring it up to temp. I have a laundry sink with a hose connector on it 10' away from the...
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    It Finally Happened, Breaker Tripped

    I was actually wondering last night (while sitting in my hot tub) if it would be beneficial to fill it from my on demand water heater. I'm using the same number of BTU's regardless of if it comes from the tubs electric heater or from the on-demands gas burner. The on-demand is pretty efficient...
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    Wow. Hot tubs are difficult

    I have a 330 gal hot tub. On fill I use stabilizer to get to CYA up to 30 ppm I use either bleach or liquid shock (aka stronger bleach) to dose the tub daily. I check FC, CC, and pH and adjust as necessary. After a soak I add additional bleach - that I do not test, I just add 2 oz give or...
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    Pool house flooring

    You can put vinyl over Ditra, in fact there is a whole manual on how to use Ditra Heat (which has a grid for underfloor electric heat in it) under LVT But, if it came down to just Ditra (not Ditra heat) I would use Kerdi instead (same manufacturer - Schluter Systems). Kerdi is like a rubber...
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    Pool house flooring

    Tile, but use a Ditra underlayment, by Schluter Systems under it. Ditra, combined with Kerdi band on the seams and 4" up the walls will form a waterproof "tray" for your floor. You could flood the floor and nothing will get through. Plus the Ditra is a really nice decoupling underlayment to...
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    Wood Project: Bedside Tables with Embedded Qi Charger

    There is a Facebook group for the town I live in. People post about things going on, new restaurants, bear sighting, etc. There are always posts about recommending electricians, plumbers, etc. Many of them are "big" things, such as "I need my house re-sided, who do you recommend?" or "I would...
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    Closed pool, suspicious water level

    Wind can also do what you are describing. Your cover does not always lay flat, especially with heavy wind. You have have it where the cover is an inch or two below the water surface at one end of the pool and 18" below the surface on the other end of the pool. I have a 27' pool as well, and...
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    Muriatic acid ineffective.

    As far as I can tell, Kleen Strip is just weaker HCL. There is nothing in there such as surfactants or Hydrofluoric Acid (That would be a real problem) I think the last two gallons of HCL that I bought were Kleen Strip. Maybe that is why I do not have issues storing my jug of acid around...
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    Muriatic acid ineffective.

    I have some Kleen Strip from Home Depot, and based on the changes I see in my pool and hot tub when I use it, it is somewhere in the ballpark of 12%
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    Hello from a Cedar Hot Tub owner having trouble with sanitation

    I just happened to be looking at saunas and I found this
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    Next Summer Upgrades!

    This whole summer was a write off as far as the yard was concerned. I started a kitchen remodel at the end of June - Full gut down to studs, removed a radiator, added floor heat, new tile, cabinets, countertops, backsplash, island, rerouted vent hood. OF course there was also the fixing of the...
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    Liner replacement/wall repair

    Looking at it again, the rust around the return and skimmer is clearly from leaks. However the other pin point rust spots are strange. It's almost like something hit the pool. I see you have rocks around the pool. Has anybody been cutting the grass and shooting rocks at the pool? It's just...
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    Understanding Liquid Chlorine - household bleach

    In addition to the listed strength, keep in mind the strength of bleach degrades over time, at a rate that depends on the storage conditions. (heat and sun degrade it faster) There are ways to read the date codes on the bottle to determine how old the bleach you are buying is. For now though...
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    HELP!!!!! ET Abducted my Pool Builder!!!!!

    Normally that is what I would expect. Just like ordering anything that needs measurements (like kitchen cabinets - don't get me started), you supply the measurements and they built it to however you tell them you need it. However, this is what the OP said in the original post Second...
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    Hayward ecostar on generator

    I bought one of these for my generator I have not had the need to use it in a driving storm (thankfully) but it does seem well made and study.
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    heater work like thermostat? inflatable lid deflating?

    Your spa has a Power-Saving Timer Button Power-Saving Timer Button This is a newly added function, designed to help avoid wasting power by setting the time and duration of the heating cycle for the spa. This way, you can enjoy your spa at the time you desire, without needing to leave the heater...
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    Hayward ecostar on generator

    It's more on the local distribution level. This was 25 years ago, and maybe things are better now, but the interconnects for Ontario Hydro and Hydro Quebec were AC-DC-AC converted because they would pull the NY Grid at times. There was also a lot of discussion about who on the NYPP would be...
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    Hayward ecostar on generator

    Voltage usually is not a problem, but frequency can be. I used to work for the Public Service Commission in the State of NY in the Electric, Water, and Gas division. We would get the very occasional complaint from a customer that something broke because of frequency issues. We had a team from...
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    Liner replacement/wall repair

    I'll be darned. I thought they were all (as in every single part) resin. So, since the Auroa Saltwater is the only true all resin pool, I guess that means that there are no all resin pools, but with rigid panel sidewalls like the Radiant. It also seems to only come in 54". Double darn. I am...
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    heater work like thermostat? inflatable lid deflating?

    I don't know how sophisticated the timer and controller is on a Coleman spa, but my hot tub has schedules on it. For example, nobody is using my tub on the weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM. I can set my tub to whatever temperature I want, but between 8 - 5 on weekdays it will drift down to 20...
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    Hayward ecostar on generator

    I have put a meter on both my generator and home power and watched voltage fluctuation and power factors. My generator is not better then the power company (most of the time) but it is quite acceptable. There is a factory around here that when a shift starts up new machinery will imbalance the...
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    Liner replacement/wall repair

    Radiant Metric are all resin (including walls) ABG as well.
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    heater work like thermostat? inflatable lid deflating?

    I am not familiar with it but looking at the instruction you have to set the temp and then press the flame button to turn on the heat.
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    First Time Spa Owner (Bullfrog X8 Premier)

    I have a Bullfrog A6 which I ordered June 2020 and received April 2021. 1) Good move - I did use mine up, but I supplemented with bleach, and I did not like the fact that I could not measure CC with the Frog 2) That's a good idea too 3) You can purge with Ahhsome with the water cold, it works...