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    When do I attach/install pool cleaner?

    We just completed our in ground gunite pool with pebble interior. How long do I need to wait to attach/install pool cleaner. I have a “Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner” Some say one week some say 30 days.
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    Shotcrete today. Rock from hose shot out and hit pool plumbing pipe.

    We have our long awaited shotcrete today. While they were shooting, apparently a rock flew out of hose and hit the pipes and cracked it open which caused the water under pressure to look like a geyser. Has this happened to anyone??? Attached a photo after water stopped spraying.
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    Waterline tile...6x6 or mosaic

    I found a porcelain mosaic tile that I like for my spa and spillway but could not find a 6x6 waterline tile in stock. Could I use the mosaic for my waterline? Any cons to using a mosaic vs a 6x6 tile?