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  1. Jimrahbe

    how to wire Hayward Variable speed pump to Pentair Easy touch automation

    George, I don't see anything in your pump's manual that indicates that it will "talk" to an EasyTouch. You could try connecting the RS-485 and see if you get lucky, but you could end up blowing up the RS-485 chips in your EasyTouch. The best option is to sell your current Hayward pump, and...
  2. Jimrahbe

    Odd Pump Behavior

    Sam, I think you need to find a new pool guy... :mrgreen: Show us few pics of your equipment pad... My guess is that your spa drain is partially clogged or your Intake valve is bad or not moving like it should. In the pool mode the water going into your main pump is coming from the...
  3. Jimrahbe

    Pool Design & Specs - Please Critique - Pflugerville, TX

    678, Without gas, I would not get a spa.. Have you ever been in a gunite spa before? If not, please try one before you buy one. 3.5' is too shallow, go 4' The CCP 420 will work, but I'd go with the 520. Bigger is always better for filters. The IntelliFlo pump is the "Gold Standard" for VS...
  4. Jimrahbe


    Dave, I have three saltwater pools and follow the TFP pool care process. All three pools have IntelliFlo pumps. IC40 SWCGs, and EasyTouch Automation systems.. In total they have been running for over 25 years and I have had zero failures, except for one pool taking a lightning strike. I...
  5. Jimrahbe

    Robotic cleaners not good for SoCal?

    K, Robots tend to work or they don't work.. I've been using robots for about 15 years and have never seen issues with degraded performance over time.. I am not sure what "seals" he could be even talking about.. My S200, which looks identical to your E30, does not have anything that I would...
  6. Jimrahbe

    Robotic cleaners not good for SoCal?

    I still do not understand.. I agree that a suction side, or pressure side, cleaner can suck up a larger volume of leaves, etc.. But they can't come close to picking up the small stuff that a robot can. If the problem is cleaning up the "dirt" then if a robot can't do it, then I doubt a water...
  7. Jimrahbe

    Robotic cleaners not good for SoCal?

    L, I find that pretty hard to understand... Are you using the pleated filters? That look like this... Seems to me like anything fine enough to get through these filters would not settle to the bottom of the pool... :scratch: I can understand having to run the cleaner a couple of...
  8. Jimrahbe

    Controlling Heating of Pool with Easytouch

    Miguel, It should not matter... You should be able to set the pool to 104 degrees. The EasyTouch only looks at the water temp and compares it to your "set point".. If the water temp is lower than the set point, a small relay closes which tells the heater to turn on.. It does nothing else...
  9. Jimrahbe

    IntelliTouch Gremlins

    I'd start it at 7:59 and stop it at 8:20... With all the schedules removed, does it still turn on at 8 am by itself? Thanks, Jim R.
  10. Jimrahbe

    Intellibrite stopped working (both lights)

    J, Most likely you have popped a GFCI outlet.. A lot of installers use a GFCI outlet to provide GFCI protection to the lights. Do you have an outlet on the side of your main enclosure? If so, reset it.. Thanks, Jim R.
  11. Jimrahbe

    IntelliTouch Gremlins

    S, That schedule will turn the Spa on at 8:15 AM and off at 10:00 AM.. Is that what you want to happen? Thanks, Jim R.
  12. Jimrahbe

    Replacing main drain cutoff

    Dj, You don't even need a main drain... You use a sump pump to drain a pool, not the main drain. Thousands of pools do not have an operating main drain, and they all work just fine. When you have a main drain, we recommend that the valve only be opened about 5 or 10%.. I would not waste 10...
  13. Jimrahbe

    Remove Spa from ScreenLogic app

    Dad, You should just have to go into the config section and turn it off.. Just go into the following page and tell "Spa" to not display.. Under "Show on..." Thanks, Jim R.
  14. Jimrahbe

    IntelliTouch Gremlins

    S, Here is my story and I'm sticking to it... :mrgreen: My EasyTouch got hit by lightning and it took out the main board.. I bought a used board from a friend on this site and it came with an old program in it.. Just like yours, my system would do things that did not show up when looking...
  15. Jimrahbe

    IntelliTouch Gremlins

    S, If that is all the schedules you have, then I don't see anything obvious.. Is this a new install, which has never work? Or is this a system that has been working for years and just now started having this problem? Have you changed any programming lately? Did you recently replace the...
  16. Jimrahbe

    IntelliTouch Gremlins

    S, Odd.. :scratch: Show me your schedules like this... Thanks, Jim R.
  17. Jimrahbe

    New pool (first time) build in DFW (Current Phase: Excavation)

    Joe, @joel98z I had assumed that it was part of the main pool pump and filter plumbing, but it is not.. I now assume it is a pre-filter for water going to one or more of your water features. If that is true it makes more sense to have it. Please tell me what the pump right below the...
  18. Jimrahbe

    New pool (first time) build in DFW (Current Phase: Excavation)

    Joe, Looks like some kind of prefilter, but that is just a guess.. Post a pic showing the whole equipment pad.
  19. Jimrahbe

    Question - spa or no spa for new pool build?

    JC, Have you ever been in a gunite spa??? If not, you owe it to yourself to try one before you buy one.. Integrated spas are the most oversold and underused items in all pool builds. About 50% of the spa owners love them to death. The other 50% either never use them, or only use them once...
  20. Jimrahbe

    Spa Draining With the Pump Turned Off

    Blue, The leak will be just above where the water stops dropping. It looks like it stops just below the spa returns. That normally means the check valve is bad... If you replaced the check valve and closing the return valve to the full spa off position did not help, that means to me that...
  21. Jimrahbe


    11, If you follow the TFP pool care process, you never have to add "shock"... I have three pools and in total they are over 25 years old. In all that time I have never added a single bag of shock and I have never had a single algae bloom.. Thanks, Jim R.
  22. Jimrahbe


    Randy, Do you already have an EasyTouch automation system? The pump cannot talk to the heater... Tell us what equipment is at your equipment pad.. Thanks, Jim R.
  23. Jimrahbe

    Intellitouch power

    Nick, You need a voltmeter that can measure 240 volts AC. Step one would be to reset the main circuit breaker, even if it looks ok.. Step two is to measure the 240 volts AC coming into the main enclosure.. It is very important that you measure between the two 240 volts inputs called L1 and...
  24. Jimrahbe

    Pentair IC40 powered over winter?

    Killer, I would not leave it powered up without water flow.. You can just unplug the pump/filter relay coil wire.. assuming you don't use the actual relay for something else. Thanks, Jim R.
  25. Jimrahbe

    Skimmer and return

    Ray, I like the idea that each "wall" of the pool needs a Return.. Easy to do for a rectangular pool, but the same basic idea applies to any shape pool.. I don't see what the number of skimmers has to do with the number of Returns.. :scratch: As a minimum, I like two skimmers and 4...
  26. Jimrahbe

    Pentair IC40 replacement dummy

    Kenny, It is your pool and you should do what you want, but it is hard to understand anyone switching from a saltwater pool to standard chlorine pool. :scratch: I'd just as soon fill my pool in as not have it be a saltwater pool. Thanks Jim R.
  27. Jimrahbe

    IntelliFlo VSF issues

    Greg, I agree with everyone else about adjusting your heater by-pass.. Another thing is your filter. If you just had your pool resurfaced, it could be very dirty, which will decrease the flow. When was the last time your "Dinky" Florida Filter :mrgreen: was cleaned?? An extra few 90's will...
  28. Jimrahbe

    Water is full, took 3 days. Brush…brush…brush so far we Love the Finish/Color!!!

    12 Kathy is correct about what the manual says about installing the salt cell.. That said, it will work just fine where it is... To nit-pick, if you have two skimmers, then having only one pipe back to the equipment pad is a mistake.. Not a huge one, but kind of a stupid one. :scratch...
  29. Jimrahbe

    Water is full, took 3 days. Brush…brush…brush so far we Love the Finish/Color!!!

    12, If the handle is pointed towards the word "bubblers" both will be on. If the handle is pointed towards the words "Main Drain" the bubblers will be off If the handle is pointed towards the pipe coming from the pump, then the Deck jets will be off. Thanks, Jim R
  30. Jimrahbe

    Pump/ strainer basket housing does not fill with water, endlessly draining to the skimmer pipe line.

    A, For an inground pool pump to work, it needs to create a vacuum, which sucks the water from the pool. It sounds like you do not have a vacuum or it is weak. The number one reason for a pump not priming is the lid O-ring is missing, damaged or not lubed. The pump lid could be cracked...