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  1. Patrick_B


    Testing this 1-2, 1-2-3. New emoji: Nope....
  2. Patrick_B

    Dolphin Premier M5 - 4th Season Refurb

    Hey all, I recently did some refurb work on my Dolphin robot and thought I would share the info. I learned a few things talking with the Dealer Tech as well. I did this because I noticed some lack of performance on a couple of things that got my attention. As I have said many times, I have never...
  3. Patrick_B

    Who Remembers This Pool Rule?

    I was 70s kid, and this still may be around, but I don't think it's near the issue with what's in style now. So, who remembers this at pools, well at least at public pools for sure? NO CUT OFFs ALLOWED IN POOL!!! :laughblue: :snorkle:
  4. Patrick_B

    We have Donkeys!

    And plenty of em up in the Photo Gallery thanks to DV! Good to see them up on the forum again. :party:
  5. Patrick_B

    Best things on TFP in 2016

    TFP has had a banner year, lots of good growth and the addition of some great help on the forum. There are some others, but I wanted to start out with something kinda crazy and fun. Never have I seen anyone on any forum get their own.... :kim: :kim: :kim: Hats off KK!!! :lol:
  6. Patrick_B

    The Lady Is On Fire!!

    I just looked up for a minute and saw she's blown a bunch of people sitting on nearly 12.5K posts!! She'll be at 15k before you know it at this rate. :shock: :shock: Major congrats on a big Milestone hitting 12K post Kimkats, but most importantly, THANK YOU for all the time and...
  7. Patrick_B

    Happy Birthday JohnT!!

    Today, our Moderator JohnT celebrates THE one. He can finally stop using that fake ID to buy Beer!! :whoot: :cheers: Happy Birthday JohnT!!!!! :cheers:
  8. Patrick_B

    Using Brine for Pork and Chicken

    Yes, I can look this up online, and have but want to hear from you folks about your favorite mixtures, results, etc. I'm really curious how well it works with Pork, and with which cuts? I know it doesn't work with Beef, but what do you have to say? Next chicken I grill I plan on brining, so I'd...
  9. Patrick_B

    What's The Most Helpful Advice You've Gotten From TFP?

    If you could name a couple of Items that were the biggest help you've found here, what would they be? Jot down one or two, perhaps another if it comes to you later. For me it's pretty easy, but it wasn't Chemistry so much as it was with Equipment. When we built, we were going with a pressure...
  10. Patrick_B

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bo Darville!!!!

    Woohooo!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Bo!!!! :party: :whoot: :party: Hope it's a good one Bo. :party:
  11. Patrick_B

    Pick A Number!

    We smashed our all time record online last weekend with 2510 users online. The previous number was 2485. As of this posting there are 2558 online right now. I chose 2688 for our peak today. Anyone want to pick a better number?
  12. Patrick_B

    Congrats to AZgirl71!! 1000 Posts

    For just knocking down a First SLAM with perfection.....and 1000 posts to boot......ALL IN THE FIRST MONTH ON TFP!!! :shock: Now shes knocking down SLAM after SLAM, helping everyone who comes on. Way to go Lisa, and thanks for pitching in. :cheers: Not sure Ive seen someone jump this far...