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  1. ajw22

    Hayward Heat Pump Summit XL

    Welcome to TFP. How new is your heat pump? Did the HP ever properly run in SPA mode? Is the HP connected to automation or remote control? Have you contacted Hayward’s Technical Service Department at 908-355-7995? What you describe as the "old reboot" is described on [age 9 here...
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  3. ajw22

    Hayward ColorLogic Bubbler

    Welcome to TFP. Could be a bad O ring - part 14. Check the nozzle nut is tight and nothing is cracked. Your manual is here -->
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  5. ajw22

    Cleaned Jandy SWG for first time

    Yes, you should be concerned with the acid cleaning reducing the life of your cell. What is your CSI? Try lowering your TA a bit more and possibly adding borates to the pool. TA does need to be adjusted down with an SWG. The problem is, INSIDE the cell, the CSI is very different than in bulk...
  6. ajw22


    If you trace back manufacturers manuals you will find that their recommended pool chemistry has not been updated since the middle of the last century. The science of pool chemistry has made some advancements in understanding since then. To the pool manufactures their recommendations are good...
  7. ajw22

    how to wire Hayward Variable speed pump to Pentair Easy touch automation

    George, welcome to TFP. The short answer is no. I suggest you get an Intelliflo pump that can be controlled by your ET and sell your Hayward pump.
  8. ajw22

    Replacing GloBrite lights with IntelliBrite lights

    Welcome to TFP. Rather then try and enlarge the light hole and put in a light niche for the Intellibrite, I would put 1.5" PVC pipe where you install a nicheless Microbrite light. You may need more Microbrite lighst so your PB can core drill another one or two light locations. The...
  9. ajw22

    Replacing Pump with Pentair Intelliflow

    I think Max should have upgraded the subpanel when he put in the HP. He had the electrician paid for and it would have just cost some materials. That sub-panel needs to be replaced eventually. And there is not a 70amp GFCI CB readily available. I would not put more money into workarounds...
  10. ajw22

    Jandy Lights in Pentair Bubbler?

    Welcome to TFP. How many relays do you have in your Aqualink? 4, 6 or 8? Do you have an unused high voltage relay in the Aqualink? I think separating the light to its own control and relay is your best option. You need a separate transformer the bubbler lights connect to and the transformer...
  11. ajw22

    Replacing Pump with Pentair Intelliflow

    How much is safety worth? In addition to the pump CB not being GFCI, the two pump CB legs are not ganged together so that when one side trip[s both circuits are unpowered. A person who is not familiar with your non-standard CB setup who tries to work on your pump may be in for a shocking...
  12. ajw22

    Replacing Pump with Pentair Intelliflow

    Heat pumps do not require a GFCI CB. Only gas heaters do. Another reason why you should upgrade the pool CB panel and do GFCI CB there. Does your pool light have a GFCI CB?
  13. ajw22

    ugh..! Jandy pda-ps8 on new build

    Could be. That's why he needs to confirm with the PB what the ending configuration of his Aqualink/Aquapure system is intended to be.
  14. ajw22

    Replacing Pump with Pentair Intelliflow

    Having the house breaker that feeds the pool panel a GFCI or Arc breaker makes it difficult to determine which device is causing a breaker trip. IT will matter a lot to your frustration level when you are trying to diagnose a breaker trip. Much better to have individual GFCI breakers on the...
  15. ajw22

    ugh..! Jandy pda-ps8 on new build

    IQ20RS web connect kit would imply that is the IQ20 with the iAqualink RS upgrade board. That sounds like a roudabout, and maybe more expensive way, of getting you the Aqualink RS8 system with the iAqualink 2.0 or preferably 3.0 antenna. And the Aqualink cabinet should contain the Aquapure SWG...
  16. ajw22

    I-AquaLink 2.0 - LAN Speed?

    The another advantage of using WiFi is you airgap the outside system from propagating a lightning strike into your LAN and inside equipment.
  17. ajw22

    Algae inside Pentair MicroBrite light?

    File a warranty claim with Pentair and your PB.
  18. ajw22

    ugh..! Jandy pda-ps8 on new build

    @PoolGate can explain the differences between the RS and PDA. I think you want an RS system and not the PDA.
  19. ajw22

    Algae inside Pentair MicroBrite light?

    How old are the lights?
  20. ajw22

    Part found in spillover spa

    Show us pics of your spa and jets and might see where it came from.
  21. ajw22

    Pool Inspection with House Purchase

    I have looked at a bunch of houses and pools over the years for me and my sons. You need to decide what are showstoppers with the pool that would cause you to walk away from the house. Anything can be fixed with enough money. If you like the house enough and it is the right price then the pool...
  22. ajw22

    Keep pool from freezing in Zone 5 and use hot tub for 'Scandinavian spa"
  23. ajw22

    How hard is it to fix crumbling plaster myself?

    It sounds like the guy who tried to patch the step did not apply a bond coat before putting on new plaster. You are correct that ice caused the cracking. You need to try and keep the water level in the spa to...
  24. ajw22

    Skimmer and return

    Let’s see what @jimmythegreek says.
  25. ajw22

    Cya regulations

    This thread says... The filtration using a flocculant/coagulant to capture the oocysts in the filter and then backwashing to remove them will probably work to some extent but it's unclear as to the...
  26. ajw22

    Looking for input on new pool build in Spring, TX - Tiling, coping and plumbing in!

    Do you have an inside water shutoff valve to that hose bib? Draining that like before freezing conditions probably was not considered by the plumber doing the line. If ice cracks the PVC pipe it is not that difficult to repair. I don't think folks in your area have given much thought to how...
  27. ajw22

    Looking for input on new pool build in Spring, TX - Tiling, coping and plumbing in!

    I am surprised that your local plumbing codes do not require a Backflow Preventer on the autofill line.... Where would you expect them to connect to the main water line? The hose bib gets them an easy water connection.
  28. ajw22

    Operate Return JVA independently on Pool/Spa combo

    Welcome to TFP. You have a SPA DRAIN button on the outdoor Aqualink panel. There is no equivalent function in iAqualink and you can't program the RETURN and SUCTION valves independently.
  29. ajw22

    Advice: Why not have the Pool Heater plumbed to water feature / waterfall piping pathways?

    It would be helpful if you create your signature with details of your pool and equipment. Adding the heater will raise your filter pressure about 5 psi due to the added restriction from the heat exchanger. That will not cause any problems.
  30. ajw22

    Raleigh, NC - First time pool build - using my own design I created in Pool Studio - feedback request

    I can't explain what the PB was thinking but you need to dig into the details. Do you need a transformer for the LED? How are you controlling the LED light? Electrical work is now needed in addition to plumbing. You can ask a builder to breakdown his charges. Some builders just throw out...