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  1. Msch99

    Bought a house with a pool! Lots to learn

    Take pictures! Helps keep your moral up because it is easier to see improvements that you wouldn’t notice otherwise.
  2. Msch99

    Ongoing Nuisance Algae Problem

    see mustard algae in pool school. FC at or below Slam levels for your CYA are safe for equipment and for swimming.
  3. Msch99

    FAC at 19.9 and TC at 20.7, green yellow, what happened ?

    Correct on not a filter issue. Filters remove particles but do not help kill algae. The reason a proper test kit is recommended is because pool store tests are notoriously inaccurate, as are test strips. Guessing the pool service uses tabs for chlorine? If so, I would bet your cya is much...
  4. Msch99

    Ongoing Nuisance Algae Problem

    Even when FC is at slam levels if you have a hidden colony that doesn't get brushed, you probably won't get a good kill. And what is left isn't enough to trigger a CC level for a few? several days?
  5. Msch99

    Ongoing Nuisance Algae Problem

    What is your cya level? Phosphates don’t matter if you have proper FC level for your cya per chart. Apparently you have some hidden spots, niches, ladder etc that are not completely algae free.
  6. Msch99

    SWG is on the Fritz - Need Chlorine Level Input

    If you know how much you are losing daily…2ppm etc figure 4 days and add that much… Depending on cya level you could add some pucks in floater. Otherwise I would raise to slam level.
  7. Msch99

    High chlorine

    Salt doesn’t increase, probably the margin of error in test kit. Cooler temps and less direct sunlight reduce CL burn off. Adding cya saves CL too. So just keep an eye and reduce swg % as needed.
  8. Msch99

    Algae - help for next few days

    Signature shows now. 👍
  9. Msch99

    New Pool Owner - Constantly High PH

    Concerning FC/CYA relationship: Try not to fall below target of 6, especially until you learn your pool better. Consider anything between 4 and 6 as the yellow zone, potential issues. Consider anything below 4 as red zone, open invitation for an algae visit. If you run FC towards the lower...
  10. Msch99

    Levels- cause and effect

    Some chemical reading. Recommended Pool Chemicals Check out pool school for a ton of info. TF100 reagents fit our testing protocol better as far as usage. K2006c is a good one too though. Plus 1 on speed stir
  11. Msch99

    Small pool weird readings comparing machine to dip strip

    Machine reading as in pool store?
  12. Msch99

    Combined Chlorine > 0.5

    A: ignore pool store tests, trust your own. B: If you seldom see .5 cc, you generally don’t have an issue. Maybe poor circulation, maybe a hidden spot on ladder/ skimmer etc. that have a spot waiting to bloom. Maybe swimmer load? I would check things over, then maybe even raise to slam level a...
  13. Msch99

    New Pool - Need help balancing!

    For the most part FC is always the first concern, keep it in recommended range( not minimum) to help prevent algae. Don't overshoot cya additions, you will have to drain or exchange pool water to lower if excessive. Same with salt. Most of the rest are tweaked over time, some determined by...
  14. Msch99

    Soon to be pool/swamp owner

    Welcome to TFP! 😀👍 I suggest you peruse through pool school while waiting on your closing to learn some of the terms and get a basic idea of what needs to be done. It can be overwhelming at first, but you have the experts here to guide you and once your a few weeks along you will find that...
  15. Msch99

    Chlorine smell

    Plus 1 on TF100 xl w/ speed stir
  16. Msch99

    Combined Chlorine

    Minimum can be a bit confusing. Consider it absolute minimum, anything below is an open invitation for algae. 😳
  17. Msch99

    First pool, closing on house in a month, what will I need to do immediately? (FL)

    At first you may feel overwhelmed with the new terms, testing etc. Don’t panic! The experts here will help you work through everything. Yes, a good test kit costs a bit, but not nearly as expensive as being “pool stored”. Adding chemicals you don’t need, buying expensive chemicals that you...
  18. Msch99

    New and Struggling!

  19. Msch99

    Algae blooming nearly weekly. I can’t afford the chlorine anymore

    If your going to drain and change liner I wouldn’t bother clearing up water your going to dump anyway.
  20. Msch99

    Impact of salty water in bleach-only pool

    Salt accumulation due to using chlorine is no different than salt in the pool for swg use. Short of stainless steel, any exposed metal will rust or breakdown regardless when exposed to the elements.
  21. Msch99

    Green pool

    Don’t panic on the testing with your own kit. After a few, it becomes easy. And the experts here are very good, donating their time so the only skin they have in the game is helping folks to get a clear pool and keep it that way. No the test kit isn’t cheap up front, but most save way more...
  22. Msch99

    PH and Total Alkalinity Rising

    Pool essentials is fine
  23. Msch99

    Salt In Town Water & Troubleshooting Cell

    Test strips are notorious for being inaccurate. Seriously doubt tap water high in salt. Get a drop based salt test kit. Probably why swg not working. See TFT test kit link in my signature
  24. Msch99

    Thanks TFP!

    Nice! Two successful pools! Maybe donate a bit? Grin wink Support TFP
  25. Msch99

    First SLAM - need reassurance

    Awesome! :lovetfp:
  26. Msch99

    High PH?

    Yes you can. You need to add more chlorine too! Your cya is 20, don’t use numbers in between the lines, use next highest. Your FC should always be >2 per cya/chlorine chart. Having said that, with a salt pool/SWG you should have a CYA of around 70 for best results.
  27. Msch99

    CC stuck at 1 ppm with Slam

    Yup, keep slamming until you pass all three criteria. Backing off now is an invitation for algae and having to start all over again. Now is the time for POP. Pool owner patience! 😀