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  1. Donldson

    DIY chlorine production

    Seems simple enough. Now where to order a few pounds of mercury...? uqUZo3ZIHXE The Chlorine Machine - YouTube
  2. Donldson

    SciShow backs up TFP once again

    Why Do Your Eyes Get Red in the Pool? - YouTube And, if the YouTube command works (does for me, YMMV): _gDbazt_u9E
  3. Donldson

    A reminder why to keep your Spa properly chlorinated

    Can Hot Tubs Make You Sick? - YouTube QKlCIsvtPyc
  4. Donldson

    Why not copper algaecide?

    Stopped by a friend's today to help her with her Intex pool that went green while they were away for a few days. She asked me about using algaecide, mentioning that they were swimming at a friend's pool and they claimed it cleared theirs right up. Me: "Well, PolyQuat can work if you want but...
  5. Donldson

    Well this was a first

    Was walking through the pool supply aisle at Menards and saw this: Looks like they are getting a bit fancy with their CYA label. Edit: forgive the bad picture, was on a high shelf and I am a bit short. It says "Chlorine Stabilizer and Conditioner" From my HTC One via Tapatalk
  6. Donldson

    Active Chlorine Formula

    Does anybody have the formula for figuring out Active Chlorine level? I'm hoping for something that I can plug the FC, CYA, and temperature in and get a PPM reading for the active chlorine level. Thanks in advanced for humoring my obscure request :)
  7. Donldson

    Liquid Solar Cover... what if it's too good?

    Liquid solar cover results tend to range from lackluster to worthless. I have tried a couple in my pre-TFP days and never noticed a measurable difference. My opinion: save your money.
  8. Donldson

    Tapatalk sig test

    We all float on ok... Tapatalk - HTC One
  9. Donldson

    Are Some Companies Starting to Understand?

    I was looking something up for another thread on In The Swim and I found this statement on a Dichlor powder page: This is the first time I have ever seen a chemical supply company acknowledge the CL/CYA relationship. It may not be a chart, but it's more than I have ever seen. I also saw this...
  10. Donldson

    Pool Service

    I have no idea which sub-forum to put this topic, but seems a good place. I am an independent contractor. I work in a bunch of areas and if I mapped it all out probably technically own a few small businesses. I have been thinking recently about getting a few people, along with myself, to do...