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  1. SpringPool

    Disneyland Paris hotel pool poisoned guests!

    Someone wasn’t paying attention! “Bleach and sulphuric acid were incorrectly mixed, causing a release of chlorine gas”
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    Targeted Facebook adds on pool stuff

    Every once in a while I get targeted advertisements for pool stuff and some of it makes me laugh. Last time it was the PhIn pool sensor. Now it’s hexaborates that keep the water clear and ph balanced. All for 39.95 a gallon Of course I had to know what it was and...
  3. SpringPool

    Pump on or off during heavy rain & balanced pool

    Happy 4th of July! So today we are getting dumped on with rain in Houston. Our area is expected to get between 2-6 inches. Our pool has an overflow so that got me thinking. To help possibly keep the pool balanced I shut the pump off. I figured the rain will mix a little with the pool water...
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    Resort Pool in Kauai Almost TFP

    Just got back from a vacation on Kauai. I was impressed with the 3 pool at the resort we stayed at. Every morning at 6 they had employees had portable pumps and filters cleaning out the debris. No noticeable chlorine smell and the water was amazing clear. I figure their had some sort of swcg...
  5. SpringPool

    Underwater iPhone Videos of pool

    I just bough a housing for my iPhone to take underwater pictures and video. It has a wide angle lens on it and works really well. Set it to 4k and took these videos in the pool today. Its from a company called sea frogs...
  6. SpringPool

    Schools out pool party and balanced water!

    Had about 12 kids and a few adults in the pool today for a few hours. After everyone left and we cleaned up the testing began. FC 5.5 (I bumped it up to about 6 prior and left the pump and swg on during) CC .5 Ph 7.7 TA 70 CH 375 cya 70 salt 3700 bor 39 csi -.18 water temp 89 It looks like...
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    Just added new Jandy Aqua Pure PLC 1400

    I decided to go full automation and added the Jandy Aqua Pure PLC 1400. Since I already had the Aqua Link Power center I found the control components for the SWG and added them to the center to turn it into a Pure Link Power center. Had I realized last year when the pool was built that I...
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    Jandy Pro XI heater. Does anyone have the versaflo bypass?

    Our new pool has a Jandy xi heater and I was just reading I can add an automatic bypass to it so the water doesn't cycle through the heater. Does anyone have any experience with this. I've found it online for $165. Is it worth it? The literature says an increase of flow and an energy savings...
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    Large covered patio wall need suggestions/ideas

    So the pool is finished, the landscaping is being completed and we now have this giant wall to finish. I'm looking for ideas suggestions. It's 22' wide by 15' tall. I have gas plumbed into the back so I was thinking a ventless fireplace of some type. I could mount a tv but I have electric and...
  10. SpringPool

    Post your Pre/Post Harvey tests here

    So Harvey hit and our area received anywhere from 35-50 inches of rain. From some of the construction posts it filled pools that had been recently gunnited. I thought this would be a great place to escape and post some numbers from our pools. My last full panel was 20 Aug and FC pH on the 25th...
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    Jandy Color LED nicheless greenish/yellow color showing through.

    Not sure if the lights I have are defective or they reflect light through the green/yellow led butnim getting a flectuon of sorts on the bottom of the pool. Here are a few pictures it's mostly visibl with the lighter blues. Has anyone experience anything like this? I need to talk with the PB...
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    Sheer descent change color of front edge

    Can the front of the sheer descent be painted or a sticker applied to it? The wall is a travertine so beiges and tans but the sheer descent is white. It sticks out and I'd like to mask it a little bit. I did a search but no real hits. Thanks Erik
  13. SpringPool

    New Pool Test Results

    First test in our new pool. I was on a trip and not here for start up. The pump was run for 48 hrs straight starting on Wednesday and is now on for 8 hours a day. I ran the app but want to make sure to add chemicals in the right order. So far the pool builder I believe has only added 1 gal...
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    Firerock pavers ever heard of them? Travertine alternative

    So I'm starting to look for decking and will have about 1000sqft total. My current choices some type of spray decking or travertine. I could split them and just do the pool area in spray and the 400 sqft covered Patio in travertine. Then I stumbled upon Firerock pavers...
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    New Build Completed!, Spring TX by PB.

    Running for over a week. I've been using parts of the TF-100 full kit every day. I think I've got the test down and the pool is crystal clear. *Update 4* fire magic bowls are in. Will post pictures tonight. First test with the TF-100 completed *Update 3* 25 Days and we are filling the...