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  1. Rich D

    Finally installed home made automation to include variable position valve control.

    Just thought I would share this in case anyone is looking for home made variable valve positioning. My prior valve control was just 2 wall switches to control waterfall -> IFCS and skimmer -> mian drain Valves. That can be seen here...
  2. Rich D

    Manual wall switches for actuators for unlimited flow control.

    When we installed the pool I knew I would only have a few valves to control and figured I could just get a few actuators and wire them myself instead spending the big bucks on the automation. If I understand how the automation systems work they only allow for the 2 set points for a given valve...
  3. Rich D

    Low voltage lighting question

    I would like to add some low voltage lighting to my waterfall. What I'm trying to avoid is installing a - up to code 120 VAC outlet up by the waterfall. I would prefer to run low voltage up there to be able to keep everything underground. I have a 1-inch conduit going from the equipment pad up...
  4. Rich D

    Will a diverter valve hold pressure?

    I have a jandy CV340 cartridge filter. I would like to add the ability to vacuum to waste as well as the ability to pump down the pool quickly after a heavy rain. My idea is to add a three-way diverter valve to my drain. So one leg of the diverter valve would go directly to a waist drain pipe...
  5. Rich D

    How much water do you leave on your sun shelf for the winter freeze ?

    Trying to figure out the best practice for winterizing a gunite / shotcrete pool with a sun shelf. Please post --- - Depth of water you try to maintain over sun shelf. - how far down from bottom of tile that water level is. - how diligently you maintain that level - type and age of pool...
  6. Rich D

    I need to choose between diamondbrite or River Rok..

    I have made a few posts about my med Grey plaster in the past. Finally after complaining enough about the excessive mottling, spalling, footprints and fill line the PB has agreed to re-do the plaster. I will be paying for a upgrading to to either a diamondbrite or River Rok, those are the...
  7. Rich D

    Trying to find a pool with a diamondbrite finish I could look at around central Massachusetts.

    I am trying to decide between the River Rok or diamondbrite finish. I already have a River Rok finish I can check out but would really like to compare it to the diamondbrite in a finished pool. I am located at the top of the Quabin reservoir. Thanks, Rich..
  8. Rich D

    More plaster issues...

    When opening the pool this spring I found small chips missing in my sun shelf and a few rough white spots on the sides of the pool. Most chipping seems to be around the In floor cleaning heads but there are some very obvious ones on the shelf itself. The pool tech that opened the pool said it...
  9. Rich D

    Threads older than 60 days - truncated?

    Just back after the northeast winter break :) . A lot has changed on the web site and it looks great. Picture posting is much nicer now, Thank you for that.. It appears now when I search for older threads I will only get the first few responses. I did read the details on why this was done...
  10. Rich D

    New cracks this spring

    I am very concerned about these new cracks I found after the ice was gone from the pool. The Pool company is coming out today to open the pool and check them out. I was hoping to get some input from the experts here if they look like structural cracks and the best way to tell if they are...
  11. Rich D

    Strange white powder/dust in pool after closing

    My PB closing tech has again recommended I go without a cover this winter Wich is fine by me as in my opinion it is not needed. However just after the closing we got 6" of snow that turned to slush on top of the water, so I could not see the pool bottom after closing. Now that the slush is gone...
  12. Rich D

    Pool magnet at closing?

    Here is the recommendation I received from my pool closing company. We recommend adding scale inhibitor prior to the closing, AND/ OR Pool Magnet if you will be adding well water. I do use well water However being in new england mother nature takes care of most of my fill requirements. I...
  13. Rich D

    How late do you close in New England?

    Was just wondering how late others close in the New England area. This is only my second closing with the new pool. At some point I might take over the closing myself, However where the pool is only 1 year old and has a In floor cleaning system I am having the PB do the closings for now. We...
  14. Rich D

    android can not drag and drop

    When in the photo gallery the instructions say to drag and drop the photos I want from my gallery. I can select them but with my android tablet there is no way to drag and drop them. How do I insert a pic to a post from my gallery with a android device? Thanks, Rich.
  15. Rich D

    Use hot water to dissolve calcium chloride.

    Any opinions on using hot water to dissolve calcium. I realize it gets really hot but it seems to help to dissolve it as well. Thanks, Rich..
  16. Rich D

    Can I leave my pool uncovered for winter?

    We are located in northern Massachusetts. We had a medium grey plaster pool With in floor cleaning system installed last year. The plaster was completed in Aug of 2017. When the PB came to cover and winterize pool the tech recommended not covering pool because there were no trees or debris that...