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  1. Chad_in_TX

    How can I have 35 psi AND a leak

    So, i measured the depth within my returns and it’s only between 6-8” deep. A guy I spoke to today said then that issue is probably definitely inside the beam. Which means if the issue is where we think it is, we would have to bust through the front of that waterfall…. And I’m finding...
  2. Chad_in_TX

    How can I have 35 psi AND a leak

    Update: So, I just rigged up some fish tape w/ an inspection camera and went around the perimeter of the pool. Good news is I didn’t see a pinched pipe, or any massive bubbling up (like chlorine would have degraded the line or something). Granted, I suppose there could be leaks that I just...
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  5. Chad_in_TX

    How can I have 35 psi AND a leak

    It’s looking more and more like I may need to do this. The thought of trying to find a qualified person to actually find what’s going on, and then potentially having to jackhammer who knows how much of this pool, makes me a little ill… actually a lot. 😂
  6. Chad_in_TX

    How can I have 35 psi AND a leak

    Update: so I dug about 2 and half feet down under the rock, and am not hitting a pipe (the pipe in the picture is the overflow). So, I know the rocks basically kind of “fold over” the shell of the pool. I would have assumed the pipes would have been run in the ground close to the shell, but...
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  10. Chad_in_TX

    How can I have 35 psi AND a leak

    So, a little less than 2 years ago (when I got pool up and going with new plaster and new equipment, after being drained for a few months) it was running at about 22 ish PSI with only the returns. Around 18 when the waterfall was also on. Then about a year ago it started creeping up… 25, 27...
  11. Chad_in_TX

    How can I have 35 psi AND a leak

    I wish I could get a hold of the pool builder. I had some old paperwork on the pool (I moved back into this house after a parent passed away), but he’s long gone and I think passed away himself. This was built in 1993…. seems like this would almost need a camera to be snaked to find. Is that...
  12. Chad_in_TX

    How can I have 35 psi AND a leak

    Okay, I took some videos and here’s what I’m looking at: Scenario 1) turned off return valve completely and only had waterfall valve open. Yes, the PSI drops to 19, but because of how I had to jerry rig the waterfall pump, there is WAY too much water that comes up at the top. Because of...
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  16. Chad_in_TX

    How can I have 35 psi AND a leak

    Thanks for responding! And I have thought about a potential pinched pipe…. I guess it could happen on the return side, but I would think that a pinch would more commonly be seen on the suction side…. For some reason only the vacuum and return lines were plumed flexible. The skimmer and main...
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  22. Chad_in_TX

    How can I have 35 psi AND a leak

    So for over 6 months I’ve had high PSI (30 starting), that 5 different crews couldn’t figure out. I’ve thoroughly cleaned filters, I’ve bought brand new filters, I’ve had the lines flushed on two different occasions (and nothing came out)…and nobody could solve the high pressure. So I dealt...
  23. Chad_in_TX

    Pentair FNS Plus 60 "backup ring"?

    So, I have a similar issue…although mine is bent (thought it was simply manufactured that way!). Did you ever get it fixed? I see we live in the same area….
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  25. Chad_in_TX

    Remove filter backup ring??

    Wow. I didn’t even realize it was deformed! Thought it was manufacture with that “break”! Just out of curiosity, would that impact my pressure? For the longest time, it’s been running high and nobody can figure out why…. Done multiple blow outs of the return lines, etc.
  26. Chad_in_TX

    Remove filter backup ring??

    I just noticed my backup ring isn’t seated properly along the rim. I’ve never taken it out before or touched it, and thought it was bolted down… guess not. So before I go trying to pull it up/out, will it affect the tension in anyway if I mess with it? I did notice the last time I took this...
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  28. Chad_in_TX

    Plumbing and leak experts opinions needed

    Hi, Looking for some thoughts on how my pool was plumbed. We have a leak that I’m fairly certain is on the return side. The pool was constructed in the early 90’s and I have no idea where they plumbed the return pipes. All I have are these photos of when the pool was under construction...
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