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  1. Slaru

    Spillover and Bubbler issue

    I’m at work right now and will take some more pics tomorrow in both modes because I’m not sure. Thanks
  2. Slaru

    Spillover and Bubbler issue

    I’ll try again.
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  7. Slaru

    Spillover and Bubbler issue

    Sorry about the link. Files were too large to post directly. The pics with dirt surrounding were early. Before the automation was added. So none of the valves had controllers on them.
  8. Slaru

    Spillover and Bubbler issue

    The photos with rocks surrounding the pad are the more recent pics after they made adjustments.
  9. Slaru

    Spillover and Bubbler issue

    We completed our pool build in March and have been caring for it ourselves, thanks to this wonderful resource. I have a question about my spillover. About a month ago, we had the pool company come back out to make adjustments to allow us to turn the spa spillover off independently because we...
  10. Slaru

    High pH and white flakes and...

    Sorry about posting the pics. Sometimes I get it right, but others... Here is the equipment pad. I also noticed a lot fewer “flakes” on the surface today. We turned up the speed on the pump to 80% for 7 hours and have it at 50% for 4 hours.
  11. Slaru

    High pH and white flakes and...

    I’m not sure if the photos of the equipment pad show up, but please tell me what you think. I have since gotten a response from my PB and they are sending someone out to adjust the settings so we’ll be able to turn off the spillover from the spa. They also recommend doing the bucket test, but...
  12. Slaru

    High pH and white flakes and...

    Thanks for the input. Here’s my equipment pad. I’m hoping it’s just a valve adjustment thing and not a major issue with the way things were piped.
  13. Slaru

    High pH and white flakes and...

    Hi, all! Our pool was completed and startup began a little over a month ago. The salt cell was installed by the PB after the first 30 days. I've been using the recommended test kit and getting the hang of what to add. I've noticed, however, that the pH is always high and I add MA pretty much...
  14. Slaru

    New Start Up

    CH of my fill water was 50. I added 45lbs of calcium. A little less than what was recommended on the app, but the huge bucket was 45# and was $85. So we just went with that one bucket.
  15. Slaru

    New Start Up

    That’s what I thought...😒
  16. Slaru

    New Start Up

    I’ve read every article in pool school, but this is my first time setting such a detailed explanation of startup. I definitely have my CH higher than recommended. 😳
  17. Slaru

    New Start Up

    Hi, all! We have finally completed our build and are getting use to testing and balancing things. The pool tech came by two days after we filled with tap water (no softener) to start everything up. He brushed the pool and gave us our brush and test kit they use. He added some muriatic acid...
  18. Slaru

    Atlanta Suburb Pool Build

    I was finally able to take some pics during the day. Still working on my water test levels. Will likely post in the other forum topic. Grass should be available in a few weeks. We’re really happy with the finished product. 10 new photos by Ru Sla
  19. Slaru

    Atlanta Suburb Pool Build

    Those are the results from the tap before filling the pool. When the pool tech gave us their little test kit, he tested the Clorine and the pH. The pH was 7.6 and the chlorine was "4 or 5". That was 2 days ago. I worked all day yesterday, so I tested this morning got these results using the...
  20. Slaru

    Atlanta Suburb Pool Build

    When I tested the fill water, I got FC 2.0 pH 7.5 TA 40 CH 50 Neither of us were outside when he started adding chemical so I don't know amounts. He said he added muriatic acid, calcium, and shock. He also put some granules in one of the skimmer baskets. We haven't had a chance to check...
  21. Slaru

    Atlanta Suburb Pool Build

    Here’s the fill. I’ve gotta check the meter once the spa is filled, but we’re close! Pool school tomorrow!
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  26. Slaru

    Atlanta Suburb Pool Build

    The past few days were super busy. The pebble/plaster was completed on Monday. Acid wash on Tuesday. We started filling the pool around 1pm and will hopefully have the spa filled in the next hour or so. So it has taken us almost 2 full days to fill using just a single hose.
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