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  1. DanF

    Salt Cell Scaling After Less Than One Year

    Hi Folks, My Circupool RJ-45 has been installed for 11 months now and I really like it thus far...except for the significant scaling I'm starting to see on the cell. I have been trying to keep my CSI negative, but with my CH approaching 700 it's becoming pretty difficult to do. I am not...
  2. DanF

    Can Salt Concentration Go up?

    I have been testing my salt content monthly with my K-1766, and until a few months ago it's been pretty stable at 3800 ppm. I have a Circupool RJ45+ so this is right where I want to be. Lately however it's been creeping up. I tested it today, after having been away for 2 weeks, and it's at...
  3. DanF

    Dichlor Then Bleach Method with High Fill TA

    I have started using the dichor-then-bleach method when draining and refilling my spa. The issue I face is that my fill TA is high, so that if I don't add liquid MA soon after refill then my pH remains high (in the 8.2-8.4 range). Once I add enough MA over a one week period to get TA to 50 or...
  4. DanF

    Solar Skimmers: Betta versus Ariel

    I am looking at picking up a solar-powered skimmer to help with surface debris. Based on research here, it appears that the 2 viable candidates are the Ariel by Solar Breeze and the Betta by Instapark. I suppose that not many have owned both, given that both are somewhat new, but looking for...
  5. DanF

    CYA Level After Adding Tablets

    I sanitize my pool with an SWCG, but CYA level has dropped a bit (to 60) so I decided to use trichlor tablets I had on hand to bump it up. Specifically I put 32 oz of trichlor (4 tablets) in a floater 10 days ago. Water temperature is in the mid 80s. Today there is about 10% of the tablet...
  6. DanF

    Couple of Dichlor Questions

    I just recently switched to the "dichlor then bleach" sanitizing method for my spa. Attached is a pic of the dichlor that I am using. From a formula perspective is it OK? Anyone know of a good place to purchase it economically? I am aware that dichlor is acidic and thus lowers pH (as well as...
  7. DanF

    Lowering TA: How Long Should It Take?

    Hi, I started the 'MA then Aerate' process three days ago. I have added a total of 86 ounces of MA over that time, which Pool Math says should reduce TA by 27. I'm aware that Pool Math's calculations are approximate, but just wondering when I should perform the final test in order to consider...
  8. DanF

    Adding a Pool in Pool Math

    Hi - I added another pool in PoolMath on my desktop PC. I added test results there also. This "pool" represents my spa. The pool did not show up on my phone, so I manually added it there also. Now, the logs that I added on my PC do not show up on my phone. Do I need to add those manually...
  9. DanF

    Calcium Ring @ Waterline - PebbleTec Surface

    Hi, I needed to lower the level of my pool water about 5" for a concrete decking repair starting tomorrow. When I did I realized I had a white ring which I presume to be calcium around the circumference of the pool. See attached pic. The ring is on the PebbleTec surface; I have no tile. I'm...
  10. DanF

    HP of My Pump and Other Questions

    Hi, Attached is the label from my 2-speed filter motor pump. I don't understand the 1.5/.20 HP specification. Does anyone have any ideas? Also I suspect the issue I am having with it requires a new run capacitor. I replaced the start capacitor this morning and it didn't resolve the issue...
  11. DanF

    SWG Owners in Warm Climates: Remove Cell During Colder Months?

    Hi, I just installed a Circupool RJ45+ SWG and I am wondering whether it is beneficial to remove the cell during the colder months when the pool is still running...but either chlorine demands are very low or the SWG isn't producing chlorine due to low water temps. Just an informal poll. If...
  12. DanF

    Lost Pin/Plunger on PSI Gauge

    I was replacing the air relief valve on my DE filter and needed to remove the filter's pressure gauge (link below). Upon taking it to the garage to apply some teflon tape to the threads prior to reinstalling, I seem to have lost the little metal plunger that sits on top. Is this a problem...
  13. DanF

    Hayward DE Filter Air Relief Valve Leaking

    Hi All, Noticed that my air relief valve is leaking at the bottom and out the hole where the air/water escape, as shown in the picture. I am guessing that as a minimum I will need to replace the valve, but do you think I should replace the entire assembly? Filter is 5 1/2 years old. Thanks.
  14. DanF

    DE Coming Through Main Drain

    Hi, I installed a new salt cell over the weekend, and that required cutting PVC from my filter to the return line. After doing so, I noticed DE coming up through the main drain. I did a search here and most of the "DE in Main Drain" posts reported this happening when the pump shuts off. In my...
  15. DanF

    Help Wiring A New SWG

    Hi, Looking to see if I can tackle wiring a new Circupool RJ45 so that the SWG comes on when my pump comes on. I have very basic electrical skills and I'm not averse to calling in an electrician, but figured I'd leverage the good folks on this forum to see if the job is within my pay grade...
  16. DanF

    Prepping Water Chemistry For Upcoming SWCG

    Hi, I bit the bullet and ordered the CircuPool RJ45; it should be here today. Plan is to install over the weekend. Although my pool is ~13K gallons and I could have gotten away with the RJ30 I opted for the 45 because I am hoping the cell will last longer and hoping I can benefit from reduced...
  17. DanF

    Reducing TA

    This may be a dumb question but... The approach given here for lowering TA is to lower pH with MA, then aerate to bring pH back up again, then repeat the process. If the higher TA is causing pH to drift upward already, is the aeration necessary? Thanks!
  18. DanF

    Suggestions for Layout of New SWCG

    I'm leaning toward picking up a Circupool RJ30+. I'd like to try and install it myself. I'm pretty handy with PVC from the numerous irrigation fixes I've had to make over the years, but I may need a hand with the wiring to my 230V pump. Anyway, looking for ideas on how to re-build the PVC...
  19. DanF

    High CH and Thinking About an SWCG

    Hi, Just ran a full set of tests today: FC 9.0 CC 0.0 pH 7.7 CYA 70* TA 70 CH 480-510** * I usually run CYA at 50-60 but went on a month long vacation requiring a temporary weekly pool service. I asked the service to use LC and tabs, knowing that only LC would not keep the pool algae-free...
  20. DanF

    Pool Pump Stopped Working

    Hi, Pump was working this morning. I left the house for some errands and when I returned it had stopped. The pump is a 6-year old US Motors 2-speed programmable pump. The display is still working. When I try to fire the pump back up, I hear a click then nothing. The impeller is free of...
  21. DanF

    Test Kit Storage

    Hi, I noticed that the my test kit (Taylor K-2006C) says that reagent should be stored in a cool dry place. We're leaving for an extended vacation and will be turning up the A/C to 88F at our house in AZ. Will the test kit be OK when I return? Thanks.
  22. DanF

    Skimmer Diverter/Main Drain Questions

    Hi, Attached are pics of my skimmer, plumbing to filter pump, main drains, and a diverter that sits beneath the skimmer basket. I am wondering whether I need the diverter at all. When I pull the diverter out of the skimmer well, I feel no suction from the front (weir-side) hole, but PLENTY of...
  23. DanF

    Need to Backwash Prior to Replacing DE Grids?

    Title says it all :) I purchased a new set of grids and wondering whether I need to backwash before taking out the old ones and and replacing them. I guess backwashing might make the grids a little lighter, but could I instead just hose the old grids off instead? Just looking to avoid...
  24. DanF

    R-0013 (CYA Reagent) Expiration Date

    I'm out of the three 2-oz bottles of CYA reagent that came with my K-2006C test kit. So I ordered an 8-oz refill bottle from However there was no expiration date on the refill bottle, but my original reagents in the 2-oz bottles had an expiration date. Should I be concerned...
  25. DanF

    Daily Chlorine Usage and FC/CYA Chart

    Hi, It's been about a month since I ditched tablets and pool store testing and began my own TFP-style maintenance. I have a few question about FC levels for which I search around and couldn't quite find. My CYA is 50 (no SWCG, at least yet). According the FC/CYA chart I should be at 6-8 ppm...
  26. DanF

    Idea For A Skimmer Basket? Or maybe it already exists?

    As I was cleaning the rough/mesh/screen filters for my Dolphin S200 this morning, I noticed how much debris they trap and how easy they are to clean - just hose them off for a few seconds and you're done. Since I use a hairnet to trap finer debris in my skimmer basket, it got me to thinking...
  27. DanF

    Sample Size for FAS-DPD test

    Purchased the Taylor K-2006C recently and having been using the 25 ml sample quantity for testing FC and CC. Since the 25 ml sample requires more drops of R-0871 to determine FC, are there any downsides to using the smaller 10 ml size? Improved accuracy?
  28. DanF

    Free Chlorine and CYA: Couple of Questions

    Hi, 1) I always understood (maybe incorrectly) that a proper level of chlorine in a non-SWG pool was 3-5 ppm. At least that's what Leslie's told me and what they tested against. In looking at the Chlorine/CYA Chart, it shows 3-5 ppm corresponds to a CYA level of 20, which is below what is...
  29. DanF

    First Test w/New K-2006C

    Well, I've relied on Leslie's water tests (mainly for CYA and CH) and my own Cl and pH testing using Taylor's OTO kit. Seemed to have gotten me by all these years, but because of quarantining and wanting to take more control of my pool testing I decided to take the plunge. Not sure if I am...
  30. DanF

    Best time to Test Water

    Just received my first ever K-2006C test kit, with magnetic stirrer. I'll post results once I figure out how to use it, but for now, when is the proper time to test my water? Any time of day better than others? Does it matter if the pump is running? Thanks!