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    High CYA, Normal Chlorine

    Most people who use pucks don't understand cya. When their pool turns green, they say "I don't chlorine is always in the 1-3ppm recommended range." Then they go to the pool store who sells them tons of algaecide and phosphate removers to try and mask the cya problem. When all...
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    I’m too lazy to have a pool.

    I can be lazy but I often wish i had to do MORE with my pool. It's "boring" and too easy. It became a hobby learning how to care for it then i reached the point of "well...what do i do now?" Maybe that will wear off.
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    Just got my TF100

    You keep adding drops until the last drop made no further difference in color. Then don't count that one.
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    Running out of Liquid Chlorine.

    You won't be closing your pool for the winter? 12 gallons would get you through early November if you're using 2 gallons a week.
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    Draining Pool in Arizona

    First get a recommended test kit to confirm if you actually need to drain or not. See Don't do it blindly based on the pool guys word. He's likely using inaccurate test strips.
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    Dry ice in the pool.....

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    DPD powder contaminated in shipment

    Same thing happened to me...the reagents leaking in the bag. This is the 2nd recent post I've seen of it happening as well. It would probably save them some headache to ship in a box with padding instead of a loose bag.
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    Phosphate levels? Who's testing?

    I have the same kit and my phosphates are around 2000. I have no issues holding chlorine and haven't had a speck of algae since i began following the cya/chlorine chart.
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    What would your approach be??

    You'll need to add chlorine daily to stay above the minimum per the . You could increase your cya and see how much that helps but since the days are getting shorter and less sunlight, you're going to see less FC use each day. I keep my cya at 60 and at the peak of summer, I was losing 3.5ppm...
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    My plan for next year, the pool being algae free

    Note that liquid chlorine and liquid shock are the same thing. Liquid chlorine intended for pools is typically 10% to 12.5% chlorine. Manufacturers like to label some of it as "shock" as a trick to get you to buy both "liquid chlorine" and "liquid shock." In reality, they're the same thing. Just...
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    Alkalinity won't go down...

    Well....6 months later and still a boring pool. No cloudiness, no algae. It's just too easy. Friend's pool has turned green twice (that I know of) this swim season. Other friend had his first pool this summer and is ready to fill it in with dirt. Both are blaming their issues on the same monsoon...
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    Recommend a submersible pump?

    Harbor freight has a decent submersible pump for $60. Drummond
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    Problem with test kit

    I had the same thing in my last order. The r0007 had leaked quite a bit in the bag. Rebecca quickly sent me another bottle.
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    Bleach at WalMart - Too many choices - is this ok?

    Do you have a fry's grocery store nearby? I found 2 gallons of 10% for $8 at mine. Fresh date, too
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    Help fixing our levels please

    Welcome! How many gallons is this pool? Is it a smaller seasonal pool? I'm assuming it's not saltwater?
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    Unable to get a chlorine reading with my calcium hypochlorite homemade chlorine bleach

    My guess is it's bleaching out the powder. That would be around 1300ppm if my calculations are correct.
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    HASA Dealers - Scottsdale

    They're generally in 5 digit julian date format. Example: 21209 is the 209th day of 2021 which is July 28th
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    WalMart liquid chlorine

    Yeah my local Walmarts have already begun removing liquid chlorine from the shelves which is annoying because pools don't close here in AZ..they could sell it year round. Looks like I'll be getting it from home depot or lowes...but they rarely have fresh stuff and it's stored outside. Pool store...
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    CYA Levels for Indoor Pool

    It's recommended to provide a buffering effect and reduce the harshness of the chlorine. I do believe the recommendation is for residential pools which are not under government regulation.
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    Taylor K2006C Service - Best Place to Buy and Correct SKU

    In my opinion, it's a waste of money to buy a whole new test kit for $120 (cheapest price on amazon) when you can buy a complete refill for the tf100 for $50. The tf100 uses taylor reagents so you won't be getting a new or different test to try out with the 2006c. You'll be getting the same...
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    I've never seen CYA this low with FC this high before

    Given that pool stores are notoriously inaccurate and inconsistent, I'd chalk it up to testing error and assume the CYA is much higher than "2."
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    FC loss in hot pool

    Round the CYA to 30 and your FC SLAM target is 12ppm. You say you're slamming at night...Are you testing throughout the day to ensure your FC is at target? If not, you're not actually performing the
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    Testing FC No pink BUT….

    The test is invalid after sitting for a period of time. You had/have zero chlorine and used a bunch of powder to determine that. If it doesn't turn pink after one scoop (assuming you're using 10ml, 2 scoops for 25ml) then you have no chlorine. What's your cya level? Is the water clear? 1...
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    Scored muriatic acid at Walmart

    Yeah home depot always had 31% for $13. I just prefer the half strength because i got tired of the wind blowing the fumes in my face so I'm willing to pay extra for the half stength. But this clearance price is a much better price that what I've been paying.
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    Scored muriatic acid at Walmart

    I thought the same thing. They've also stopped ordering liquid chlorine which sucks. I'll have to get it elsewhere now.
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    Cya zero

    Ideally, you wanted your cya at 30 to SLAM but you'll just need to keep chlorine levels a bit higher. Follow and it'll have you lower PH to 7.2 before starting. Don't worry about alkalinity right bow.
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    Scored muriatic acid at Walmart

    14.5% for $7.44 for 2 gallons. I usually pay $11 or $12 for 2 gallons. This was stapley and baseline for any of our east valley AZ folks here.
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    Leaving Pool for Vacation, 6 days.

    I found that my pool consumed more chlorine when levels were much higher. I left for 3 days and ran FC up to 20 before i left. My pool normally consumes around 3ppm per day. In those 3 days, it consumed 14ppm. About 4.5ppm per day. Once i was back and i began maintaining normal levels, the pool...
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    Testing a salt water pool that is treated with liquid chlorine

    There may have been a miscommunication. At least I hope. If they really believe liquid chlorine shows up a different color than chlorine produced by a salt cell, then that's all the more reason to fire them and take control of the pool yourself. Levels well above 5 will show up as orange on the...