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  1. ship of fools

    About time to close, but CYA is about 110-115 due to the crappy chemicals from the pool store

    I'm in Albany so very similar weather and my CYA disappears every winter. Just see what your test shows next spring and go from there. By the way I have a good friend who lives in Livonia!
  2. ship of fools

    Tell Us About Your Avatar!

    I fish therefore I am :cool:
  3. ship of fools

    FC 31

    Upping your stabilizer a bit isn't a bad idea anyway in Florida.
  4. ship of fools

    FC 31

    31 is way above slam level. You need to let it drop below 16
  5. ship of fools

    Tests not matching

    I'm not surprised to see those results. Your earlier post showed - TF-100: TA = 70, CH = 625, CYA = 80, CL = 4.5, PH = 7.2 so your chlorine is 1.5 ppm below minimum for a CYA of 80.
  6. ship of fools

    Store bleach doesn’t exist anymore

    I'm in Albany so can't tell you specifically but most hardware stores here sell it. Ace, True Value etc.
  7. ship of fools

    Aggressive Frogs in AGP!

    I'm thinking frog's legs for dinner :cool:
  8. ship of fools

    Pool party today. Woke up with pump not running. Help

    You can still have your pool party today. Just dose with liquid chlorine and brush thoroughly to mix up the water and you'll be okay. When my pump went I found a good deal on Craiglist.
  9. ship of fools

    Hello from Buffalo

    Let's go Bills!!! :cool:
  10. ship of fools

    Power outage

    You'll be fine. As was said earlier put in your normal amount of chlorine / bleach and brush for enough time to get the water all mixed up and moving around (maybe 5 minutes?). If you have the time brush it again a few hours later. As long as you're properly chlorinated you won't develop algae...
  11. ship of fools

    First Test Results

    You'll hear this repeatedly but your results (once you get the hang of it) are the correct ones and the pool store results will vary widely. Just do the tests properly and trust your results. I will buy the pH results from your son in law though!
  12. ship of fools

    Craft beers!

    I'm another NE IPA fan even though I live in Upstate NY and I'm a Bills and Yankees fan . Here are some of my recent ones. Sloop and Industrial Arts from NY, Hooker from Ct., Some Vermont beers from Burlington Brewing Company and my favorite brewery located in Albany named Fiden's which makes...
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  22. ship of fools

    Shock...chlorine levels stay too high

    You can swim at 15 PPM chlorine and a CYA level of 120. You'd be better off with Liquid Chlorine than Granular shock
  23. ship of fools

    First small pool party....ideal FC level?

    It's great to be concerned but your overthinking it. At my daughters grad party a few years back we had all the nieces and nephews in the pool for hours and ot was fine. With a 30 CYA reading and FC of 7 ypu won't dip below your minimum anyway so have fun and when everyone leaves bump it back up...
  24. ship of fools

    First test results. Help with raising CYA

    You're doing great - keep up the good work! My mother inlaw was born and raised in Little Falls.
  25. ship of fools

    Going on vacation

    Can you get someone to come add chlorine? Even once or twice would help immensely. Bring it up to SLAM level and cover it and that will get you a few days, have someone add enough to go back to SLAM level and run the pump for half an hour and brush thoroughly and recover and you'll survive a...
  26. ship of fools

    Is slightly higher TC okay?

    So I've always read/been told that smelling chlorine is not good. As JJ Tex said post your CYA number and it will help us. My guess is it isn't the gnats.
  27. ship of fools

    Grey Substance

    Look at the post in between your two posts for your next step if you decide to follow our method. Who are "they" that said the water is good?
  28. ship of fools

    normal fc loss due to sunlight

    I'm 21K gallons and sun from 10-5 and lose roughly 2 PPM per day.
  29. ship of fools

    Store bleach doesn’t exist anymore

    Most hardware stores in NY sell 5 and 2.5 gallon jugs of 12.5%. GO BILLS!
  30. ship of fools

    When to run pump for first time?

    You should see a line/mark about halfway up the skimmer that marks the proper level.