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  1. mjbarr99

    Power Washer Soap & Chemical Balance

    I want to clean my pool deck with my power washer using the soap that came with it. Most of the water will end up on my automatic pool cover but will also go into the pool. How much do you think this will affect the chemical balance in the pool? I plan on opening the pool after I have cleaned...
  2. mjbarr99

    Cartridge Filter Closing Question

    I have an automatic cover so I can't drain the water below the skimmer or returns. This will be my first time closing with a Cyclone and I have a modified pump cover so I will be blowing out the lines from the equipment pad. I have a cartridge filter so do I need to drain it before I begin...
  3. mjbarr99

    SWG Wiring Help

    I will be using my existing Intermatic ET1725C which was used for my Stenner pump for wiring my RJ45+ SWG. My Stenner was plugged into the top left outlet which was connected to term 3 and 4. I removed those wires that controlled the Stenner outlet so I could connect the SWG to those...
  4. mjbarr99

    High CH

    When I closed my pool last year these were my readings. (Since I have an automatic cover, I don't lower my water) pH - 7.6 Cl - 6 CH - 300 TA - 100 CYA - 30 I opened the pool today and am in the process of converting to a SWG from liquid bleach. These were my readings pH - 8.2 Cl - 5 CH - 500...
  5. mjbarr99

    Preparing Water for SWG

    I am converting from liquid chlorine to a SWG and need to get my CYA and salt up to the recommended levels. Can I add both CYA and salt at the same time or is it better to do them individually?
  6. mjbarr99

    Jandy CL580 Filters

    Where is a good place to buy replacement CL580 filters? Should I stick with OEM or are generic fine?
  7. mjbarr99

    SWG Bonding

    My heater and pump are attached to the bond wire at this point and I wanted to make sure I could add the SWG bonding wire as well.
  8. mjbarr99

    Taking the Plunge - Need Plumbing Help

    Looking at converting from a Stenner pump to a SWG. I'm leaning towards the CircuPool RJ-30 (with $1 upgrade to RJ-45) but I'm not sure how to reroute my plumbing to accommodate the cell and the flow sensor. I noticed that CircuPool also sells a vertical install kit but I don't know if I have...
  9. mjbarr99

    #8 vs #9 Winterizing Plug

    Which is a better fit for plugging the returns; #8 or #9? Both are for 1.5" pipe but the #9 is also for a 1.75" fitting. Is the plug supposed to fit flush with the pipe or stick out a bit once the return jet is removed?
  10. mjbarr99

    Wiring a Jandy JVA 2444

    I want to add a Jandy actuator to my suction side cleaner valve. I don't have any automation as my Hayward TriStar VS pump has a built in timer. However, I have an Intermatic ET1725 timer that controls two 120Vac outlets. My Stenner pump is plugged into one outlet and I would like to use to the...
  11. mjbarr99

    Gender Reveal

    Has anyone used a swimming pool dye for a gender reveal party? Does the dye affect the water chemistry or stain the plaster? Just looking for some more info.
  12. mjbarr99

    Automatic Pool Cover Switch Failed

    I have a Cover Pools Save-T 3 automatic cover and my switch has failed. Is there a way to bypass the switch so I can open the cover? The switch is wired as follows: Purple - Terminal 1 Red - Terminal 2 Black - Terminal 3 Jumper wire from Terminal 1 to terminal 4
  13. mjbarr99

    Opening Pool; Rubber Plug w/Blow Thru Valve in Equalizer Pipe

    Hello All, When closing my pool last fall, my rubber plug w/blow thru valve blew off the pipe attached to the skimmer and fell into the skimmer equalizer line while I was blowing out my lines. The equalizer hole doesn't have an equalizer valve attached to it so that's why the plug was able to...
  14. mjbarr99

    Cartridge Filter Pressure

    I have a Jandy CL580 cartridge filter that gives me different readings depending on the RPM of my pump. When I'm filtering the water at 1500 RPM, the reading is 0 psi. When I run my cleaner at 3200 RPM, my reading is 12 psi. I get a 4 psi reading at 2200 RPM but any speed lower than that...
  15. mjbarr99

    MX-8 Help

    I need help for the optimal setting for each of the pictured valves. Last year, my valves were set according to the picture for filtering and I ran my pump at 2000 RPM. For cleaning, I had to close the main drain and increase my pump to 3250 RPM so that my MX-8 had the optimal flow. I was...
  16. mjbarr99

    No Pressure on Cartridge Filter

    I opened my pool and cleaned the filters for the first time on my Jandy CL580 today. I reinstalled them, opened the air release valve on the pressure gauge and started the pump. When water started coming out of the air release valve I closed the valve and checked the pressure gauge. It was...
  17. mjbarr99

    Running the Pump Before Closing

    Do I still need to run my pump for filtering now that I'm no longer using the pool? I plan on closing in the next couple of weeks and wasn't sure if I still need to be filtering the water. My FC has been holding steady at 7 for the past few weeks so I am no longer adding chlorine with my Stenner.
  18. mjbarr99

    Closing Pool with an Automatic Cover

    First time pool owner so I read the sticky regarding closing an inground pool. I have an automatic cover so I won't be draining any water. My latest test results are: pH - 7.4 FC - 5 CC - 0 CH - 275 TA - 110 CYA - 40 Water Temp - 65° This will be my first time closing the pool and just want...
  19. mjbarr99

    Skimmer Question

    We have a new pool and I have some questions regarding the skimmer. It doesn't do a very good job of sucking bugs, pollen or leaves into the basket and there seems to be a film on top of the water when I open the cover in the morning to test the water. We have a dedicated suction line and...
  20. mjbarr99

    TA, CH & CYA Numbers Dropping

    Hello All. I'm a newbie and noticed my numbers for TA, CH, and CYA have dropped since I tested 3 days ago. My pool is brand new, so is this normal during the plaster curing process? My numbers when I tested on 5/22 were: TA - 130 CH - 350 CYA - 40 My numbers this morning: TA - 110 CH - 175...
  21. mjbarr99

    First Water Test

    ​This is an awesome site. I have learned so much in a short amount of time. This is a brand new build and I'm a first time pool owner. I tested my water for the first time with the TF100 and here are my results: pH - 8.2 FC - 3.5 CC - 1.5 TC - 5 CH - 350 TA - 130 CYA - 40 I know I should...