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  1. ParB

    Easytouch battery?

    Hi all, We had a power outage when the atmospheric river hit the SF bay area two weeks ago. Since then I noticed that the pump was running in odd hours. I checked it out today and the time is seriously off. I first power cycled easytouch and then updated the time settings using slconfig on an...
  2. ParB

    August 2021 pool playlist

    This is my playlist. European beach club vibe is what I went for. Borrowed a few ideas from another playlist but made it my own in end. Enjoy!
  3. ParB

    Lowering TA, How long should i aerate?

    My PH has been raising pretty quickly so i decided to lower my TA. When i started i had TA of 160 and a PH of 8.1. I added muratic acid in my pool until PH reached 7.0. I did this in increments, ran the pump and tested again (my journey was 7.7, 7.4, 7.0 over two days). I was worried about...
  4. ParB

    Polaris robot ultra fine filter is amazing!

    I have had my Polaris 965IQ robot for about a month. I'm very happy with it. It replaced a pressure side Polaris 280 that was years old but well maintained. I thought my Polaris 965 did a good job of cleaning, it looked really clean to me and far better than what my 280 could do. But someone on...
  5. ParB

    I'm considering making a donation

    I have a charitable account managed by my money manager. I wanted to donate to to tfp but I need to know the tax exempt organizations name as registered with the IRS or the EIN number to make a donation through that system. Does anyone have that information? I need the type of information that...
  6. ParB

    Solar pool heater?

    I'm thinking about adding some solar pool heaters. I have a shower/changing room/bathroom with an outdoor kitchen close to my pool. My pool equipment sits behind the changing/shower room. The roof is flat up on top of the changing room. I'm thinking it would be a nice place to put some solar...
  7. ParB

    Pentair wireless interface died... Need to eeplace

    Hi all, I have a pentair easy touch 8 pool automation system. It was installed by the previous homeowner. Thanks to this forum I'm doing most of the work for the pool myself. On Friday I was unable to use the screen logic app in my cell phone to turn on the pool lights. I spent a few hours on...
  8. ParB

    Rebuilt my Polaris 280

    Just bought a house with a pool. Never had a pool before. Took a look at the pool cleaner and realized it was completely worn out. It ran in only one wheel, the rubber on the rims was almost worn out. Check out the tail below, it's worn down until two holes opened up due to the material wearing...
  9. ParB

    Stains on tile above waterline

    Hi, Brand new pool owner here. I don't know how old the pool is. There are some stains on the tile just above the waterline in the pool. Whitish and feels a bit like sand paper. Any idea on how to identify it, and a remedy to remove it? Picture is from the spa, it's built-in at one end of the...
  10. ParB

    First time with tf100, sanity check wanted!

    Hi all, I just got my tf1000 test kit. I think I did every test correctly. The water temperature recorded using a science temp probe of the sample water. What do you think of these results and how I should interprete them? Do the result look reasonable to you? Btw I used the poolmath app...
  11. ParB

    Newbie, have a question

    So i get the point about testing pool chemistry. This question came about after i was calculating Motor RPM, GPH flow to the pool and how much i should run the pump daily. My question is, is there a test that can be done that tests the water for if i have run the pump long enough to filter the...
  12. ParB

    Help me with my Pool Equipment

    My goal is to do the maintenance myself. I don't know what equipment i have but i figure that i'll post the pictures of the equipment here and maybe you guys can tell me what it is. I'm decent with electrical and computers (i make my living that way) but never had anything to do with a pool...
  13. ParB

    New pool owner - hi all

    As of April 1st I am a new pool owner. It came with the house I just purchased. To be honest, having a pool wasn't a requirement for us, we loved the house and it came with a pool. So I am in learning more about pools, I've never had one or been near them growing up (I grew up in the snow). So...