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  1. Steve_in_C

    Bulk bleach in NC

    This has been posted before but the posts are a bit old. I am buying bulk bleach in a 55 gallon barrel for $129 at MVP services in Raleigh. With a barrel pump ($25 at MVP) you can pump it out of the back of a barrel in your pickup truck in to your storage container. In my case, I pump it into...
  2. Steve_in_C

    Testing the chlorine percentage of your bleach

    This year has been a different year since bleach has been problematic due to COVID. I bought a barrel of bleach which was "10-15%" bleach and cut it 1:1 with water. Now after a couple of months, I don't know the concentration. Searching this site, I found an old thread stating that you could...
  3. Steve_in_C

    Wireless thermometer review

    Short version: $17 on eBay Over 1 year old and works well. UPDATE: Completely failed in June, 2nd season. Using Energizer Ultimate lithium batteries No leaks inside unit Long version: I had read about them and someone said that they only lasted a year. I also read that they leaked inside. A...
  4. Steve_in_C

    Chlorine requrements

    I went back through my records and graphed the chlorine added by my Stenner pump and also manual additions. You can see the spikes when the chlorine was added manually. When there is no entry, no chlorine was added that day and the Stenner pump was just cut off. I took the pool to shock in...
  5. Steve_in_C

    Hurricane Florence - my experience

    My pool came through Florence intact (exept for pool fence). Here's what I did: Drained water down about 8" Took pool to shock the morning of the hurricane, Covered with mesh winter cover (against the advice of some) During the storm - 15+ inches of rain, 48 hours of sustained 30-40 wind...
  6. Steve_in_C

    Stenner liquid chlorine pump - How to choose and install

    CHLORINE (LIQUID CHLORINE OR BLEACH) INJECTION SYSTEM Overall comment Do you really want to use bleach? Will a salt water generator (SWG) work for you? If corrosion is not an issue for your situation and you have a variable speed (VS) pump, then a Stenner injection pump vs a Salt Water...
  7. Steve_in_C

    Stenner pump source

    I have seen new Stenner pumps on eBay for $180. It just depends when you look. The classic fixed head series is all you need (45 or 85 series). Variable head works too, but most people will just set to maximum and control the Stenner with a timer. Any pressure rating is OK since most pools...
  8. Steve_in_C

    Ben Powell

    FYI Ben Powell @ is back online. There are a lot of archives in the forum and some of them are very useful. That forum predates this one. The methods are the same, but with a different slant. Ben has a lot of experience and gives thoughtful opinions.
  9. Steve_in_C

    MagnaLatch Series 3 lock

    This may help someone else. I installed a MagnaLatch Series 3 top pull and it came keyed to a Kwikset key. However my house is keyed with Schlage locks. I contacted MagnaLatch and they told me that it I could use a Schlage C 6 pin lock cylinder which I found on eBay for $10. I'll re key...
  10. Steve_in_C

    Automatic chlorination and CYA level

    I am using a Stenner peristaltic pump to add bleach. The recommended CYA level for salt water chlorine generators is higher than for non salt water pools with manual chlorine additions. Is it OK for me to go up to the higher CYA levels recommended for salt water pools? Adding 2ppm of bleach...
  11. Steve_in_C

    Stone backfill

    I have over excavated my site and backfilled with 57 stone (<1" stone, fairly uniform, clean washed stone). With the large size of the stone, its hard to make fine adjustments in the patio blocks. Has anyone topped stone with another material that won't wash away like sand and allows for fine...
  12. Steve_in_C

    Inground steps in semi inground pool

    Has anyone installed an above or semi in ground pool with in ground steps? I understand that the steps must be put on concrete to keep them from moving. I also would assume that some back fill against the steps would be necessary. I am installing an Aquasport 52 17x32 partially buried above...