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  1. mariane

    no winter cover in metro detroit?

    Our winter cover just tore and is unsalvagable. Has anyone in metro detroit left their AGP uncovered all winter, with trees and a lot of leaves still ready to drop? What would you recommend? The water is already green and it's cold! Thanks
  2. mariane

    Old pool under new pool?

    I have a friend who wants to put up a new 16x32 rectangle AGP Intex pool in an area of her yard. She and her husband just discovered an old buried IGP underneath. They can't tell the size of the old pool and are trying to find out from the previous owner more information regarding the IGP. They...
  3. mariane

    corroded stair rails

    We have a set of Main Access stairs for our AGP and the metal upper rails have corroded and broken off below the step tread. The left over pieces are lodged in an insert "tunnel" and we cannot get them out. There is no way to access the "tunnel". We've tried pulling out the metal pieces but they...
  4. mariane

    Interesting pool chemical issue in TX

    I read this today and thought of TFP and proper FC, TA and pH levels in a public pool. Did anyone else see this? Comments?
  5. mariane

    Pool Chemistry

    Moved from here. I bumped this quote because I find it very interesting and I'm trying to figure out the best balance for our pool this summer. We've had so much rain, I need to rebalance our levels. ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry - Trouble Free Pool FC 10.5 CC 0 pH 7.4 TA 60 Salt 1400...
  6. mariane

    crack at bottom seam of sand filter tank

    We discovered a crack in the bottom of our sand filter and have to replace the tank. It will take several days IF they are in stock. We realize we shouldn't try to fix it - we tried several years ago when the crack was at the neck of the filter but this one being on the bottom, it sure is...
  7. mariane

    multiport handle won't move

    The multiport valve handle won't turn on our Doughboy Media Master sand filter. I have already taken it apart. The spider gasket appears to be in good shape and I lubed the gasket and "shaft" that the handle is connected to. Here's a stock pic of the item: The valve rotor flat plate does not...
  8. mariane

    For your reading pleasure

    Hi TFP mods. I've been watching a video of a family purchasing a pool. For your reading pleasure: The pool guy discusses the types of filters available and which to use for the family's new pool. The Father says where they live "(unintelligible)" The pool guy then tells the father "In that area...
  9. mariane

    lazy northerner's pool toy question

    Hi all you Northerners whose pools freeze solid, We've put the River Rafts under the winter cover to help keep some of it away from the water but was wondering about the round rings, floaties and rafts. Question: 1. Have any of you just thrown the inflatables under the winter cover and let them...
  10. mariane

    high pH and vinyl liner

    I'm in the process of closing the pool and the pH is 8.2 or higher. Is there a problem leaving it that high and closing for the freezing winter months, or is it important to get it back down to 7.6? Thanks
  11. mariane

    AGP and sewer lines don't mix

    Different kind of problem and I wanted to see if anyone has experience in this and/or any thoughts. Background info: We have a Doughboy steel frame AGP, which has a deep end going 4 ft. below grade at the far end. Our sewer line goes from the house through the BACK of the yard into the city...
  12. mariane

    Not yet closing here

    Air temps 70 deg, pool temp 90 deg thanks to the natural gas heater and not thermostat. :thumleft: No warm weather in sight for the weekend here in fickle Metro Detroit. :flower: Hot spring pool here we come. :paddle:
  13. mariane

    Wondering your thoughts

    Why do you think his pool cleared up? He does say it was 60 hours after adding the chlorine but does not say if he added any more. Also adding the many lbs. of baking soda seemed to clear the green. Just curious.
  14. mariane

    my antics in the pool store

    I went to the pool store today to get my free ("bring in your water and have us test it for you") Bioguard pool "shock". While waiting for the water testing, one man was concerned about some chemical found on the water analysis read-out. "But I've never put that chemical in my pool. I wonder...
  15. mariane

    another cya dot question

    My pool has a large drop in chlorine mid day ~ 4ppm worth. CYA reads 20 for sure, but maybe I can see the dot at 30. It seems I should add at least 10ppm of CYA so the sun is not burning off the chlorine. If 20, then it gets me to 30. If 30 then it gets me to 40. Would it make any difference...
  16. mariane

    Changing date and time on the thread

    At the left upper corner there is a time and date that is not the same as when I am actually posting. It is Thursday 8:19 pm as I write this but not the same as the time and date in the corner. Is there a way to sync these? Thank you.
  17. mariane

    opening and bird poop

    I am hoping for people's opinions re: opening with bird problems. Here is our situation and question: We wait till June to take off the pool cover and open because we have birds that clean their nest and drop baby bird poop all over the top rails and into the water. If the cover is on they drop...
  18. mariane

    "Pool" park

    I just found this on YouTube and thought it was hilarious but also looks like a lot of fun.
  19. mariane

    Pump replacement quandary

    Our 19 year old Doughboy pump motor finally died. We are trying to decide if it is worth buying anything at this late time of the season (maybe only a few weeks left in the swim season) or wait till next year. We are trying to decide what would be the most economical choice at this late time in...
  20. mariane

    TFP keeping it clear

    :lovetfp: Why? Background story first: We got the water to shock level, covered it, shut off the pump and went away for the weekend of 8/16 - 18. Came back on Sunday and waited till Tuesday 8/18 to check the pool. Discovered the pump had died sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning...
  21. mariane

    Borate testing accuracy

    I like to add borates to our pool but the test strips are difficult to match the colors. Is there a drop test available for better accuracy? Thanks! :lovetfp:
  22. mariane

    Winter cover storage?

    We usually clean, roll up and store our winter cover over the summer in a huge trash bin. Should we add water to store it? The "pool expert" at the pool store told us years ago to store it in water. What do you all do? What do you think?
  23. mariane

    how do you pronounce pH?

    @Richard320 Can you repost the video from Green Acres? It is no longer in the original post and google can't find it. Just want to see it again. My son and I have a great laugh every time we think of it. :laughblue: Thanks
  24. mariane

    Chlorine price comparison chart

    I'm looking for the chlorine price per ounce chart and the old link is no longer working. I have read it is available on the TFP app but I am unable to use apps on my laptop. Is there somewhere else I can find it to use it. I need to buy more chlorine and I want to compare the prices from...
  25. mariane

    High FC and SLAM question

    Our pool is in the middle of a SLAM and I was wondering: Is there any need to check CC since the pool is obviously cloudy with clumps of dead algae and leaf debris on the bottom? I figure, since the water is cloudy and algae is still present, I won't test for CC until I "think" its clear...
  26. mariane

    Mail from the "experts". LOL

    We got this in the mail and laughed. Do I want to save 20 bucks or 200 bucks? LOL
  27. mariane

    does liquid chlorine freeze?

    Hi All, We've been storing 12 % chlorine in our basement during the freezing winter and want to move it outside. At what temp might it freeze? It's starting to warm up here in Metro Detroit but more ice and freezing cold will hound us till late April. Wondering if it is safe to put it outside...
  28. mariane

    free to a good home near me- Metro Detroit

    moved from vip lounge We have a 5# canister of calcium hardener increaser and would like a fellow TFP member in metro Detroit to take it off our hands. :wave::wave: It was given to us and we have a vinyl liner (our fill water is CH 160) thus we have no use for it. First dibs? :lovetfp:
  29. mariane

    is it possible? have dead algae settled on the bottom of the pool AND still be considered passing all 3 tests to end a SLAM? Water is clear, no FC loss overnight, 0 CC. FC 17 CC 0 CYA 30 (had been working at what I thought was 40 so that's why FC so high) pH 7.6 TA 80 Just curious :cool:
  30. mariane

    skimmer leak

    Hi All, Does anyone have experience stopping a slow leak from a screw in the skimmer mount? One is stripped and does not tighten to the pool wall at the faceplate below the water line and we have a very slow drip coming from that side of the skimmer mount. Thanks, mariane