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  1. Dogmom1

    Lid trays for coping

    The new pool with rust saga continues. The coping stones were mortared to the lid trays. One of the trays has been left uncovered and now is covered in rust. I thought the coping stones were supposed to be lifted off of the lid trays and then the lid tray could be opened. Any ideas on why this...
  2. Dogmom1

    Rust on new fiberglass stairs!

    Hello, I had posted a while back about there being some rust on a new railing. I noticed today there are a few spots of rust on my new fiberglass pool stairs, also on the stairs that aren’t even close to the rail. Is rust really to be expected for a new fiberglass pool? It is a Thursday pool. My...
  3. Dogmom1


    Hello, our pool actually isn’t done yet. We have noticed some areas of rusting. Is this to be expected? Is there anything we can do to prevent it?
  4. Dogmom1


    Help! I sent multiple emails and messages to my builder requesting that the lights be placed on the long side nearest the patio. Today I found out that they drilled the holes in the wrong place! We have the goliath by Thursday pools (fiberglass) and four lights. This is where they put the lights...
  5. Dogmom1

    Master spa metal protect, TA

    Hello all! Thank you again for all the great advice. I finally got my new master spa twilight 7.25. The owners manual states to use “metal protect” to decrease minerals in the waters with every fill. When I test my calcium tapwater the CH is 150 which falls into the recommended range. When I...
  6. Dogmom1

    Bond beam/autocover

    Does anyone know if it is more difficult/expensive to pour a bond beam for a fiberglass pool if you are installing pavers versus a concrete deck? Our pool builder had told us via email that if we decided to go with a paver deck rather than concrete they would give me a $2800 Concrete credit. I...
  7. Dogmom1

    BBQ island planning advice

    Hello smart people! We do not have a BBQ island in our budget but would like to add one in the next year. We will likely buy something 6 or 7 feet long with a gas grill, counter space +/- a mini fridge. Our pool is being built this spring. Is the mini fridge worth it? We currently just bring...
  8. Dogmom1

    IC40 vs 60

    Hello all! We are having a 19.6 K gallon fiberglass pool with auto cover installed in April. The Pentair IC 40 costs about 2K while an IC 60 runs 2.5 K. We will also be getting the intellicenter. The price difference makes the choice seem like a wash. Does anybody have any strong opinions on...
  9. Dogmom1

    Hot tub +/- swcg & massage jets

    We are looking into having a standalone hot tub installed in the Midwest that can seat four or five people. We are also having a fiberglass pool installed around the same time with a swcg. It is tough to say for certain but I would estimate the hot tub will be used year round at least once or...
  10. Dogmom1

    Salt vs AOP/chlorine

    Hello everyone! I have read all the previous threads on AOP so I am somewhat scared to post this as I see that most of the people on this forum have strong feelings about AOP. I am asking this because I want to make the best informed decision possible. My pool builder is pushing AOP (clear...
  11. Dogmom1


    Hello, has anyone heard of using stainless steel coping for a fiberglass pool? We are having a rectangle fiberglass pool installed with under track auto cover and the pool company states with rectangle under track autocover pools they typically use stainless steel rather than foam form concrete...
  12. Dogmom1

    Pavers with autocover on free form pool

    I am from an area in Illinois where there are not a lot of inground pools. We are having one installed in May. We were hoping for a freeform pool with an auto cover and pavers for coping and a paver patio to go with our existing paver patio. I am struggling to find a landscaper that has ever...