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  1. Hadiguy05

    VSF Pump Randomly Shuts Off

    I have a 3 week old Pentair VSF pump. It's connected to my intellicenter. Randomly the pump shuts off, but the chlorinator stays powered on (doesn't generate because of no flow). The relay doesn't turn off, I don't have an egg timer set for the relay. The drive doesn't show an alarm code...
  2. Hadiguy05

    Pentair Microbrite LED failure within 3.5 weeks

    In our new pool we had 4 Microbrite color LED lights installed. They worked flawlessly with our IntelliCenter automation system. We've used them a lot and they automatically turn off after 4 hours. Wednesday they all worked great. Friday evening the red and magenta colors were not functioning...
  3. Hadiguy05

    Water slightly hazy/cloudy

    We had a big swim party the other day and the water got cloudy. It's getting better, but not all the way clear, I did increase my SWG output to increase my FC, but put it back to normal this morning. Any ideas on what I should do? I run my pump and SWG 24/7. I added PH minus today to lower...
  4. Hadiguy05

    18' x 36' pool build starting Monday.... like input from TFPers

    Hello TFP! We are excited. Our pool build starts Monday. I'll update as we progress. 18 x 36 IG with vinyl liner, 2 main drain, 2 return, 2 skimmer, in wall step in deep end, shallow end steps go whole width of pool (2nd step will be 2' long), IC40 SWG, Intelliflo VSF, 140k btu Raypak h/c...
  5. Hadiguy05

    Intellicenter and automatic pool cover

    Good morning! We are getting an cover star auto cover for our IG pool. We're buying the auto cover board for the intellicenter so I can ensure lights turn off and SWG/pump lower it's output (not concerned with opening and closing remotely). Will the board come with everything I need, or do I...
  6. Hadiguy05

    New Pool - Sensitive skin

    Moved from here. I thought I'd bring this conversation back to life. We are having an IG pool put in, in May of this year. Our son has sensitive skin. We have to use baby laundry detergent for him. He's been in other pools that don't use SWG and has broken out. I've been tasked with...
  7. Hadiguy05

    Hello from Kentucky

    Hello! Can't wait to learn and eventually contribute to this site!