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  1. ship of fools

    Leak after closing - what am I in for in the spring?

    I must have nicked the liner when I was cleaning the pool prior to closing because it's leaked down to the point where there is no water in the shallow end. It's a 40 year old pool with a vinyl liner and I believe a steel lining but I'm not sure. I've needed a liner and been fighting leaks for...
  2. ship of fools

    Definitely an "everything else" question. Any suggestions on how to secure the white molding that goes on the bottom of my circa 1976 fiberglass slide

    It's been falling off for years and it never dawned on me to ask on here :rolleyes:
  3. ship of fools

    Finding the source of my leak - suggestions please?

    I've dealt with a leak before and ended up hiring a diver who solved my problem but now i'm losing water again and looking for some suggestions since the water loss seems to stop as soon as it drops below the skimmer. So my first question is can the water table possibly be high enough to stop...
  4. ship of fools

    Hairline crack in skimmer?? With pictures

    I'm fairly certain I've been losing more water than I should but it's been so cold and nasty here in the Northeast I haven't worried too much about it. The level seems to stop dropping with maybe half an inch to an inch in the skimmer (we seem to have a little rain every day or so which could be...
  5. ship of fools

    Very odd test results

    I've been on board here for several years now and have had great results. I have been talking to one of the guys at work about it and told him to bring in a sample and we could test it. When we did the results were odd and I am just looking for a little feedback. First off his pH was off the...
  6. ship of fools

    High pH after neglecting pool all fall?

    I have been waiting all fall for my water temp to drop before closing .... the same thing I have done the past four or five years. During this time I get leaves in it and it turns greenish and before closing I get it cleaned up again and have had no issues when opening in the spring. I've never...
  7. ship of fools

    Helping out a neighbor - mustard algae?

    I'm trying to help out a neighbor who has been struggling with his pool and what he believes / has been told is mustard algae. This was a problem all of last year and again this year. He has a gunite pool with one light and a ladder. When we tested we came up with cya of a little over 100...
  8. ship of fools

    Only turn multiport valve in one direction?

    I'm not even sure where i read it but is that true because it could damage the gasket? I have always moved it from filter to backwash (counter clockwise) then returned it to rinse (clockwise) and then back to filter (clockwise). Would i be better only going in one direction and just go on around?
  9. ship of fools

    Dumb mistake when closing - any suggestions?

    Sooooo .... when i was closing i had trouble getting one of the directional eyelets (or whatever the correct term is) out of the return and i ended up taking the faceplate off for some reason and never put it back on. Over the winter the liner moved about a quarter of an inch and now i can't...
  10. ship of fools

    Ice out in upstate ny!

    Well. I am ice free. We have a few cold nights ahead then mild weather. I may open up in March this year Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. ship of fools

    Phillips Head

    Just took this pic and figured you people would appreciate it more than anyone else! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. ship of fools

    Quick Question on lowering PH

    Today's numbers. pH 7.8 Chlorine 4 CC0 TA 100 CH 120 CYA 30 Water is sparkling and 78 degrees, the leak is fixed and the new skimmer line works like a charm :cool: My pH has crept up and i need to lower it. Should i go down to 7.2 in 2 steps?? or just shoot for 7.4? TA is 100 which is a...
  13. ship of fools

    Replacing pipe from skimmer to pump - a few questions.

    I have had issues with extremely poor suction in my skimmer ever since i bought the house. A couple of years ago with the help of several people here i was able to make the decision to dig under the concrete and expose the skimmer ... and a kinked flex hose. Replacing that improved things...
  14. ship of fools

    Hairline crack in lid of pump strainer basket - causing suction side leak??

    I can see a small hairline crack near the screw. Would that cause a suction side leak?? I have bubbles in my strainer basket and returns. I tried shaving cream but i couldn't see it being sucked in.
  15. ship of fools

    "Intermittent" leak? Relation to water table??

    I won't bore you with all of the details but i have had an intermittent leak since the winter of 2013-14. I lost a foot or so of water over the winter that year. My liner floated up. In the spring i filled it back up, the liner went back into place with the exception of a small wrinkle or two...
  16. ship of fools

    Weird leak - how to deal with it / close with it. Hydrostatic Relieve Valve??

    I will need to close my pool soon and have a major issue to either solve, work around or know what to expect in the spring. I have solved a couple of fairly major issues over the past few years with help from here and hoping for lightening to strike again :cool: I have had an intermittent leak...
  17. ship of fools

    Would a broken ring around my return jet cause - a leak?? UPDATED / HELP PLEASE!!

    I have been having issues with an intermittent leak. I noticed today that the circular ring / plate that my return on my stairs screws into is broken and roughly 1/3 of the plate is completely broken off. I know i need to replace it but is there a chance that would be causing my leak??
  18. ship of fools

    Is this causing my leak? Either way how do i patch them?

    I have lost an inch or more a couple of days in a row. My task for today was to try and figure it out and lo and behold i spotted two tears on my steps. I squirted a drop of dye above it and it seemed to stay in that same area (it was a little windy and pool was not quite still). I assume i...
  19. ship of fools

    Worth tweaking TA and PH?

    I just ran a complete set of tests except for CYA (assume 20-30 based on what i added a week ago to a reading of 0 using room temp water). It isn't sunny enough to do a new test and i am low on reagent so i want to wait until the timing is right. PH - 7.2 FC - 9 CC - 0 TA - 60 CH - 90 FC is...
  20. ship of fools

    Dumb CYA Question - i think i know the answer but want to confirm.

    My CYA dropped to 0 over the winter .... i just let a sample come to room temp and get no reading. Pool Calculator calls for 88 oz to get to 30. I bought a 4 lb canister from Walmarts .... which is 64 oz i believe but would like to confirm that. I only put 3/4 of the jug in just in case...
  21. ship of fools

    Lost Water / Leak? / Floating Liner... HELP!!

    I am down at least a foot ..... but i do have water underneath the ice. Any chance it could be from evaporation?? I googled it and found one person who said he loses that much every winter and there is no leak once he fills it back up .... i know that is a longshot and i most likely have a...
  22. ship of fools

    How accurate is my PH reading .... FC = 14

    My pool finally cooled down here in upstate NY and i am getting ready to close ..... without even thinking about it i dumped the remainder of a 5 gallon jug of chlorine in and started scooping leaves etc out. As i am getting it cleared up i decided to check the PH and it is at 8.2. FC is 14...
  23. ship of fools

    Is it normal for TA and Calcium readings to go up??

    My water is great and all is well 8-) But .... i have been consistently testing low on CH (40+- but it's a vinyl) and 40+- on TA as well but wasn't too worried because my ph was stable. I did a complete round of tests today and both the calcium (90) and TA (70) readings were much higher...
  24. ship of fools

    Low TA and CH Readings ..... should i do anything??

    I believe i know the answer(s) but figure it is worth checking FC 5 CC 0 TC 5 PH 7.5 CYA 30 TA 50 CH 40 Water is crystal clear and has been all year and i have had no issues at all with water quality since becoming a BBB'r before the 2012 season 8-) It is a vinyl pool so i assume the low CH...
  25. ship of fools

    Time to Dig? ..... Any other suggestions? Game Plan?

    I won't waste time on the history but i have a clogged or collapsed line from the skimmer to the pump. I have tried a drain king in both directions, a snake, an air compressor and have been able to establish a weak flow ... then when i vacuum it clogs completely again within a minute or two...
  26. ship of fools

    CLogged Skimmer Line? ... continued

    I am 99 percent sure i have clogged skimmer line. I get no suction when vacuuming ..... i believe this goes back to my first year in this house when i didn't know better and vacuumed up a ton of leaves. I have tried the drain king from the pump side and get a small amount of water flowing up...
  27. ship of fools

    First Readings.... any suggested tweaks?

    Well two weeks ago there wasn't much on my cover here in upstate NY so i took the cover off, filled the pool up and hooked everything back up. Outside of an minor ongoing suction side leak (i will get it figured out this year) i am in good shape ... water was clear. I tested the water and CYA...
  28. ship of fools

    8% Chlorine?

    Last year i used 182 oz jugs of 6% bleach from wally world. This year they have 120 oz jugs of 8% ..... are they anything more than just higher percentage of chlorine ? It read "other" for the 92 % just like the 6% read 94% of "other"
  29. ship of fools

    Clogged Skimmer Line?

    Quick question ....... if i shut down the main drain should i be able to keep the pump running without losing prime using just my skimmer line?? Because i can't :roll: ...... does that mean there is a clog in the skimmer line? I blew it out with a compressor when i closed and i used...
  30. ship of fools

    Wrong Valve? ...bubbles in basket and losing prime

    I had trouble all last year with my vacuum .... and a small amount of bubbles in the basket as well. If i close the main drain and switched to just the skimmer / vacuum the pump would lose prime (i assume that is the correct phrase - it would stop pumping water until i reopen the main drain)...