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    cell or flow switch??

    Pentair IC-60 is showing a red light on the flow indicator. Also showing I need to add salt. My easy touch controller shows i have 2550 ppm and a manual test shows I have around 32-3300 ppm. Water temp about 65 degrees. I cleaned my cartridge filter system out at lunch today and it was dirty...
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    New solid cover, which brand?

    Coverlogix solid cover has weathered a hail storm and insurance is replacing it. Store that put pool in now is promoting Findlay solid cover over Coverlogix. Any body have enough experience with both to recommend one over the other?
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    Roof Project Protecting Pool Question

    Getting new shingles on the roof. They are tearing off existing and installing new. I have put the cover back on my pool but am wondering if that is ok to just leave the pump running on the same schedule with the cover on. It is going to be low 90s around here and I think it will be about Sunday...
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    Pentair IC60 connections

    My incoming connection on my SWG has cracked because somebody tried to take it off during cold weather. Anyway, the question is, is the 2" fitting on the SWG just a standard schedule 80 2" union like you can get at home depot or Lowes?
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    Cover pump draining pool?

    I think my cover pump is sucking water out of my pool. I have a solid vinyl cover but suspect water is seeping up through it an the pump is draining it off. I added some water yesterday and moved the pump up higher on the cover to see what diff that makes. How do I fix this situation?
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    UPDATE HELP PLEASE: FC dropping during hot days! Bad cell or normal?

    Hot and humid here for the last week or so. I was holding FC at 3-4 before the heat set in. In was running my IC40 10 hrs a day in my 44.5k gallons pool with it set on 80%. About two days ago I adjusted the run time to 12 hours and 90%. Last night checked it and the FC was 1. I added 2 gallons...
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    Extremely High Phosphates and High Calcium Hardness algae on its way!!!

    Out of curiosity yesterday I took a sample to the pool store to get tested. I wanted to compare my test results to theirs just for funzies. Below are both results, see what you guys would advise. I have a plan in mind after all the reading on the forum about phosphates and CH but I value your...
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    Water leaking after so called repair

    Pool guy had to come by and reinstalled jet cover after yours truly couldn't get it back on. Long story! I have been pumping 50-75 gallons out morning and night for four days. The jet is not screwed in all the way like my others are in the pool. Could that cause this issue? you can see in the...
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    Numbers ok but water has a hint of cloudiness

    FC-1 CC-0 CH-150 TA-60 CYA-80 PH-7.2 Salt-3400 Water has a hint of cloudy, been fighting FC level for a month. It has been hot and sunny but SWG doesn't seem to be keeping up. I raise it with bleach to 4-5 and it doesn't hold. I have just added 6 gal of 8.25 this morning as we are having a...
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    Water behing liner at steps!!!!

    Is it possible for water to leak at a jet on my steps and get behind the liner?? I have had the pool installers out twice and the last time they "fixed" it it lasted two days until it was back like it was. I think I am going to try and pump the water out myself this afternoon and maybe do a dye...
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    Added what I thought was bleach but test results did not change

    It has been hotter than burnt rubber around here for the last couple of weeks and haven't been able to keep my FC level up since I had a pump issue (another story but fixed now) and had to shut the pump down for a day. That day my FC level went down to .5 or 1 and I haven't been able to get it...
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    Pump T R O U B L E

    last Thursday night my youngest girl had some friends over for a night swim. In the process of trying to turn our 4 corner fountains on she turned the intake off on the pump. Don't think it ran long that night like that cause it is on a timer that turns off around 8. So I go to work the next day...
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    Liner/Pool Store Trouble

    I was out of town from last Friday till Tuesday. My neighbor called who was at the house swimming and said the liner had pulled away at my steps and under diving board. She sent pictures and it appeared the steps had about 4' that pulled off the top of the step and just a small amount under...
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    CYA level??

    I have been running around 50-60 on my cya ever since pool installation. Water looks great and chemical balance has been easily maintained. The recommended level is 70-90 I think, should I be trying to increase my cya or just let it ride? What happens other than faster escaping of FC when your...
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    My tests vs the pool store!

    PH-7.2 FC-4 CC-0 TA-60 CH-175 CYA-55-60 Salt-3400 as per test set and 2450 on easytouch controller (that's a whole other thread) Pool store says I need to: Add 18lbs of TA increaser Wait 6 hrs Add 18lbs of TA increaser Wait 6 hrs Add 9 lbs of TA increaser Wait 6 hrs Add 5 lbs of clean shock...
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    Cover coming off Tuesday, wondering?

    Last year when the cover came off they put some Trichlor in it I think. Then I took it and followed directions on this site and my water was perfect all year. I am wondering if I need them to put anything in the pool at all. Also I wonder if I should SLAM the pool before doing anything? I am...
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    Advise on FC level before closing

    i have read everything on what the level should be. Pool to be closed Tuesday, what should my FC level be?
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    Salt level discrepancy!

    getting ready to close in a couple of weeks and just got back from a week long trip. Tested water and all numbers are in line except FC, which was 8 (weather has cooled a bunch and hasn't been a lot of sun) so I lowered the IC40 a little but my salt level showed 2450 on my easy touch and when I...
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    Salt WILL NOT read the same don't know what to do

    On my Pentair IC40 I am getting an inconsistent reading. It varies from 2850 to 3850 during the day. I have noticed it showing 2950 most of the time while the pump is running but have seen it at 3750 some also. Typically when pump is off it shows the lower numbers, in the 2800-3000 range...
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    Pool eating salt, no way!

    Few days ago my salt level was 2800 so I added enough to get it to 3250, just checked it again with a strip and the readout on my controller and it's down to 2700. The SWG even says low salt? Possible?
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    Trying to get my water right on the mark

    Ph 7.5 TA 50-55 CH 175 Cya 50 Salt 2700 I'm think my TA needs to be raised a little to maybe 70, CH raised to maybe 225, and salt to 3000. Is there a particular ingredient I need to add to get TA and CH up without changing my ph? On the CYA I can just add the amount the pool calculated tells...
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    Help! Pool deck drain cover tape

    The tape over the deck drain has been on way too long and coming off in bits and pieces. Is the a solvent or anything else that makes this easier!
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    Little vibrator shakey thing with your test kit.

    I did not buy the shaker thing when I bought my TF100 and now want one but can't find it. Can someone show my a link to where it is?
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    First Test after Opening

    Put the pool in last year and let the PS close it and open it the other day. Before I could get a sample of the water the pool dude put some powder in the pool and a bottle of something to break down scaling he said. They said let the pool run for 48 hours and then go to regular schedule. I did...
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    Solid cover and standing water

    First year of pool and just spent another fortune on a solid cover and little giant pump. It has water standing around it constantly as the pump shuts off at around 1" of water. Will this hurt anything? They did not drain any water out of my pool to close it so the cover is prolly sitting on the...
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    Closed her down, these numbers look ok?

    Here are my numbers before the cover was installed and pool was closed. Anything I should be concerned about? pH 7.5 CL 5 FC 3.5 CC .5 TC 4 TA 70 CH 200 CYA 45
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    FC HIGH Need to lower SWG??

    ph 7.6 FC 18 CC 3 TA 70 CH 240 CYA 50 thinking i need to lower SWG but it is on 60% and i can't seem to get it to go down by pressing the lower button, it will flash if i hold it in and go to 40 but right back to 60 a minute later do i need to something else?
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    Very GREEN Pool Owner

    We just put a pool in last month and I tested the water last night and found the ph to be 6.6 and everything else except chorine was low. My wife took a pool sample to the store today and they sold her chemicals to get it up to par. They are as follows plus the amounts. Pool is a 21 x 49.5...
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    Just seeing my prodfile