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  1. J

    Pentair Automation

    Our house was struck by lightning and our ScreenLogic interface that allows us to operate the pool through our phones no longer works. Does anyone know if this is something that can be repaired? Or do we just have to suck it up and purchase a new one? Sucks because it's only a few months old.
  2. J

    Pentair cleaner

    Our cleaner won’t turn on. I know it’s not the Polaris because water isn’t coming out of the return. It’s a Pentair system and the cleaner light keeps flashing, I’ve canceled all delays. Not sure what else to do. Any advice? The pool is only a month old.
  3. J

    Salt added to new pool today. High ppm

    Our pool was completed 4 weeks ago and our pool builder added 6 bags of salt this morning. Said to add two more in a couple of days if red light was on salt cell. We have Pentair and my app says it’s at 4450ppm. I know that is a high reading. Do I go ahead and drain a little and add fresh...
  4. J

    What to expect with Pebble Tec process

    We are waiting for our Pebble Tec to be applied. We have had a lot of rain this week so hopefully we will have it done next week. Is the acid wash always done the day after application? Any chance it is ever done on the same day and pool filled immediately after?