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    Help with a liquid chlorine feeder

    Thanks everyone. I ended up replacing the squeeze tube inside the rola-chem/chlorine feeder. This seemed to have fixed it!
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    Help with a liquid chlorine feeder

    Hello, I have a liquid chlorine feeder the previous owner installed before I moved in (moved in 3 months ago). The feeder turns on and the dial rotates, but I'm not sure that it's working properly. The inlet tube that sucks the liquid chlorine from the barrel has air bubbles in it while the...
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    Is this considered primed for a variable speed pump?

    I managed to fix it by setting the filter to recirculate. This seemed to allow the pump to prime all the way, and when I switched the filter setting from "recirculate" to "filter" the pump remained primed. I have 2 questions: Why did recirculating fix the issue? Was there not enough pressure...
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    Is this considered primed for a variable speed pump?

    Thanks. When I put it back together, do I need anything to ensure there are no leaks like a silicon lubricant?
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    Is this considered primed for a variable speed pump?

    My pool pump isn't priming properly right now. I have another thread on that, but I wanted to ask whether I can just unscrew the section I've highlighted in red with pliers and then screw them back on with pliers to take my pump out to a repair shop. Or do I need some kind of seal tape when I...
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    Is this considered primed for a variable speed pump?

    One thing that makes me doubt it's the O ring is that my pump fills up with water when I open it up cause my pump is below the water level of the pool. This happens every time I turn off the valves to the pump, and then open up the pump water. When I do that the pump fills up with water and it...
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    Is this considered primed for a variable speed pump?

    It has been completely full before to the point where there was no air bubbles. I have tried checking for leaks in the pipe but there weren't any visible leaks I could detect. I haven't cleaned and lubricated the o-ring. It's embedded quite deep into the lid so I didn't want to damage it trying...
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    Is this considered primed for a variable speed pump?

    My pump's been acting a little weird. Before water was completely full in the pump, but I've noticed it drop below halfway to even 1/4 full and it only primes to about 80%. Is 80% considered fine or is this something that needs to be rectified? I've linked to a video of the pool pump at about...
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    Ineffective return jets

    Looking at my return jets, the pipes aren't perpendicular to the walls and are angled at around 45 degrees. The ends of the pipes have been sawn off to be flush with the edge of the pool. Are there return jets that are angled like that? Or would there be other options =|
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    Is this pool cover salvagaeble or is it beyond repair?

    The previous owners left a pool cover for me, but because of the combination of COVID lockdowns and renovations that were going on, the cover was left on for approximately 3 weeks after settlement and so it got damaged by the sun. I have some photos of the pool cover and you can see that the air...
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    Ineffective return jets

    Yeah the return fittings were never there when we moved into the house. I don't believe the pipe is threaded. Thanks I'll look into "self-aligning" return fittings!!
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    Ineffective return jets

    I read that good circulation of the pool is important generally speaking to ensure debris eventually makes its way around to the skimmer. For me specifically there is a part of the pool near the steps that seems to be consistently dirtier than other parts of the pool. There is usually a lot...
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    Ineffective return jets

    I'm the new owner of a fairly old pool that is about 16m x 6m in size. There are only 2 return jets in the pool and they don't seem to do a great job of circulating water in the pool. They are also old return jets that are just pipes with no "eyeballs" in them. What options do I have to perhaps...
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    Hello from Sydney

    Hello from Sydney Australia! I'm the owner of a new house that came with a pool, and I've been slowly getting my head around how to maintain it! Over the last few weeks I've learnt about my pump, have given it a backwash, refilled it with DE (without wearing a mask as I didn't realise how...
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    Is this damage ok on a new Dolphine Active X6

    Oh awesome thank you so much for putting me at ease!
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    Is this damage ok on a new Dolphine Active X6

    I purchased a new Dolphine Active X6 recently and noticed the back tire was a bit damaged. I'm not sure if this is ok or not but wanted to check before I use it as I paid $2.5k AUD for it.
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