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    Saltwater Aurora above ground build thread

    This happened a few months ago but I figure better late never! Purchased from: The Pool Factory Model: Saltwater Aurora Material: 100% Resin (except for the stainless steel screws/plate) Size: 21 ft I’ll start with tearing out the old pool. It was pretty solid and lasted over 15 years but rust...
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    Solaxx Retro RJ SWG way-too-early-review

    When I purchased this SWG, there were very few reviews online. So I wanted to give my review, even if it’s a bit too early. I installed this on a 21 foot above ground pool. The cell screws right into the pools jet return. The manual specifically states that if it is placed anywhere else, the...
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    Got my pool ROCKIN! (video)

    Hopefully the video will work. This thing is ROCKING! When I was younger it would take 10 kids swimming in a circle to get this kind of whirlpool. Amazing the difference PVC makes.
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    Black junk in skimmer of perfectly clear pool

    Picture attached. Any idea what it is? It spreads around when I touch it. Water is crystal clear.
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    Has anyone ever seen water bonding (electrical) done this way?

    Our electrician just did this and i’ve never heard of bonding this way. I guess the bonding wire attaches to the bracket.
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    Removing and plugging return jet with pool full of water

    I need to install my saltwater system - It is one that threads directly into the pool return, so I need to plug the return jet. Has anyone does this while the pool is full of water? I’d really rather not drain.
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    Electrical Code question

    I know that the electrical must be at least 5 feet from the pool, but is there code about how far the pump/filter has to be from the electrical?
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    Any suggestions on a timer?

    Looking for suggestions on a timer that can control both my pump/filter and salt water generator at the same time. Happy to hear any recommendations you may have.
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    Warning! reviews can be misleading!

    Like many, I rely on reviews to help me decide whether I want to purchase a product. The same goes for when I decided to purchase a pool from The Pool Factory. I was very excited as they had amazing reviews on all of their pools. 5 Star review after 5 Star review. Looking back, I guess this was...
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    What filter do you have?

    My Hayward DE filter has come to the end of its life and i’m curious if anyone has any suggestions. My DE filter made the water flawless, but I hated the “bumping” and adding new DE, and cleaning out the “fingers” of the filter, etc. Looking for an easier way!
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    Any code experts? Question about electricity

    Saw this beautiful pergola online and it got me to thinking. Is there anything code wise that would make this not acceptable? “This” meaning electric lights & ceiling fans being in close proximity to a residential pool?
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    Do you have to run an entirely new electrical line for a saltwater system?

    Reading the NEC, it looks like our current electrical line that connects to the pump, can only be used for the pump. Does this mean I have to have an electrical trench a new line to the pool, so I can install an outlet for the new saltwater system I just bought? I was hoping they would be able...
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    Crud! My pool is rusting. Now what?

    Saw a bit of rust peaking through the stones so I began to rake them back and I see this (pics below). It’s only on this panel - I assume because of dripping water from the inlet and skimmer. What should I do? How serious is this?
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    Bonding pump AND skimmer? (above ground pool)

    I’ve always connected my bonding wire to my pump every year. However, I just learned that many people bond to the skimmer as well (in order to bond the water). 1) Should I have been doing this all along? 2) If so, how do I “split” the 1 bond wire that goes to the pump, in order to also go to...
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    Wrap around deck on above ground pool

    I’ve always wanted to build a deck like this around my pool, but I have 2 questions. 1) How do you get the winter cover on? The boards butt right up against the side of the pool. 2) How do you access the pump & filter?
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    Literally can’t brush the algae of the edges

    The pool was left alone for 2 weeks and grew quite a bit of algae. The middle vacuumed pretty easy However the edges are practically glued on. It’s like brushing concrete. any advice? There is 3 gallons of 12.5% bleach in a 10,000 gallon pool so the FC is sky high already.
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    Does anyone vacuum their pool while INSIDE the pool?

    Sometimes I think about it, especially when I’m in hard to reach spots.
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    Store bleach doesn’t exist anymore

    I used to purchase Target Bleach or Wegmans Bleach or sometimes Clorox Bleach for my pool. Now, ALL Target Bleach has fabric softener in it, and Clorox has Chloromax in it, and Wegmans has fabric softener in it too. None of these companies make ANY normal bleach now. This is ridiculous!
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    Potential electrical issue?

    When I was working around my filter, my foot accidentally hit the bonding wire that connects the pool to the pump, and it the wire popped out of the nut. No big deal, place it back in the nut and tighten. One weird thing did happen though - As soon as the bonding wire came off, the pump...
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    Filter becomes clogged after an hour

    I’m SLAMing right to get rid of the green swamp I let happen over the winter. It’s currently in the cloudy blue stage. But anyway, I’ve noticed my filter is getting worse than ever at clogging up. And by clogging up, I mean the pressure going back into the pool becomes less and less and...
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    How to know where electrical line is for pool?

    Any tips on finding the path that the builder ran from the house to the (above ground) pool? I am digging holes for footers for a deck, and I don’t want to hit the line.
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    Has anyone replaced the twist-lock receptacle for a typical 120v?

    I hate the twist-lock receptacle at my pool. Finding timers for this style is terrible, splitters are hit and miss, etc. Has anyone here replaced their twist-lock receptacle for a typical 120v receptacle? I’m assuming it’s as simple as replacing an outlet in the house? (The GFCI is at the...
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    Why does pool become cloudy when algae becomes chlorinated?

    Just curious to learn the reason behind this. I had a good amount of algae growth due to very hot days and laziness. Hit it with 3 bottles of 12% bleach. Pool turned from Green but CLEAR (you can see to the bottom even with the green) to a Blue color and cloudy (can’t see the bottom). what...
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    What is this piece and where does it go!?!?

    I had a pool company close my pool last year. This year, I opened it. This piece was in the baggie they left me. I see no spot on the pump or the filter for it to go?
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    First test results of the year

    This is the first time we have EVER completely drained the pool and re-filled (liner replacement). The only thing we have done after filling it was to turn on the filter and add 1 gallon of bleach. FC: 0 TA: 90 CYA: Under 30 Ph: 7.6 Calcium Hardness: 100 How come FC is 0? Put a whole gallon...
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    What in the world is going on with these bubbles (video)

    Just starting my filter & pump for the first time this year. Non-stop bubbles. It looks like the pump is getting a "whoosh" of water, and then it trickles in, then another "whoosh" and so forth. What could be causing this!?!?!? VIDEO: trim 67390356 E8BB 4A63 8484 B1EF087F7978 - YouTube
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    Is it safe to swim with a little algae?

    My pool is blue and clear and can easily see to the bottom. However, I just noticed there is a little bit of algae on a section of wide wall and also on one step of the stairs. I put 2 gallons of 8% bleach into the pool which raised FC to 25 and CC to 0. Is it safe for my kids to swim with...
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    Accidentally spilled DE in the pool :/

    Long story short - Accidentally spilled DE into the pool and now it's all cloudy. Will it naturally circulate back into the filter and clear up? Or is this a drain, scrub and start over mistake? Ugh.
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    Is GFCI at the receptacle or the breaker?

    Question for you knowledgable folks! My receptacle where the pump plugs in, does not have a normal GFCI outlet -- Meaning there is no push button "test" option on it. It is one of the twist lock plugs. So is it a GFCI receptacle with no test button, or is the GFCI most likely at the panel?
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    Drip drip drip from return jet

    What is the best course of action to stop this drip? Please don't tell me I have to drain the pool past the return jet area (I just refilled it). - - - Updated - - -