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    New plumbing now with low flow to spa return

    I just had my pool converted to salt and salt cell plumbed into the prior system. Cell is working fine but the way the guy did it ended up stopping pretty much altogether the flow in the spa return while running the pump in pool mode. I’ll post before and after photos below. Spa gets filled via...
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    Weak spa jets after salt cell conversion

    I seemed to have fixed it by increasing pump speed to 3150 when in spa mode only which brings psi up to 22ish when in the spa. The spa has 6 jets and we didn’t do any work on the spa side. The check valve is only for the pool return meaning the chlorinator only runs when in pool mode. Thanks.
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    Weak spa jets after salt cell conversion

    Hey, long time lurker but don't post much here at TFP. I have a 15,000 gallon pool that I just converted to salt in our new home. I have a pentair DE filter, 3 HP pentair intelliflo pump that is about 7 years old, and just installed an IC40 salt cell with power center. My PB put in the check...
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    corroded and nearly melted salt cell connection

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here. I've learned quite a bit online on youtube on managing my saltwater pool. Everything has been going well for the last three months and then I checked the water this week and the chlorine was low. I had an error code on my aqualink Jandy aquapure display of 120 and 121...