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    Another The Woodlands, TX Build - Finishing touches

    I’ll send you a PM. My landscaper installed the wiring during that part of the project but the lights are from Volt.
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    Jumpin' on the Bandwagon in NTX

    The tile work on the spa looks great and I really like how the spillway turned out. I also like all the benches in your design. I’ve enjoyed using those a lot recently with this warm weather.
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    A New Adventure Begins! - Nov 2021 Update

    Beautiful lot, I’ll be watching this thread too. Whenever I think about an infinity build, I remember this build… Maybe some inspiration for your meeting with the designer.
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    LED Landscape lights

    I put two of the Pentair Landscape lights as down lighting on the pergola next to our pool to subtly light up the outdoor kitchen and be able to sync with the pool and control via IntelliCenter. I went this route as I had only two lights to tie into the system. For landscape lighting, I’m just...
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    Water is full, took 3 days. Brush…brush…brush so far we Love the Finish/Color!!!

    Congrats, moving along quickly which is nice. I can visualize how the spa spillover/trough is integrated now. To my untrained eye most everything looks good, I’m a little curious about the spa jet height compared to the bench but maybe it’s the image/angle of the picture. It seems much lower...
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    Abandoned Pool Build, Trying to finish

    Like everyone, I’m sorry to hear about your issues. I’m curious, was the Gunite done over 2 days? It almost looks like there is a seam along the middle of the walls. You mentioned they used some of the rebound in the shell, could that be contributing to your efflorescences if there was a “cold...
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    Water is full, took 3 days. Brush…brush…brush so far we Love the Finish/Color!!!

    Also, for the rebar, just double check the spacing to compare with your contracted specifications. Is it #3 8” O.C. Or something else?
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    Water is full, took 3 days. Brush…brush…brush so far we Love the Finish/Color!!!

    Congrats on the progress. I’m definitely no expert and have only limited knowledge so these comments are for my own education too. I’m sure other, more experienced members can chime in with input For the raised, curved wall, I assume the loop is for the 3 deck jets to try to equalize the...
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    Another The Woodlands, TX Build - Finishing touches

    Yes, I bought the goal prior to completion of the deck and had their specific anchor installed. It’s about a 2.5”x2.5” square fitting. It came with a rubber cover for when I remove the goal as shown below. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the anchor tied into the deck rebar during the...
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    Water is full, took 3 days. Brush…brush…brush so far we Love the Finish/Color!!!

    Great looking design and your equipment choices look great. Some of the choices remind me of our design Are you doing anything along the back curve such as a raised wall? How do you plan to incorporate the deck jets?
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    Another The Woodlands, TX Build - Finishing touches

    Finally added our basketball goal now that we are using the pool some more. I just wish we could have a break from the rain so we could enjoy it some more… This is the Swim Shape Basketball goal… Now I need to order the volleyball net. I had the anchors...
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    Fort Worth, TX New Pool Build (North Texas)

    This is a great idea. I hadn’t seen that before and now wish we had gone that direction with our build. We have a freeform spa and our tilers were not the most meticulous but it is more difficult with a freeform shape. When the water is still, you can see the tile lines are level all the way...
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    New Owner Builder Northern California Sierra Foothills

    I just added some nighttime pictures with our Microbrites to my build thread. We went a little overboard but wanted the ability to have miltile Lighting options. Let me know if you want to try to get some pictures with fewer lights on as we have quite a few. Although pictures are tough to get...
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    New Pool in Houston, TX

    Depending on how much collapses in and they would need to re-dig, maybe you can convince them to give you a bigger pool if the permits would allow. Maybe meet a little in the middle with the PB for the additional costs for tile, etc... It might be a good way to get a larger pool at a discount...
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    New build in DFW Area UPDATE: Fill Complete

    Excellent, glad everything is working out. We went with mitered corners where we had corners to work with, the edges of the spa spillway, the raised wall, steps, etc...
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    Another The Woodlands, TX Build - Finishing touches

    This is how we normally light up the pool with a mix of magenta and blue... it’s hard for my iPhone camera to pick up the magenta as the blue seems to be washing it out a bit. The first photo seems to capture it the best
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    Another The Woodlands, TX Build - Finishing touches

    It’s pretty bright with all of the lights on and set to white...
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    Another The Woodlands, TX Build - Finishing touches

    Here are some night time pictures I took with the all of the lighting zones turned on... I have 3 “zones” for the pool controlling 8 Microbrites... one zone for the spa light and tanning shelf light, another zone for the 3 lights under each column/water bowl, and a third zone for the 3 lights...
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    New build in DFW Area UPDATE: Fill Complete

    So if I understand, the beam on the Gunite shell is 12” wide and the coping is 12” wide so when they have the coping over hang the pool, you have 2” of the Gunite bond beam exposed on the back side. This was the case with my pool as well, but we had decking to cover that last bit, you won’t. We...