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    In ground cover bolts stuck

    Alright guys, how in the world can I get these things to screw back in? I’ve tried soaking them with PB blaster and it worked on a few of them. Still have about 10 of them that won’t budge.
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    Threadless return fountain/aeration

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Is there anyway to lower TA without aerating? How long to lower TA using one of the diy solutions on a 30k gallon pool?
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    Threadless return fountain/aeration

    Old pool. Built somewhere in the 80’s according to the pool guy that looked at it.
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    Threadless return fountain/aeration

    I have a 30,000 gal gunite pool with 2 threadless 1/2” return lines. My TA number is 120 and the suggestion is to reduce pH with acid and then aerate. How do I aerate if my return lines aren’t threaded? There are holes drilled in the plaster where the return lines are at about a 45 degree...
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    New to TFP and the pool life

    I’m back! Took me a week but my CYA is down! Here are my current numbers. Is it time for a SLAM? FC 0.5 ph 7.2 TA 90 CH 220 CYA 50(!) temp 62.6 csi -0.70
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    New to TFP and the pool life

    I got it down to 100. Still at the ’no drain water exchange process’. Some rain in the next few days should help.
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    New to TFP and the pool life

    Here are a few of when I took the cover off.
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    New to TFP and the pool life

    Yes, thank you. Elected to go with the ‘no drain water exchange’ method.
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    New to TFP and the pool life

    Thank you. I was told about TFP and PoolMath from a friend and instantly subscribed to the app. Thanks for the help, currently draining and refilling. 🤕
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    New to TFP and the pool life

    I moved into my home in September. we basically saw the pool and had to close it. Previous owner used chlorine tablets. 😕 We winterized our pool and just opened it back up. Here are the levels from my TF-100 kit. Looks like a drain/fill is in the very near future. Anything else you guys can...