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    Loud buzzing / vibrating coming from panel?

    I went to my control box today and noticed an intermittent (but at regular intervals) loud buzzing coming from the SWG transformer. I changed the % on the SWG and noticed that changed the buzzing interval. Meaning, the more chlorine I was generating the more often the buzzing occurred. I've...
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    My SWCG is down and I need to temporarily switch to tablets

    My Intellicenter needs to be replaced and we don't know how long it will take to get a new one sent. In the meanwhile, my SWCG is offline. I've been adding bleach in daily, but now it looks like it's going to be awhile before things are up and running again. I'm thinking of adding tablets...
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    Difficulty getting the right "effect" out of the Intellicenter Groups

    I have a "Spillway" circuit. My desired goal is that: If someone chooses to turn on the spa spillway, the valves move to the correct orientation and the pool pump turns on if it is off. If someone chooses to turn off the spa spillway, the valves will move to the correct orientation, BUT the...
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    Will scaling lessen over time?

    It took me awhile (2.5 months, really) to get a hang of water balancing (with a lot of support from this forum; thanks everyone). I am literally at a CSI of 0 today and the water looks great. However, over those 2+ months, I got a bit of scaling. Nothing awful, but noticeable on my blue...
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    Adjusting PH with Borates

    Poolmath calculator has helped me so much. But I've just added Borates. If I need to add muriatic acid to lower the PH, will the math still work, or do I need to add more to account for the added PH stabilization from the Borates?
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    Roach poison... can someone double check me?

    After reading the pros-and cons, I think Boric Acid is right for me. (I have tons of aeration and am struggling to keep PH in check, plus I live in an area very prone to near year-round algae). I Ordered a 55lb bucket from Duda Diesel. It says Granular Boric Acid. (Granular Boric Acid, 55 lb...
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    First time SLAMing. Is it going okay?

    Background: 16,700 gallon plaster pool, salt. 3 months old. I have the SWG-40 salt cell rated for 40,000 gallons. Since we added salt 2 months ago, the SWG has been set to 100%, pump running 12 hours a day at 2100 rpm. Chlorine levels never get above 2 to 2.5. Water always looks clear...
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    Can someone spot check me?

    I'm new to this, and still struggling a bit with too high of a chlorine demand; so I'm trying to do this as accurately as I can. I received the TF-100 kit yesterday and have been learning how to use it. As I read it (see attached picture) I'm at a pH of 7.4 maybe? And chlorine... oh boy, I...
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    Questions about Boric Acid

    After reading up on Boric Acid on TFP, I think it may be right for me. I attempted to use the Pool Math calculator but ran into some questions. First, it lists "Borax (20 mule)" as the ingredient. Is this the same as boric acid? Second, It says if I add 30 pounds, it will raise Borates by...
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    Recommended phosphate test?

    I wanted to buy the TF100 test kit bundle on the site. However, I noticed that there does not seem to be a test for phosphates. Can anyone recommend a good kit for that?
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    Chlorine Loss

    Moved from HERE What do you mean by hiding behind the lights? I'm having a similar problem. I have Pentair Intellibrites and they say they aren't watertight, rather, the water is supposed to fill up the conduit under the ground. Can that be lurking with algae that is affecting my chlorine?
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    Won't hold chlorine

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about why my pool is eating chlorine: I have a fairly new pool, that's mostly shaded (3 month old Pebble-tech pool with SWG). The builder monitored the chemicals for the first 2 months. Everything was in the perfect range the whole...
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    Did my Intellicenter just break?

    It's only 3 weeks old. A few days ago, I noticed that the intake and return actuators were not moving when I switched from Spa to Pool and back. Odd because it was working previously. Today, I went out to manually switch the valves and noticed that "spa" is not even an option anymore in the...
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    Intellicenter heating past the temperature set point.

    The intellicenter is set to heating mode, at 85 degrees. Woke up this morning and the water was 87 and the heat pump was still on. Heater never turned off. Same thing happened in the spa. We set it to 96, and it rose to 100! Here's the setup: Thermeau electric heat pump has a 2-wire remote...
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    Can you control the Intake and Return valves in a feature circuit, or circuit group on Intellicenter?

    I have the pool and spa modes set correctly, and the Intellicenter rotates the valves depending on which "body" I want on (either from pool to pool, or from spa to spa). Each with their own heat settings and pump speed settings. However, The spa has a spillway, and I was trying to create what...
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    Weird issue with Intellicenter

    I'm new to the Intellicenter, so maybe it's just me. But after reading through the manual, I can't figure out why every-time I add a "circuit", it is also activating the aux1 relay. Literally, If I just create a new circuit and link it to nothing, activating that new circuit will trigger this...