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    Advice on a VS replacement for Pentair Whisperflo?

    Is that a pretty simple thing to do? And would that work for us? Our pump is making a screeching noise that the pool company (without hearing it) said must be the bearings going bad. I would love this option if possible!!!
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    Advice on a VS replacement for Pentair Whisperflo?

    The reason we're replacing the pump is that it's making a horrible screeching noise that's getting louder, and we were told it's the bearings going bad. I actually have the option of getting a replacement Whisperflo at half the price of a VS. I have been able to keep my pump running time to 10...
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    Advice on a VS replacement for Pentair Whisperflo?

    We are going to replace our 1 HP single speed Pentair Whisperflo with one of the Pentair VS pumps. We have a 25,000 gallon pool, 2 skimmers, 4 returns, and don't run an automatic cleaner or any spas or waterfalls. We have a slide that uses water that we turn on and off. I don't want to overdo...
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    pump is rusty and making a grinding noise--pool company's fault?

    About 4 years ago, when the pool company closed our pool, they somehow left power to the pump and for approximately a month it was running on and off in "freeze protection" mode without water. Thankfully, I discovered it and they came out and turned off the system. They told me to see how it...
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    Blocking a return jet...damaging to pump?

    I have four returns in my pool, and I use two spray devices when the pool is hot (Arctic Cooler) to try to reduce the temp. In order to get a higher spray mist from the Arctic Cooler, I need to completely block one return. That means that two returns have a spray device, one return has a plug...
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    Pentair EasyTouch display partially out, any cheap way to fix?

    We have a Pentair EasyTouch control panel that works fine except the bottom row display does not light up. It seems like we can either buy a new motherboard (over $400) or try to fix it ourselves (found a post on here about people who have soldered on a new, inexpensive LCD but that scares me)...
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    Breaker On or Off for the Winter

    Mendy48, i also was stupid enough to buy the UV light junk. I had the pool company remove the whole stupid thing and run new pipe to connect the equipment. Why I ever believed a UV light would help an outdoor pool is beyond me...but I was not part of this site then!
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    Pump loses prime before we can get water low enough for winter closing?

    Gosh, hope I did this right, I have never posted a photo, but we have two skimmer valves (left side/blue handles) then the bottom drain valve (1st black handle on bottom) then a valve that controls I guess draining the pool (I was told to touch it only when reversing heat flow from bottom...
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    Pump loses prime before we can get water low enough for winter closing?

    I will snap a photo tomorrow of the equipment pad. And yes, I assume I have a small suction leak somewhere. Any time the pool starts up in the morning after being off all night, I get a large bubble or two coming out of the returns, followed by smaller bubbles, then normal flow. Could never...
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    Pump loses prime before we can get water low enough for winter closing?

    Thank, you, I'm thinking the same thing. The water temperature is still 64 degrees and that combined with the short amount of exposure to freezing temps, makes me feel a little better.
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    Pump loses prime before we can get water low enough for winter closing?

    Also, is the freezing danger to the equipment pad (which I could cover and probably keep warm) or is it to the pipes in the pool (like the skimmer pipes) and those pipes around the pool that are underground?
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    Pump loses prime before we can get water low enough for winter closing?

    I'm located in St Louis. I will try calling the pool company and review the cost of them draining the water as a last resort, but I sure hope to figure out a way myself!
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    Pump loses prime before we can get water low enough for winter closing?

    To save money when the pool company closes our pool, I always lower the water level to a few inches below the skimmers. Our pump is HIGHER than our pool, so it take a while on start-up to prime, and I'm wondering if it's also why we CANNOT figure out a way to remove enough water using the pump...
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    If you have a Pentair heater that is not working, try this...

    I just thought I would post this because I was able to easily fix a problem with our Pentair 250 heater. I went to turn it on, and I heard it start, heard and smelled the natural gas going in, and heard the click of the igniter, but then it would shut off. It is about 6 years old. Our pool...
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    Do solar cover reels work?

    We are using a solar reel for the first time on a 12 mil cover, 18' x 36. Don't know the brand but it is aluminum, has a large hand wheel on one end and a pair of wheels on one end to move it easily. Came with straps and attachment clips. Doesn't sag in the middle or anything. Rolling it up...
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    Is this a suction leak? And possible cause of DE in pool?

    It seems as if the air accumulates overnight while the pump is off. Once the air is purged from the system, all the bubbles--pump pot, filter, returns--go away. I would love for it just to be this one issue and not a suction leak or bad DE filter components. I will start reading and testing...
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    Is this a suction leak? And possible cause of DE in pool?

    Our Pentair Whisperflo pump has PVC pipe coming out its top, right after the lid to the pump pot. There is a tiny bit of water steadily leaking out from where the pipe connects to the pump. (Again, this is AFTER the pump pot lid). Is that the suction side or is that the pressure side? I have...
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    Added liquid chlorine before I checked other soon can I get accurate reading?

    We were in a rush today after opening our pool, and hubby dumped in 2 gallons of liquid chlorine to start shocking it before I could even whip out my test kit. How soon will I be able to get valid readings for pH, TA, CYA? The pool was relatively clear, just dirty on the bottom with some...
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    Pool pump ran for days after closing! How bad is it?

    A pool company closed our inground pool for the winter approximately a month ago. They blow the lines, put in antifreeze, plug the returns, unscrew all the little plugs on the pool equipment to drain out water (like the pump, DE filter, heater, etc.) Today I was outside and heard the pump...
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    How do I use bottom drains to lower water below the skimmer?

    I know I need to lower my water a few inches below my skimmers. I can turn the 4-way valve to 'waste' to start the process. However, I know as soon as the water gets too low, the skimmers will suck in air and the pump will lose prime and I can ruin it. How do I lower the water those next few...
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    does attic solar heating work?

    We just installed an inground pool and I came across some information online that you can take the heat from your attic and use it to heat your pool. It sounds like there might be two brands of the device? One says green machine, one says solar attic, not sure. Does anyone know if this type...