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    Strange issue

    Opened our in ground pool 3 days ago and was pleasantly surprised to see the water was clear with only a few fist sized blossoms of algae. Over the next couple of days I cleaned the pool and ran the pump for 12 hours a day while I adjusted PH, TA, CYA and salt levels to target range. I left the...
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    Slammin success

    I have opened up our pool without a pool company going armed only with the knowledge gained from this forum. I was nervous. I purchased a good test kit and read everything available on Pool School. I took the cover off and the water was a brownish green and full of dirt so I spent the first...
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    Hello from Canada

    My wife and I recently retired and we moved to the sunny Okanogan in B.C. Canada. Our new house has a salt water pool that we have not had the cover off yet as I’m too busy golfing. I phoned a local pool guy to open up the pool but he’s so busy he isn’t taking new customers. So I guess it’s up...