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    Drain and Refill - Water turned yellow - Can't figure out why?

    I switched from bromine to chlorine, using the dichlor then bleach method, three months ago. Everything went normally on the switch over during both setup and use for three months. Because of a gradual buildup of combined chlorine, I decided to go ahead and do a drain and refill now. So...
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    Why is my combined chlorine gradually increasing?

    Current chemistry: FC 6.5 CC 2.0 pH 7.5 TA 90 CH 150 CYA 30 borates 50 Due to many posts and testimonials here, we became convinced to switch from bromine to chlorine. I purged with ahh-some, cleaned, drained and refilled the tub at the end of July, so it's been about a month and a half now...
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    Does CYA drop in a hot tub due to the heat?

    After reading multiple threads about it, I recently converted to chlorine from bromine when I drained and refilled our tub. We chose bromine initially because my wife is very sensitive to chemicals, and has had a reaction to chlorine in pools in the past. The bromine was somewhat okay, but...
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    Dichlor vs sodium dichlor

    It is my understanding that dichlor pucks or tabs are dichlorocyanuric acid C3HCl2N3O3 while granular dichlor is sodium dichlorocyanurate C3Cl2N3NaO3. However, PoolMath does not make a distinction between the two. Do both add the same amount of chlorine and CYA per weight?
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    Total Alkalinity test ambiguity

    The Taylor instructions for the TA test say: "Add R-0009 dropwise. After each drop count and swirl until color turns from green to red." The TFP Extended Test Kit Directions for TA say: Continue adding drops until the color changes to something more or less red, pink, yellow, or clear. The...
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    Time sensitive nature of FAS-DPD testing

    I haven't seen too much made of this in the forums, but I decided to do a test case today. Using the speed stir I conducted the test by putting the powder in and then without any delay applying the titration drops, a little faster than 1 drop per second. I got a reading of 7 ppm (7 drops). I'm...
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    Bubble Bath

    Our new hot tub was originally filled on 2/8, so the water isn't that old yet. I've kept the water balanced and properly sanitized from the beginning, and my wife and I use it every day, without suits. We've been very careful not to introduce soaps and other things. Last Friday, 3/17, we had two...
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    Relative accuracy of Taylor Tests for FAS-DPD vs DPD vs OTO

    The spa has been in operation for almost a month, and we use it every day, usually twice a day. My wife and I usually soak for about half an hour every evening, and my wife does exercises each morning in the water. I've been learning as much as I can for the past six weeks or so. Before I really...
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    Hello from Dahlonega, GA

    Greetings, or as they say here in the south, Hey! My wife and I recently set up a Coleman portable inflatable spa in our garage, mainly to help us with our aches and pains. We've been in the water for about 30 minutes every evening since we got it set up a week ago. I'm using bromine with a...