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    What is this

    My pool looks like then when I run my pump. Before turning on pump, the floor was clean. If I run a brush over this, it puffs into a dark cloud, and the floor will be clean again. My FC is 8 (a bit high bc I added chlorine yesterday) CC was 0 today.
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    patching gash in intex

    This past fall I was mowing and hit a sharp rock that hurdled through the air and sliced about a 4 inch cut in my intex pool. Had I not noticed right away, I would have thought someone took a razor blade to the pool bc that's exactly how it looks. I patched the gash on the outside, but water...
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    It's back to school I work

    We welcome kiddos back on Monday, and I'm excited and nervous. We've spent the last 2 weeks inservice trying to get things ready for face to face instruction, but it's really impossible to distance in a public elementary school. We are going to do our best, though, and pray we can keep the...
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    weak return flow

    Asking for my cousin who just inherited her mom's house and pool. About 25,000 gallon in ground vinyl and 40 years old. No idea the age of the pump or filter (sand). Took cover off pool about 3 weeks ago after almost 2 years. She installed a Hayward SWG and has been working to clear the...
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    solar heating hoses

    I bought a 2x20 XtremePowerUS solar panel off ebay for my 15 foot intex. The connections on the panel are 1 1/4, just like the intex hoses that come with the pool pump. I'm using the intex pump that came with the pool for the solar only. (I have a separately bought pump/filter for the pool)...
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    CYA quick ?

    Can CYA drop to 0 after almost 2 years of no pool maintenance? Pool is 18x36 about 32,000 gallons. My aunt put the pool in about 35 years ago. For as long as I can remember she took care of the pool with pucks and weekly shock. She passed away 2 years ago and my cousin moved into the house...
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    finding pool volume?

    Asking for my cousin who just moved into house with pool. It's 18x36 rectangle and goes from 4 feet to 10 feet. How would we go about finding out how many gallons are in this pool? thanks
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    Has anyone ordered from this website? I'm looking for the Fafco Solar Bear heating, and they have it around $60 to $75 cheaper than anywhere else I can find it, which makes me wonder if it's legit. Thanks for any help
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    solar cover..quick question

    Going from 12 foot to 15 foot AGP. My 12 foot solar cover is still in great condition, but if there will be a noticeable difference in heat retention, I want to get a new 15 foot one. Worth it? thanks
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    dashed dreams, new plan

    After rocking a 12 foot intex the past 2 years, I decided to finally take the plunge and have a 'real' AGP installed this spring. After much (at least a year) research/dreaming I had finally narrowed down what I wanted. I was excited to find a local installer who sold pools designed for in...
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    pump and filter question

    Looking at pumps and filters for a new 24' round AGP (about 13,500 gallons). Considering: Pentair Clean and Clear 150SF Filter with 1.5 hp two speed Optiflo pump (PNCC01500F2160) or would it be better to buy the pump and filter separate? I found a Pentair 1 hp two speed Optiflo pump on Pool...
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    24' round pics??

    Does anyone with a 24' round agp have any pics with people in it that they can share?? I'm having a hard time visualizing the size when I see the pool online without people in it. Thanks
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    Wilbar Optimum worth the cost?? updated with quote

    I just had a pool company out as I was interested in the Wilbar Optimum pool they sell/install. Why are they so much more expensive than online?? He said the pool I want, just the pool, would be about $10,000-$12,000. (RoyalSwimmingPools sells the same pool for around $6000), and the...
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    liner float question on semi inground/AGP

    My yard is flat and the back yard is lower than the street, clay soil as well. When we have heavy rains, I get standing water in parts of my backyard (not where the pool is planned). I already have a 4' deep pit in my backyard with a sump pump that pumps water out to the street storm drain. I...
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    Decisions: Size, shape, placement

    How did you decide? I'm having a difficult time deciding between a 27' round and a 15X30X54 oval. The oval could be placed in front of my existing covered deck and I could easily remove the railing and continue the deck out to the pool. The round would have to be placed off to the side of the...
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    ordering from pool factory

    If ordering a pool from pool factory, is it best to order all the components from them as well (filter/pump, swg, steps....) Also, do I need to get wall foam or/and the floor pad? thanks
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    Install semi inground

    I would like to have a pool installed 2 feet in the ground. I've called the only 3 above ground pool places in my area and none of them sell above ground that can be placed in the ground. I found some pools online that can be placed in ground, but how would I go about finding someone to...
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    Protecting new intex

    I had a 12 foot prism frame intex pool for 2 seasons before taking it down today. It was a mess with rust, and I don't know how it was still standing. 2 of the legs broke off just from my scooting it after draining. I was out today and came across a 15 foot prism frame on clearance for...
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    checking laterals

    I've been getting sand in my pool all season, and finally got around to ordering some laterals bc I assumed that was probably my issue. I took the sand out of the filter today and looked at the laterals and I don't see anything, but I'm not exactly sure what I should be looking for?? Will I...
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    sand in pool

    I have a small intex pool with the intex sand filter/pump/swg combo. I moved the pool this year and in the processI think cracked a lateral or many laterals...I haven't emptied the filter to check. I noticed sand on the bottom of my pool. I can vacuum it up and the pool stays clear until I...
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    intex 12x30 winter

    I have a small 12x30 intex prism frame and I'd like to leave it up over winter. I live in north GA, so we do get some freezing temps, but they don't last long. If I drain below the intake, that's half the pool, so I'd rather not drain it that much. I'd like to just plug the hole. I can't use...
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    no free chlorine

    I have a small 12 foot intex and my tests have been spot on and my pool is crystal clear. My aunt has a large inground that she's had for 37 years. She uses the chlorine pucks and "shocks" her pool every 10 days, and swears I'm doing it all wrong for not shocking mine. I've tried to explain...
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    toddler climbs pool safety ladder

    Just an FYI. I could see my daughter doing this. I put a fence around my little pool and will when I upgrade, but wondering if all the safety ladders or locking ladders are like this one? I suppose a determined kid can get just about anywhere. WATCH: Toddler Climbs On Pool Ladder Safety...
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    FC too high?

    My FC has been at 13 for at least the last two weeks. Is that a problem? Tests today: FC 13 CC 0 CYA 60 Ph 7.6 TA 80 CH 190 I realize my CYA is low and I need to get that back up. Should I try to...
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    adding a fountain

    Can I use the second intake (currently I have it plugged), and the filter/pump that came with the pool to set up a fountain? And if I can, anybody have directions to making one with pvc? In my head, it seems like it would be fairly easy, but all of my projects seem easy before I actually...
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    new intex prism frame and rust

    I put my pool up a month ago and when I got in it today I noticed on some of the top poles that go through the pool sleeve, where they go into the T's there is rust already! This is a new pool. My daughter has been in it twice and i've been in it once. Any suggestions? Should I take care of...
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    CYA too high...drain or wait?

    I added CYA to my newly filled pool yesterday and thru the night via the sock in front of the return. I used the amount that it said when I put my numbers in the pool math. The sock was empty when I got up this morning, so I turned the pump back to the timed swg setting and it ran 4 more hours...
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    CYA help

    I put up my new intex 12 foot last week and finally got my Taylor 6000 testing kit today. This is my first pool. I tried to test the CYA according to the Taylor directions, but my water never gets cloudy so I can always see the black dot on the bottom of the testing tube thing. What does that...
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    New small intex 12x30 up and running/ landscaped

    Finally got our 'starter' pool up and going, and almost finished landscaping. Thought I'd share the pics since I love looking at pics but seldom see any of the smaller seasonal pools. My plan is to use this pool for the next 2 years, and if we use it a lot I want to upgrade to a hard walled...
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    cutting larger return

    I'm currently installing my first AGP, and have purchased the Intex sand filter/pump. I want to use the larger return and strainer output (think that's what they're called), by cutting out a larger hole where the current connections are. Can I do this with the pool empty or do I need to fill...