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    Pump Shutting Down (Pump Shudder)

    problem described in detail below.
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    SWG Recommendations? What are the pros and cons of the various options?

    Hi everyone, I am looking at having a SWG installed in a couple of weeks when I replace my gas heater (with a Raypak 266 electronic). I have been told by the pool tech that I can go with either of the following options: 1. Aquapure PLC1400 (price unknown at this point) 2. TrueClear (price...
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    Test Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm using the Taylor 2006 FAS-DPD test kit. 1. For my first tests on Monday I used the 25 ml sample line and had to add 37 drops of my FC is around 7.4? Seems too high, and I'm wondering what I did wrong? 2. No combined chlorine was found, that's good, right? 3. pH was...
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    Leak has me Stumped

    Hi everyone, Our in ground pool has a leak whenever our pump is running using the skimmer line. Our latest test showed 1/2 an inch in 10 hours. We tried isolating the leak by shutting off the pump and plugging all return lines and we did not lose any water. When we run the pump using the bottom...