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    Raypak propane heater issue. M266A

    In the morning when I first fire up the heater, I get a boom. The unit comes on and heats normally and seems to run fine. When it reaches heat setting it shuts off normally. Then when it calls for heat again it ignites smoothly. To me it sounds like a tiny leak that occurs from several hours...
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    Unscrupulous pool builder in Central Florida

    Central Florida people, you may want to avoid this pool builder if considering a remodel or new build Pool installation worker charged with grand theft
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    Liquidator woes

    I have had the HASA Liquidator for about 16 months now and this past weekend was the 2nd time I have dumped out the deposits (salt). I also removed the floats and gave all the pieces and the container a good acid cleaning since there was some calcium buildup. Furthermore, I replaced all the...
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    Raypak propane heater malfunction

    This morning I went to raise the temperature on my 8 month old propane heater and the display doesn't work. The screen brightens when the on/off button is turned on, but there are no numbers to be seen. I have no temperature reading, no indication of mode, no way to view diagnostic codes, etc...
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    43" of Rain so far this year in Clearwater

    Lately, I've had to keep a small garden hose connected (from the pump discharge out to the street) and running a few times a week just to lower the pool water. The last couple of days the hose has had to run almost all the time the pump is on. Needless to say, I'm making more chemical...
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    Pool just filled - need some advice

    I'm the one from the thread " Pool Remodel - Not off to a good start" (for anyone interested in the history of my project) Wednesday the pool company put the coating on and yesterday (Thursday) a worker did an acid clean. When he left, he started filling the pool and said to let it fill up and...
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    Remodel - Not off to a good start.

    A few weeks ago we signed a contract for an old in-ground pool remodeling project for $12,000 worth of work. This morning they started the job. I get a call a few hours later. Apparently, while in the process of cutting the concrete deck (after removing the paver bricks) to replace a skimmer...
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    Fibre Tech Pool Resurfacing

    What have been the experiences with rebuilding an old plaster in-ground pool and using FibreTech (fiberglass) instead of just re-plastering? We have a local Fibre Tech dealer in Largo, FL and I am thinking of getting a quote. Does anyone have any experience with this process? Any pitfalls or...
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    Hi. My user ID is hoosierrun (AKA John). I used to live in Indiana but moved to Florida a long time ago. We own a 40 year old house with a 35 year old pool. All the pumps and filters are the original Anthony equipment (CF6 bronze pump and VA26 filter). There are 2 identical sets of equipment...