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    Ground prep questions for AGP

    As long as you dig down your high spots and are putting your pool on undisturbed ground, you don't need crusher stone. I believe people use that when they, for whatever reason, have to build up their area. It's far better to dig down to level, and only build up if you have absolutely no other...
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    New pool owner

    Welcome. I'd suggest you go ahead and buy a good test kit. You'll want to have that before you get your pool up so you can start it out right. I have the Taylor K2006C. The TF-100 is also a good one that's highly recommended. Congrats and best of luck on your install!
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    New Intex T Joint (Leg & Beam Joint) Design

    Those look promising, and it'll be interesting to hear how they do compared to the metal. My intex prism frame started rusting at the T joints by the end of it's first season. I'm on season 2, and still that's the only place I see the rust. Would be nice if they improved them so they lasted a...
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    Hey everyone just starting out on this trying to find out some info!! Trying a new thing on are new pool.

    I have the combo sand filter/swg by Intex and love it. This is my 4th season with it, and it still works fine. The only possible issue : The pump/filter/swg is set on one timer together. You can't run the swg for 4 hours and then keep the pump/filter on longer without manually changing it...
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    Taping XPS foam

    I tripled taped on one side.
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    Sand or foam or both? Intex

    I'd do one or the other, not both. When I had my 12 foot, I added the larger sand filter/pump/swg, and it worked great, so if you want to add the skimmer, go for it.
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    Attaching Pavers to Coping on an Optimum Pool

    yes, thank you. So you poured concrete collar and then filled with stone? I love the steps. Did you do a sand bottom or vermiculite? Did you do the install yourself?
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    Attaching Pavers to Coping on an Optimum Pool

    Can't answer your question, but I have a question.. Do you have pics of your install (start to finish) that you can post? I had someone come out and price out the optimum for partial bury, and I'd love to see how you did yours.
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    New deck but not sure about wood treatment

    I like TWP stain. I like that it soaks into the wood and doesn't just lay on top. It won't peel or flake. I clean mine and then restain every few years.
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    Having trouble with order of setup | Intex above ground pool

    What I did: Once the ground was level, I put the top ring of the intex pool together so I could see where to dig in my pavers. I slid my pavers under the T where the legs will eventually attach. I took the top ring of the pool back apart. (since I was just using it to see where to place my...
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    just broke ground- need help leveling and prepping ground- I may have messed up

    Hey. I'm not understanding why your ground is soft or would need compaction if you removed soil?? I tilled my area too, and then scraped away all the loose soil, so I was on undisturbed ground which was naturally hard. I've seen others use a water level, and it worked great so you might try...
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    Imagine Illusion 40 Complete 10/19/20

    Exactly how it's supposed to be used! I can get quite a bit of 8 foot 2x4s in my trailblazer (I enjoy building things), but, as my daughter says, mommy really needs a truck!
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    Imagine Illusion 40 Complete 10/19/20

    This drives me crazy! My dad has one of those nice expensive trucks and won't let me borrow it to transport anything! If I need something that I can't cram into my trailblazer, I have to hook up his trailer to use rather than put something in the truck bed....the lined truck bed. I mean...
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    What to backfill with?

    The couple of semi inground pools I looked at call for a clean, compacted, granular material for backfill. It's suggested you shape a 4" cove so that water flows away from pool wall. I think I saw some doughboys that call for a slurry mix. I think the key is something that will compact and...
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    New DIY Inground pool build - Arkansas (Picture Heavy) - Glacier Pool Chiller install complete!

    Love everything about this! This is my favorite pool shape, too. Beautiful job!
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    AG pool deck options

    You may want to give it some time. I was going to finish my privacy fence this spring, but 2x4x8 from the lumber yard (which is usually cheaper than the big orange and blue stores) is $9.99 this year. A year and half ago, when I build the first part of my fence they were $4. The guy at the...
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    Draining my Intex and getting ready to install new AGP!! **PICS!**

    When I emptied mine, I just started lifting the pool on one side and moved the water toward the sump pump. I don't know how doable that will be with your size pool, so a shop vac is a good idea. And CONGRATULATIONS!! on your upgrade. I soooo can't wait to do that.
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    What is this

    I'm not running my SWG yet. I just reconnected my pump 5 days ago. About a week or so ago, I had drained about 2/3 of my pool water so I could patch a slice in the pool wall. There was a lot of yellow on the wall just at the water line. I thought it was pollen. I live in GA and everything...
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    What is this

    Thanks everyone. Looks like I need to SLAM. Will start tomorrow.
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    What is this

    I have a Taylor K-2006 test kit. I thought algae, but was surprised the my CC was 0??
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    What is this

    My first thought is dead algae since I opened to a yucky mess, but I don't understand why it only shows up when I turn my pump on. If I brush through it, it will disappear in a cloud and not settle back on the floor. I left my pump off all day yesterday and last night and went out this...
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    What is this

    My pool looks like then when I run my pump. Before turning on pump, the floor was clean. If I run a brush over this, it puffs into a dark cloud, and the floor will be clean again. My FC is 8 (a bit high bc I added chlorine yesterday) CC was 0 today.
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    Is the “liner” the actual pool?

    Since it's on the intex site, I'd guess it'd be the vinyl part of the pool, and not just an overlap. To feel better, I'd call them to make sure since they don't offer free return shipping (I had to return some parts a couple years ago and it almost wasn't worth it due to cost). You could also...
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    Heavy Duty Vinyl Patch kit?

    I used marine vinyl to patch mine. I used the HH-66 (I think that's what it is) vinyl cement. So far so good. The marine vinyl is pretty thick.
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    Any rust prevention ideas for metal frame Bestway pool?

    Good luck. I treated my intex prism frame before putting it up last summer, and I already have some rust. I think the most vulnerable place for rust to form is at the T connections (where the legs go into the frame). I think even with treatment (I sprayed all the metal pieces, inside and out...
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    Planning out a Wilbar Quest (Pool Factory) 24' AGP build

    The only thing I can answer is your first question, and the answer would be no. You need a quality test kit like the TFT test kit. Fill up the pool (or better yet, test your water before you fill it up), and then add only what you need. Basically, you'll need stabilizer (CYA) and you'll need...
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    Saltwater Aurora all-resin pool build thread!

    Gorgeous pool. I'm in love with that liner!
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    Radiant Pool Dealers & Pricing

    I looked into a Radiant a couple years ago. I was looking at a 24' round, and I want to say it was around $8,000 for the pool. (not install) I know the free forms are quite a bit more. Once I figured in the install and the steps and decking (I wanted it semi inground installed), I was around...
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    C-19 Vaccine-I got one

    GA finally opened it up for teachers, and I was able to get my 1st dose at CVS. My 2nd is scheduled in a couple weeks. Our schools have been open to in person since August. I work in an elementary school 3rd thru 5th grade, about 530 total students. We had one child who developed MIS-C after...