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    Further Reading Topics?

    Hi all - not sure where to ask this question. Is there a listing of “Further Reading” topics? I see links to certain topics from time to time, but can’t seem to find the repository for all of them. Thanks!
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    Bucket Test - Spillway Impact?

    Hi - I suspect I have a leak somewhere as I lost about 4-5" over the last 5 days. I am planning to do a bucket test to confirm. I have a spillway that runs for an hour each day. Will running that cause any significant impact on the test? Anything else I should disable or make sure to do...
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    Leslie’s Jacuzzi Hayward T-Cell-15 replacement experience?

    I understand that generic replacement cell brands can be hit or miss, but I was wondering if anyone has experience with the one at Leslie’s. Seems like at least it would be easier to get a warranty replacement if there is an issue. Thanks...
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    Goldline Aquarite and EasyTouch Questions

    Hi - I have an EasyTouch (Compool upgraded). Previous owner had an Aquarite installed that is running software r1.4 and had an old T-15 cell. Can I replace the cell with any generic T-15 cell, or do I need to use something specific? Are owners here partial to any certain brand that would work...
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    Spa jet - bubbles when there shouldn’t be

    Hi all - I’m working on fixing all the issues with the pool we recently purchased. The latest is bubbles coming out of one of the spa jets - even though the air blower is off. It is only in the spa (not the pool), and it only ever happens with what I believe is the first return on the line...
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    Pentair Automation - Cell Options?

    Hi - I have a Compool to EasyTouch upgraded system (no salt cell transformer). Is my best choice to get an Intelliclor, or are there other options that would integrate with my automation? Thanks.
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    ScreenLogic Scheduling

    Hi - let’s say I have a daily schedule set from 8am-8pm to run the pool at 1200rpms. Now, someone would like to use the pool on Sunday at 10am and would like it heated to 88 degrees at that time. Starting water temp is 76, so need a 12 degree rise - which is about 3.5 hours in our pool. Is...
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    ScreenLogic - IntelliFlo VSF - Max Prime Setting?

    Hi - I don’t see a place in screenlogic (PC or iPhone) to set the max prime speed for my IntelliFlo VSF. From the manual, it seems like it might be buried in the background filtering section - but that button is grayed out in my PC version of ScreenLogic - and don’t see it in the iPhone SL...
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    Clogged return jet? - Puzzling results....

    Hi - on my spa, I am having an issue with two of the jets. The three on the left all work very well. The 4th from the left has almost no flow, and the 5th has about half the flow of the three on the left. Any help on how I might go about diagnosing the problem or fixing it is much appreciated.
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    Return jet directions?

    Hi - I am trying to get the skimmers to catch more of the surface debris. Would like any advice on how to best set the return jets. I have highlighted the returns in red, skimmers in blue, and in green is a Polaris outlet that is currently not being used and I have the valve off. I could use...
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    Got my new Intellifo VSF installed today, but flow doesn’t seem right

    Hi - So after being down for 10 days, finally got my Intelliflo VSF installed today. I know most on here shy away from the "F" portion of the pump, but I do have a question related to that. Running it at 3000 rpms, it says I am using 1300 watts of power and it is flowing at 40 GPM. Those...
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    Expected cost of chemicals to maintain pool?

    Hi - we recently purchased a house so now I am a first time pool owner. I have slowly been learning about pool. I now have a better grasp of my equipment and plumbing (still have more to learn though on these fronts). Since we moved in, I have been using a pool service to maintain the pool for...
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    Solar on a tile roof?

    Hi - has never considered solar before, but starting to look into it a bit. I am in Houston and have a Spanish tile roof. Any others have experience either using solar in Houston or on a tile roof? What can I expect in terms of performance, cost, challenges, etc? Thanks!
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    Replacing filter pump - any replumb recommendations?

    Hi all - I am having my filter pump replaced on Tuesday. Wanted to check with you gurus to see if you see any glaring deficiencies or inefficiencies I should have addressed as part of the pump replacement. My filter pump is on the left. On the discharge, the left goes to filter and right...
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    Any idea what this pipe is for?

    The large open pipe next to the tall pipe (tall pipe has the air blower on top). Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Salt or Chlorine - newbie questions

    Hi - recently inherited a pool that at some point was a salt pool. Had an old Turbo Cell T-15 (from 2006) that I had cutout and bypassed to move to a chlorine pool. The pool is several feet from the house and it seems that the salt air had corroded much of the metal and pipes in proximity to the...
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    Skimmer/Equalizer - not sure how everything should be set

    Hi - so I am learning more and more about my pool that I inherited in a recent home purchase. On the pool side going into my pump, there are two pipes - one labeled skimmer/main drain and the other labeled skimmer. I have 2 skimmers and 2 drains at the bottom of the pool. I believe the skimmers...
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    Help to ID this Weir Door

    I need to purchase a replacement but there are no markings. Anyone recognize it? Thanks.
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    Easytouch Programming FAQ/Wiki

    Hi - is there an ET programming FAQ/Wiki/How-to somewhere out there? I have looked and couldn't find something. Not having any issues right now, but just installed the Compool to ET upgrade and am wanting to know more about circuits, features, etc. and if I have programmed everything correctly...
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    Scupper Intake?

    I have 3 scupper/waterfalls on my pool that are fed by a dedicated pump. I am trying to determine where the suction side is plumbed in my pool. I see two drains at the bottom of the pool. Is it possible one of these is the suction side for the scuppers? If not, where else would I look? Thanks.
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    Which one - Pentair Intelliflo VS or VSF for same price?

    Hi - so I was all set to purchase a Pentair 011028, when the sales person said the utility is running a rebate that would make the VSF 011056 the same price (or maybe even $50 cheaper). Everyone says get the VS, but if the price were the same or less, should I get the VSF? Thanks all!
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    Pump purchase help please!

    So my pump is shot and needs to be replaced. Currently have a Waterway Champion Champs 120. Pool is about 16k gallons plus a spa with a spillway. Have an Compool to Easy-touch Upgrade with Screnlogic. Pentair equipment aside from the pumps. Have another Champion pump that runs some water...
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    Easytouch control of this setup (Pool only possible)? Pic attached

    Hi - I don’t think with my setup it is possible to filter the pool by itself, but wanted to ask for opinions. The water flows from tops of the picture (heater just out of view) to bottom of picture. Pool return to the right. For the manual valve left of the actuator - Top of that valve goes to...
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    LED bulb upgrade options?

    I now have an Easytouch system and am considering upgrading the pool and spa lights from incandescent to LED. It seems I can fully replace the fixtures with IntelliBrite 5G fixtures or I may just be able to replace the bulbs. I found the AmerBrite replacement bulb for the pool light, but...
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    Compool indoor controller with Easytouch?

    Hi - I just upgraded from Compool 3400 to Easytouch using the upgrade package. Am I still able to use my indoor controller, or do I need to buy an Easytouch indoor controller if I still want an indoor controller? (I bought screenlogic as well so don’t need the indoor controller, but would like...