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    Our Pool Rehab Costs

    I remember when I first started looking, I was very interested in the average cost to replaster a pool. I just finished signing the paperwork for my rehab and wanted to come and give some info for anyone interested. Pool is 26 years old and has never been replastered to the best of my knowledge...
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    Water from spa draining

    In the ongoing saga of my parent’s pool. They had their pump replaced about a year ago and sometime in the last few months, whenever they turn off their pump, about half of the spa water drains into the pool. Then when they turn the pump back on, the spa fills back up. I’m here for the weekend...
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    Pressure side leak

    If the pool is only losing water when the pump is on (and a significant amount at that), it would indicate a pressure side leak, correct? If there is no visible water over near the equipment pad, does that mean the leak would have to be in the pipe below the surface?
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    Help figuring this out...

    This is a photo of my parent’s pool equipment. Not shown is the heater to the right. Can anyone tell from this photo if they have two lines (one for the main drain and one for the skimmer)? They’re trying to chase down a leak and my plan is to plug up the hole at the bottom is the skimmer but I...
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    Finding an AG leak

    My parent’s have had their home and pool since 1976. About a month ago they started seeing a pretty significant loss of water each day (about 2 inches). It’s finally warm enough and I told them I’d jump in an do the dye test to try and find the source of the leak. I know to check around the main...
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    Losing 3ppm per day?

    So I’ve been trying to test every day and for the last week it’s been hovering around 90 degrees. It’s looking like our pool is eating through 3ppm of chlorine per day. Our CYA is 40 and I keep the pH between 7.6 and 7.8. I always add the chlorine after dusk. Does this seem high or about...
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    One inlet or two?

    I have three inlet valves (skimmer, main drain and cleaner). For as long as we’ve owned the pool we’ve only ever had the “skimmer” valve open. It’s the way it was when we got here and we’ve just never touched it. Question is - is there a good reason to also open the main drain valve? The cleaner...
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    Spa overflow necessary??

    I’ve been working on trying to figure out my VPS. I know that I want to run it for about 2 hours per day to clean and skim and then I’d like to run it the remaining 22 hours at a low speed like 1200 RPMs just to keep the water moving. My question is, when I turn it to 1200 I barely get any spa...
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    Normal chlorine loss?

    Relatively new to this and trying to make sure I’m on the right path.. I’m losing an average of 1.5ppm chlorine over a 24 hour period. Weather has been 90+ and the pool gets full sun from about 10am to sundown. Is that considered too much? I try to keep my pH at 7.6 but it raises to 7.8 on...
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    What next??? So frustrated with these bubbles!

    Okay, I have LOTS of bubbles coming out of all of my pool return jets and 2/4 of my spa return jets. I’ve used the red magic lube to lube up both o rings in the basket. Pool water level is inches above and I have a vortex. We had a VSP installed a few weeks ago and I don’t ever remember seeing...
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    Is this normal??

    When I open the clear lid to my pump basket, all the water drains out and you can hear this “gurgling” sound as the water drains through somewhere (maybe the filter container??). Before I open the lid the basket is full of water with some bubbles at the top (we’re currently searching for a...
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    Bubbles from my return jets?

    Today I noticed that I have bubbles coming out of 2 of my 4 return jets. I also noticed that when I look down on the clear top for the basket next to my pump, there are bubbles in there, too. I’ve been reading how aeration can lead to an increase in pH, so I’d like to figure out what’s going on...
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    Vacation plan?

    I’m trying to figure out a good vacation plan. Right now our chemicals are spot on and I’m diligently keeping them in check. We’ll be headed out of town for 10 days and I’m not sure what to do... - I *might* be able to get a friend to pop over and dump some liquid chlorine in the pool, but most...
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    Bleach instead of Chlorine?

    So I can really use regular household/laundry bleach in place of chlorine? Any downsides? We used tabs in the past but now I know why that is a bad idea, so I’m trying to do some research into where the least expensive option is, since I think I’ll need to add some everyday.
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    Any downside to heating pool?

    Is there any downside (with regards to chemistry) to heating your pool?
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    First test! And a question...

    My test kit got here today and I just did my first set of tests! Here’s what I got... pH - 7.4 TA - 140 Calcium hardness - 300 CYA - 40 Chlorine - 3pmm Not sure what to do about the TA being so high. I think I’m supposed to lower the pH? Advice is welcome about that anything else you see!
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    Where should return jets point?

    Is there a particular way that my return jets should be pointing? Most are facing up but I have no idea if that is “correct” or just from the kids messing with them.
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    My testing kit is delayed

    Not sure what I should be doing. Pool Finished filling back up (we had drained it over the weekend) around 6pm. I ran the robot bc we had some winds and have had the pump on since about 6:30 (it’s almost 8pm). My testing kit was supposed to arrive today, but unfortunately it’s delayed until...
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    Which remote to use for light??

    Okay, so we have never had a working light in the pool. When we first moved in, we assumed the bulb was burned out and replaced it. That one worked for all of two days and then wouldn’t work again. We finally had our electrician come and run a. New housing/new LED bulb and viola, it’s working...
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    Spa Side Controls?

    Our spa has older Jandy side controls (4 buttons and a light in the middle). As long as we’ve lived here, it’s never worked. Question is, before I go looking at the wiring and inside the box, is there anything I need to do with my PDA remote to “turn it on”? I’m assuming the light should be on?
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    Pump & Robot?

    We’ve just installed a VSP (Intelliflo) and have decided to switch from a side suction vacuum to a Dolphin robot. Question is, our old plan was to run our pump at 3050 for 4 hours for cleaning and then run it at 1850 for 5 hours for circulation. However, now that we’re using the robot, is there...
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    Chickened out on the Acid Wash

    Husband and I were all set to acid wash our drained pool today but we chickened out at the last minute. Instead, we gave it a light power wash. We have moderate blue/green staining (almost certainly from the heater, as it’s significantly worse in the spa). I’ve read that we can address those...
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    Off Line Chlorinator? Yes or no

    Just discovered off line chlorinators and am wondering if it would be a good addition. Usually use two floaters in our 34k gallon pool and in our 110 degree summers, the heat uses the tabs up relatively quickly. We usually go on vacation for two weeks and I’m wondering if this will help keep the...
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    Starting with Fresh Water

    Hello all, I‘ve just found this forum and am slightly overwhelmed with all the info. I’m currently looking at a drained pool that will be acid washed tomorrow. Long story short, the pool hasn’t been drained in over 10 years and is moderately stained due to the heater. Here in Vegas we have...