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    Mixture Valve? Diverter Tee? Need help finding replacement part for pool/spa

    Hello everyone, pictured is a "mixture valve" that has been wrapped by some previous pool technician in a fiberglass to prevent a crack from leaking further. I am having difficulty sourcing a replacement piece for this location. It appears it may have been a custom job, with a PVC Tee valve with...
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    Currently restoring the pool on my parent's property up in Allentown, Pa. I currently live closer to NJ. Pic for attention! excited to learn further about novel chemicals & maintenance techniques for pools. Thanks everyone!
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    Repairing underground PVC lines

    Hello everyone, I was referred to this forum by an individual on facebook, after reading through some of the sections...what an amazing resource I have stumbled upon! I can't wait to begin reading further about pool chemistry in the future. The reason I am posting is that I am in a situation...