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    Yellow gunite

    Hard to pick up in pictures but I have a few spots (mainly on benchs) that appear to be yellowing. Will not brush off. Pool is just over a year old...I have been pretty anal about upkeep. Any idea what ot could be?
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    Which Robot M600 or Polaris ALPHA iQ+?

    I trialed the Alpha iq+ and it did a good job but I ended up going with the epic 8640. It has tracks and 2 sets of brushes and hugged the wall better on my pool. The wheels on the Alpha would catch the coping and make it hop off the wall. I felt the software on the Alpha was good and it moved...
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    Robot suggestions

    I just purchased the polaris epic 8640. Reasons I chose it over one of the maytronics are.... -It's a little smaller so it gets on my benches and steps a little better. -it's a track design which move independent from each other so it turns and maneuvers better. -The intake/suction inlet is...
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    ?? CAN’T FIND POOL CLEANER REVIEWS for Jacuzzi JCRX, Polaris

    I just bought the polaris epic 8640. It's the same as the JCRX.
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    Builder supplied Alpha iQ or EPIC 8642 iQ or call Marina?

    What did you end up getting?
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    M600 or Polaris ALPHA iQ+?

    Prices down here are at least 200$ higher.
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    M600 or Polaris ALPHA iQ+?

    Where did you get that deal?
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    Online pool operator training.

    I belong to an organization that has a pool and has always paid someone to take care of it. They want to get me certified as a pool operator so that I can take over those duties and hopefully save them money. The health dept options they accept are a 3 day in person class (which I can't do...
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    Convert lbs of chlorine to ppm?

    It was a guess...was a little over 30 but not quite half way between 30 and 40. When the pool builder added the salt Friday I expected they would adjust the cya. It appears they added calcium since its gone up. I'm going to get some stabilizer today and bring the cya up.
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    Convert lbs of chlorine to ppm?

    the FC was 8ppm. I turned the swg down to 30%. My thinking is it will take a couple of days to fall down to around 5ppm.
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    Convert lbs of chlorine to ppm?

    Operator error!! Like you said, I did use the r-003. It was 6am so I'm going to use that as my
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    Convert lbs of chlorine to ppm?

    When lining up the level in the test tube do you look the bottom of the water (the concave portion) or the top line (what is close to the sides)? Are there any interferences with the test? High calcium, high pH, etc.? The pH was 8.2 this morning.
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    Convert lbs of chlorine to ppm?

    You are correct...I meant chlorine test not salt. Thanks for the pool math help. It says 4.4 @50% for 24 hours. To make sure...that 4.4 is ppm? I ran the test twice this morning...which is why I grabbed a sample for the pool store. Now that I'm thinking about it I may have grabbed the sample...
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    Convert lbs of chlorine to ppm?

    Salt was just added to my new pool. Trying to figure out what percentage to set the system at. I'm running the pump 24/7. When the builder started it they have it set at 50% now. Salt test was 5.5 last night but when I tested this morning I stopped adding drops at 50 which would mean my...
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    Alabama pool build

    Potentially...the main purpose if for the fence.
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    Alabama pool build

    Water temp is 78
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    Alabama pool build

    Here is one I took early this morning to send to builder saying it's ready for startup
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    Alabama pool build

    Its full...had 3 hoses going and took about 17 hours. I'll take some pics when I get home. Really happy with the plaster/water color.
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    Alabama pool build

    Plaster is done and filling has started. Start up hopefully tomorrow or thursday
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    Step and bench accent tile cost

    Yes installed cost.
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    Step and bench accent tile cost

    What is the average cost per foot for adding accent tiles? We didnt think to add this in co tract price and I feel they are proce gouging at $22 a linear foot. We have 50 feet of steps and benches so 1100$ is what they are asking for.
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    Alabama pool build

    Today's progress. A lot of pavers to cut now. Hope to finish up tomorrow
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    Alabama pool build

    Yesterday all the site prep was done for the pavers. Layed out the shape, Removed excess dirt from area, tamped, gravel base, tamped, sand, and tamped. They are there this morning to start laying pavers and its killing me not being there...LOL. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks from dig day.
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    Alabama pool build

    Tile and coping are done.