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    Wow. Hot tubs are difficult

    Just got a hot tub. The wild swings these things take when they get used versus not being used is crazy. In our pool the TFP BBB method works great. I am realizing that tablets are way more practical with hot tubs though considering you need to drain and refill fairly often anyway. What are...
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    Power ionizer

    So I randomly had a power ionizer delivered to me from Not Something I have even been looking into. I’m not usually one to go for any gimmicky sanitizing products. What is the word on something like this? Is it worth putting in? The plumbing for it looks like it Might be restrictive
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    CYA results from WaterGuru TEST

    Just a quick intro. I have had WaterGuru for a little over a month now. Seems consistent enough to help me increase the interval in which I use my FAS-DPD test for Chlorine. I sent in the TEST lab sample right after I got it and just got the results back. Everything looks to be similar to...
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    Inconsistency with FAS-DPD test

    Has anyone every tested the same sample of water multiple times and gotten very sporadic results? I just did the test on the same sample of water 30 minutes apart and my first test was 20 drops and the second was 25. I am a pretty good about rinsing the tube, precise fill levels and wiping the...
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    Chlorine usage high. Again

    Okay... I have posted about this before but now I am calculating my chlorine usage at about 4.1 PPM per day. I go through just over 4 gallons of 12.5% per week! This just seems really high to me. I passed the overnight loss test and CYA is at 50 so what’s the deal? I see people at the pool...
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    Shock levels vs slightly elevated Levels

    What makes the recommended shock level so special? Is it not enough to just raise FC to levels to an elevated number not necessarily at shock level? I ask because I have a slightly cloudy pool after letting it dip below minimum FC levels for a little while. I promptly raised FC to around 15...
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    Chlorine from dosing tank

    I had another post with concerns that my daily chlorine usage seems way too high, but I guess I may just be at the high end of normal based on responses to that post. To maintain my levels I have to add about 4 PPM per day. That got me thinking. I have a pentair dosing tank that is somewhat...
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    Chlorine loss per day?

    I know this is very dependent on location, bather load, etc but I am wondering how much chlorine loss you all see on an average day. Not sure what a good universal measurement would be for that. Maybe how many PPM you add per day? Or ounces of liquid added per 10,000 gallons? I seem to lose...
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    Calcium Hardness, vinyl liner, saturation index, gas heater

    I see a lot of posts and recommendations on here that say CH levels do not matter in vinyl liner pools. I understand that it will not affect the liner itself. I am curious though about the effects of a low saturation index on pool heater exchangers and cement pool decks. Many other sites...
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    Dark liners and effects on heating the pool

    This is just an observation of mine relating to having a darker liner and how it effects the pool temperature. Hopefully it is helpful to someone else in the future when trying to decide. When I was researching this during our pool build the opinions I found were that the effects of a darker...
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    Some questions /thoughts about CYA

    So my pool just started getting cloudy yesterday which I assume was an algae bloom since all my other levels seem to be in check. It was a surprise to me because I thought my CYA was around 35-40 and I haven't let the FC go below 3. That got me questioning my CYA levels again. Cue the super...
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    Codes for string / bistro lights around pool patio?

    I cant seem to find any solid information on electrical code for hanging lights around the pool. I see some references to 10 or 12 feet of clearance if hanging above pool but what about around the pool? Is there a certain distance requirement from the waters edge if the lights are under 10...
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    Raypak Heater temp readout

    I have my new Raypak 266k heater running and just ha done thing catch my eye. Before the heat was on the temp readout on the raypak matched what my easytouch readout was saying. Now with the heat being on the Raypak temp readout is reading 10 degrees warmer than the easytouch. The Easytouch...
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    Easytouch programming with Heater

    I should have a 266k BTU gas heater running by tomorrow. Just trying to get the programming right for it and have a couple questions. 1. I turned on the option for the pump being on during heater cool-down. How long does this option keep the pump on? 2. Is there something internally programmed...
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    Feet of head

    I feel like I need a physics degree to figure out feet of head in my pool after reading through some tutorials. I just want to know a good esitmate of where I am at for flow rate at certain RPM with my Intelliflo VSF. I see the chart for that corresponding to RPM and feet of head but when I...
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    Pool Heater recommendation

    I’m looking into having either a Rheem 266k or and Pentair 250 pool heater installed. Wondering if anyone has a preference between these 2. I have all pentair equipment right now but I’m not sure if that matters. Any insight is appreciated. Also, does pool water always run through the heater...
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    Pool store service techs.... First year closing

    I put this in the closing forum because I just had my pool closed by my pool builder. First-year closing was free so I figured I'd watch them do it. They did a great job and even helped show me what should be done for next year so I am not complaining about them at all. My question is this...
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    Suddenly getting algae on pool floor. Why now?

    So our new pool has been up and running since early July. I have been keeping chemistry in check and have not had any problems till now. Twice in the last week I had to brush the bottom of the pool because of visible layer of algae. It has been raining a lot but I still kept the levels in check...
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    ScreenLogic Seizure?

    What’s up with this history graph? Also, my custom circuit names keep getting truncated by 1 character. Weird. Otherwise liking the system. Wish I could easily integrate into my SmartThings home automation.
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    EasyTouch programming logic?

    Can someone tell me if I should be doing this differently? I have a Intelliflo VS and I am trying to have a baseline speed set when the device is in pool mode with occasional boosts in flow. I have a schedule for pool mode from 6am to midnight with one of the pump speeds set to the pool mode...
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    Store pool section

    Someone misplaced the pool chemicals. The pool section is is on the other side of the store!:ROFLMAO:
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    Bonding the water?

    Electrician is stuck with the inspector because they want to see the pool water bonded. This is what I found. The NEC (National Electrical Code) requires that an intentional electrical bond of a minimum conductive surface of 9 square inches be installed in contact with the swimming pool...
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    EasyTouch electrical setup and relay usage questions

    Electrical is getting wired up on Monday for or new pool and I am curious how many relays are going to be used up and some other wiring questions. Below is what I will have initially. - EasyTouch 4 cabinet with ScreenLogic2 - Intelliflo pump - 1 Pentair GloBrite light (Seperate transformer?)...
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    Hayward LED lights with EasyTouch Controller

    I am pretty certain of the answer on this but I figured I would check in here. Our pool install is moving along and I saw the boxes of equipment show up today. When looking at it I noticed they had Hayward LED lights but I have an EasyTouch automation system. I assume these are not compatible...
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    Time lapse of our dig

    So this happened yesterday....
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    Digging soon! Question about excavation and haul away

    So I’m a little nervous coming up to our dig day. Reason being is that they survey and plot everything out the day of the dig despite me wanting them to come to give opinions first. Our backyard dips way down from the front yard so the side yard is pretty tight with a steep incline. I doubt any...
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    Breakers for Pentair EasyTouch

    Can someone point me to the correct model of breakers needed for the Pentair Easytouch and a good place to purchase those? I need 2 1 pole 20 amp GFCI's and a 2 pole 20 amp GFCI. From what I could find it is the QF120a and QF220a? Per code I need a GFCI outlet within 20 feet I think? Can...
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    Typical electrical costs on a new build?

    We are doing a 16x32 inground liner pool. Nothing fancy. Below is what I sent the electrician. The price came back pretty high in my opinion. What kind of price range should I expect for something like that just for electrical?
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    Electrical Questions

    Could someone point me to a good resource for in-ground pool electrical requirements? Maybe a basic wiring diagram. Our builder has electricians they work with or I can choose my own. I know a licensed electrician I can work with to save some money but he has not done a pool. I don’t know where...
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    Gas Heater Recommendations

    Hoping to get some recommendations on a heater for an upcoming build I have. Specifically, one that fits the bill for the following (I am aware some info may be irrelevant for a heater). I am also curious if this is an easy add on after the fact if I know a plumber. I am not keen on buying...