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    Sight Glass

    yep, that's what I found out. Turns out the new Hayward sight glass does fit in my filter head. I was looking at the opening where the glass goes in and it seemed too big, but once I put it in place the threads matched up and all was good.
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    Sight Glass

    Yeah, that's the one I ordered and took delivery of and it's not the right one for my filter head. The diameter is too small and the threads are too fine and not deep enough.
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    Sight Glass

    I have a Hayward sand pool filter, S244T. The valve on the top is marked SP714-A, and when I look for a sight glass to replace in the head, where there is none now I'm suffering from serious frustration. I bought what was suggested to me by the web sites and I ended up with a glass thats the...
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    Newbie from NY

    Hi, I'm here and completely clueless. I own a house with a 26,000 in-ground pool. The house was abandoned for 7 years and the pool was a frog pond when I bought it. I've since had a guy come in and clean out the pool, fix the walls and floor, put a new liner in and a new pump. I've taken...