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    Above ground pool heater

    I have a 24 foot round above ground pool. Can I get recommendations for a reasonably priced pool heater? Is gas, electric or propane better? How many btus or amps or??? The pool would need to be heated from the end of May til probably the middle of June and then from the end of August until mid...
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    Opening of Pool - Chemical Balancing

    Hello everyone. We just opened our pool yesterday. It was a little green upon opening, which we believe happened because our cover had a rip in it over the winter and lots of leaves got into the pool. There is some dirt on the bottom which we know has to be vacuumed up. The liner has like a...
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    "Chlorine Block"

    We opened our pool June 18th. It was cloudy but green. We shocked it. The next day we took the water to get tested... actually to 3 different places. They all pretty much said the same thing...chlorine block. We still hsve nnnot been able to break it. We've put in about 18lbs. of Shox, super...