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    Simple solar heater?

    Thank you!
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    Simple solar heater?

    Trying to find the simplest way to do a diy solar heater. What if I just left this in the plastic wrap on my trex deck and use a submersible pump? Would it work? T63-500 - 1/2 in. Blank Distribution Tubing for Drip Irrigation - 500 ft.
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    What size sand filter?

    I’m totally confused. I have a 8600 gallon above ground pool with a one HP pump. I run my pump continuously. I’m the only one in the pool most of the time except for 2 dogs. I just bought a 16 inch Hayward sand filter. Now I’m wondering if I went too small. I intend to use the glass in it...
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    Pool closing question if you use 55 gallon drum

    How do you secure it without ropes getting in way of pool cover? I can’t picture it.
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    Questions about closing?

    Is it too early to close? I read wait until the weather is consistently below 65. But if I take out the stairs we probably need to get in to take them out. I’m in Oklahoma and it looks like it’s going to consistently have 70s for highs in a few days. Also, I know I slam the pool. If my other...
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    Flocculent and cartridge filter

    I put in the skimmer plug
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    Flocculent and cartridge filter

    I had an ignorant pool guy do this before I read not to do it. So now I need options for vacuuming to waste. Can I just undo the outlet hose from the cartridge filter? Other option is to rehook hoses back to sand filter I guess. I still have the sand filter. Any ideas? And I could put in an old...
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    Vinyl kettle balls and pvc pipe

    Yes, adding weight. I’m sick of sand! Nothing with sand! I do t mind the cost of weights if it works ???
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    Vinyl kettle balls and pvc pipe

    Looking for a quick solution to the leaking sand pool steps and something very easy to get in and out of pool. Thinking of two of these hanging on a pvc pipe on bottom step, what do you all think? Cheryl Bullard
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    CYA problems

    Had my water tested at Leslie’s, CYA was 0. So added half of what they recommended. Went back today to retest water, according to them my CYA was 120! I got home and tested with 3 different brands of test kits. It measured 40 with each strip, so I’m more inclined to believe my strips. BTW the...