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    Adding CYA after storm

    Prior to storm I tested FC only and it was 9. I also added one bag of salt that I'd been considering adding that was left on the patio but I thought I'd wait until after the rain--until a dog decided that I should add it before the storm (ha ha sigh). Two days after storm: FC 7.5 CC 0.5 PH...
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    Dog potty area ideas?

    Thinking of putting a lot of decorative rock in the backyard areas to cover any exposed dirt. Probably 1-3 inch size rocks or potentially 3-5 inches in certain areas. Smooth rocks. Thinking black river rock or black beach pebbles. Except for a small rectangle of sod that has yet to be installed...
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    Test results

    Hi. Need help figuring out what to do regarding test results from tft kit. Converted to salt two days ago from chlorine pucks (startup was chlorine). Thanks! Salt machine reading is at 3000 PPM. Was at 2800 PPM the day salt was added (no additional salt added). FC 8.5 and CC was .5 for...