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    M600/Active 60

    Got my new Active 60/M600 from Marina's and started using it and 1st and 2nd time it errored out and didn't finish either cycle, the error says something that it thought it was out of water. Third try it finally worked but didn't do a good job at all, left sediment along the corners of the...
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    1st time Testing. TFP Newbie

    Hello everyone! I am testing for the first time today with my TF-100. When I opened the pool last week had the pool store test the water and they said I had ammonia, and wanted me to shock with 61 lbs of shock(35k IGP). Texas Splash was a big help and pointed me to the TF100 kit and speed stir...
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    Active 60/m600 Storage

    Hello everyone, thanks to this forum I purchased our 1st robot to replace our water powered Polaris. I did purchase from Marina Pools. Has anyone found an outdoor storage solution for the robot between daily uses? Thanks everyone, what a wonderful group!
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    Hello From IL

    Hello everyone. I am a new pool owner, we bought our house last season. The first season was a struggle at the end with our alkaline levels getting too high. I did daily strip tests and weekly tests at the pool store. Followed there recommendations with the chemicals but still ended up needed to...
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    Updating my pool, SWG, Automation possibly, UV??

    Hello everyone. We purchased our house last year and had this setup already. I am looking at making our pool easier to maintain and better for my family(asthma). I asked our 2 local pool stores for some quotes. We have a 32k gallon pool. After reading these forums I see many people say go with...