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  1. bdavis466

    My pool build journey! With AquaBright in West TN

    Hmmmm....I hope they have it figured out. I chased a whole string of pools from another installer that let the epoxy sit too long before shooting. The Aquabright was coming off in sheets after 2-3 years and EcoFinish denied warranty claims due to improper installation by the contractor. Maybe...
  2. bdavis466

    My pool build journey! With AquaBright in West TN

    You walk on the areas that have been shot with Aquabright. The material dries quickly from all the heat and its walkable within 30 seconds of application. Unless something has changed they are not installing the material in a fashion EcoFinish recommends.
  3. bdavis466

    Is tile and coping needed?

    All of the cementitious materials used on pool surfaces are designed to be continuously submerged. If they were to dry out then they would shrink, crack and delaminate. Some surfaces can be wet and dry like Aquabright by EcoFinish. They have several pools built just as you describe. A...
  4. bdavis466

    ecoFINISH aquaBRIGHT longterm review

    What do the areas look like where the aquabright flaked off?
  5. bdavis466

    ecoFINISH aquaBRIGHT longterm review

    Your pool still isn't done!?!? Nothing has changed with me in regards to EcoFinish. I'm installing it on one of my builds tomorrow.
  6. bdavis466

    What material to use for surface of beach entry

    AquaBright by EcoFinish Swimming Pool Resurfacing | High End Aquatic Finish | EcoFINISH |
  7. bdavis466

    Diamond Brite vs. AquaBright

    ...with it and any other quartz type finish. AquaBright is in my opinion the best finish available so long as the surface its applied to is sound and it is installed correctly. Here is some more reading if interested: Plaster and Aquabright Comparison ecoFINISH aquaBRIGHT longterm review
  8. bdavis466

    ecoFINISH aquaBRIGHT longterm review

    Failure of the surface has absolutely nothing to do with water chemistry. There is no startup with AquaBright. Any failure is a direct result of the condition of the plaster in which it's applied or an installation issue. Short of some sort of mechanical damage, there isn't much that can be...
  9. bdavis466

    ecoFINISH aquaBRIGHT longterm review

    The attachments aren't working for me... It's the pool in this thread: AquaBright Ecofinish--Alternative to Acid Washing There are more here as well: Davis Custom Construction - AquaBRIGHT
  10. bdavis466

    N Texas AquaBRIGHT have a pool that is easier to maintain and will stay looking good for a very long time. Feel free to ask any specific questions you may have and check out these threads if you haven't already: Plaster and Aquabright Comparison ecoFINISH aquaBRIGHT longterm review...
  11. bdavis466

    Plaster and Aquabright Comparison

    Yep, no installers in the bay area unless something has recently changed. You'll have to contact EcoFinish to know for sure since they took down their installer map. You are correct, plaster pools need to get filled immediately after the pool is finished being troweled. This isn't the case with...
  12. bdavis466

    EcoFinish Pool wall questions

    I am an installer. The materials are the same and I've used both interchangeably. Again, it's just an odd marketing strategy. The epoxy is the same for both plaster and fiberglass as well
  13. bdavis466

    Another Hybrid Pool Question

    That's a comprehensive review Jon! Bringing back some memories :cheers: Will, check these out of you haven't already Plaster and Aquabright Comparison ecoFINISH aquaBRIGHT longterm review
  14. bdavis466

    Plaster and Aquabright Comparison

    Re: Plaster and EcoFinish AquaBright Comparison Or maybe the Photo Gallery can also have a Video Gallery! It sure would make it easy to post up those GIFs!
  15. bdavis466

    Riverside, CA - Backyard Overhaul

    I should find out by the end of next week if I got it or not. The manager of the HOA somehow saw or heard of EcoFinish and inquired - that road led to me. I drew 6 options on the computer and that was their choice...I have excellent dental insurance for my employees!
  16. bdavis466

    New build DFW TX

    Post #25 above shows pool was plastered on 12/13 ecoFINISH aquaBRIGHT longterm review - Page 2 This was a new pool were you can see that it was plastered a couple days before the AquaBright was installed. The homeowners had a couple pools in the past with multiple plaster issues and were...
  17. bdavis466

    Aquabright Cost ?

    Well, it seems you may have already made your decision...but I completely understand what you are saying though. Keep in mind that EcoFinish does not market their products as an economical pool finish but rather as a high end surface. AquaBright has a few factors that are significant...
  18. bdavis466

    Time to renovate 1970's gunite pool

    If you go with AquaBright there is no need for waterline tile. I don't recommend doing that for any other type of finish. Resodyn is similar to EcoFinish but uses a slightly different application process. My understanding is several people left Resodyn and formed/joined EcoFinish over disputes...
  19. bdavis466

    EcoFinish Pool wall questions

    Try contacting Central Missouri Pools or reach out here on the forum to swimcmp. He is the only other installer here on the forum and I know he has some experience with hybrid pools like yours. Unfortunately a lot of your statement is correct in regards to proper installation. If it was not...
  20. bdavis466

    Finally getting a pool

    Carlton Pools in your area says that over half of their new pools get AquaBright for the pool finish. It may be worth it for you to visit their facility (they share a building with EcoFinish) and see a couple local pools. There should be no shortage of them... As for use in a new construction...
  21. bdavis466

    Aquabright Cost ?

    Danny clarified my point quite well. I was referring to the market being flooded with plasterers, not AquaBright installers. Its hard to compete with cutthroat competitors. I rarely bid on plaster and pebble installs because I'm sick of losing those bids because I'm $150 higher than the next...
  22. bdavis466

    Cutting the Cord + AquaBright

    One of the reps from EcoFinish told me Kenny Chesney has a house somewhere in the Caribbean that was finished with AquaBright. I'm not sure how true that is but maybe it was his pool you saw?
  23. bdavis466

    Lap Pool Renovation with Aquabright

    Your installer is aware he's in a bad spot because he knows you could easily plaster the pool and call it good. There has to be some enticement to keep you going with AquaBright. I pretty much plaster pools for free on new builds that want AquaBright because of this. It doesn't help how...
  24. bdavis466

    Pool renovation with Aqua Bright

    1.) Per the trainer I had and all of the EcoFinish literature, all hollow spots must get chipped out and redone. With that said, I had a pool where I did just that and I will never do it again. If there is a spot that is obviously bad then it will get fixed but if I can hit the plaster with a...
  25. bdavis466

    ecoFINISH aquaBRIGHT longterm review

    There is no reason to remove the old finish as additional coats will just melt in to the original. Recoating the pool should also be significantly less expensive. I don't see a lounge chair harming the surface. The AquaBright finish should handle your winters much better than any...
  26. bdavis466

    Plaster and Aquabright Comparison

    Plaster and EcoFinish AquaBright Comparison I became inspired to do a little science project on pool plaster and a plaster alternative based off of experience, experimentation and frequent unsatisfied forum posts mentioning plaster discolorations, mottling, and roughness. Pool plaster has...
  27. bdavis466

    Plaster and Aquabright Comparison

    Thanks Matt. Obviously the bucket tests had to be extreme water conditions because no one is going to stick around for 10 years to see the results. EcoFinish is located in Pennsylvania and has been around since 2008 (if I recall correctly). There is so little info on this material that I flew...