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    Any feedback on Solar Air Heater to heat the pool?

    I am considering building a solar air heater to heat my swimming pool water. The warm air would be circulated in the heating system instead of pool water. Potential benefits could be: - No issues of water damage like a solar water heater - Low weight compared to water heaters - Does not have...
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    Which heat pump to buy for 3000 G AGP?

    Hi everyone, Which heat pump should I get for my 3000 gallons Bestway AGP? I am not sure if I need to worry about R32 (refrigerant) and DC inverter technology. - Raypak crosswind 33k, 44k, or 61k BTU - FibroPool FH120 Above Ground Heat Pump $1370 (120v will work with current outlet...
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    Has anyone tried a solar water heater in western Washington state?

    Has anyone tried a solar water heater in western Washington state? I am considering FAFCO solar bear 4 x 20. Any recommendations? Thank you.
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    How to support AGP legs on foam boards?

    I am installing a 13' x 42" Bestway above-ground pool. I have leveled pavers (for the legs) and ground. I will be using 2" Owens Corning XPS Foamular 250 2 inches from Home Depot under the pool ($30/board). I am planning to use the same foam boards when I upgrade to a larger pool size in a...
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    Any heating recommendations for 3000G above ground pool?

    I am in the process of installing a 3000 gallons above-ground Bestway pool (13' x 42"), mainly for two kindergarteners. I live in Western Washington, where the weather stays cooler for eight months a year. The temperature on our Summer nights gets into the low 50s. We will be weekend warriors...
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    Any rust prevention ideas for metal frame Bestway pool?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post and first pool adventure for kids. I am looking for rust prevention ideas for a metal frame Bestway pool (13' x 42" from Walmart). I noticed there were a couple of threads a few years ago on this topic. I am hoping to get updated recommendations. I plan to...