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    Help me choose waterline tiles!!!

    How do you all know how to choose a waterline tile?? We will also have a raised beam/wall that is all tile and I have just been searching through photos randomly on this site and just don't know how to choose one. Help! Please :)
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    Help with New Build Quote & Upgrade Options

    Hi everyone! We have met with a few PBs and have received a couple quotes. We would like a salt water pool with spa and tanning ledge. We have little kids as well so something for them to enjoy and for us to enjoy with them and with friends. I have attached a quote to this post along with the...
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    Recs for Initial Meetings

    Hi Everyone! So glad to have found such a helpful forum. My husband and I are finally looking into building a pool for our backyard in Houston. We have two little kids (4y/o and 2y/o) and so we were waiting for them to be better swimmers before starting this process. We know it's going to be a...