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    Sundek versus generic spray deck

    We are in the final stages of our pool remodel. When our pool was built 13 years ago, we had Sundek installed around the pool. It held up well and only had to have it recolored two years ago. Now with the remodel, I would like to change the color and also build-up an area where water tends to...
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    Travertine help

    We are getting ready to remodel our pool. We have seen Scabos travertine at NPT, Harvest Blend at Noble Tile and Escabesa at Keystone. Are they the same travertine, but with different names?
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    Help with Pebble Sheen Finish

    Can anyone tell me if there is any noticeable difference in the Pebble Sheen finishes that incorporate Shimmering Sea, and those without? I am going between Pebble Sheen Prism Blue and Blue Surf. I am drawn to Prism Blue, but is it worth the extra cost for the additive? I have never been...
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    Hello from Magnolia, TX

    Getting ready to do a complete remodel on our pool, and we welcome experienced advice!
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    Will Travertine hold up with SWG

    Hello. I am new to this group but have been perusing the forum for several days now, since deciding to remodel our pool built in 2008. We currently have SWG and flagstone coping on our pool, fire pit and spa, and a moss rock waterfall. The flagstone has deteriorated badly in several areas and...